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Chapter 11: A Brief Stop in Celik
Stealing the wagon and behemoth turned out to be a great move. The party cut their travel time in half, and having a beast like that does wonders to keeping other predators at bay.

In three days they arrived at the ruins of Celik. Quickly, the party made arrangements to sell the wagon and outfit the behemoth with a howdah for the remainder of their journey. And with general purchases made, the party met with Hargo's old friend, Korsun Marneth.

Though the two had a past, Korsun was happy to see is old pal and offered them rest at his estate while in Celik. None really trusted him, and for good reason; any friend of Hargo's is only an enemy once removed. With pleasantries exchanged, the party found a broy-garden and sat down for food and drink.

All was not good, however, as the market place was set upon by savage elemental cultists once the sun set. One even summoned a magma elemental to lay waste to the market and its occupants. The heroes stood where even the poorly paid guards ran into the night. Pak'Cha's flying special annihilated many of the cultists, while Sanguine and Solaris focused on the genasai leader. Crusher summoned the fire within himself and grappled the elemental until the leader was subdued. Scar just leaned across the table and finished off Malla's plate of gorak. The other's had it handled, and she was still a bit peckish.

Crusher figured there was a reward for capture and drug the genasai to Korsun. Before the firebrand could plead his case, however, Korsun's bodyguard beheaded the filthy cultist. Korsun was able to explain the situation, that the cultists have been attacking for some time, and he could use help in dealing with the madmen.

Their temple was hidden beneath the ruins near the old fighting pits. It wasn't too hard for Sanguine and Pak'Cha to find and the party was soon inside the Temple of the Elemental Eye. Unfortunately for them, it was an out-of-the-frying-pan into-the-fire sort of situation. The main hall of this temple was filled with fiery pools of oil and a cultist on guard summoned forth fire archons to deal with the heroes.

The cultist had gravely underestimated his opponents. Believing them to be as susceptible to fire as your average person. The party was made of sterner stuff. Wading through the pools of burning oil, Crusher tackled one elemental and proceeded to beat the light out of it, while Pak'Cha and Sanguine focused their attention on the cultist and his minions. Solaris suffered the most, and even he was barely affected by the fire. Instead, the ring on his hand appeared to burn hotly, soaking up all heat from around him.

Moments later, the guards were dispatched, though the cultist did make way to the southern door screaming for his master before being broken by Pak'Cha and Crusher. With the doors flung upon an aberration not unfamiliar with the party rose from the boiling mud-bath. The eye of flame was not amused, "Your trespass is unwelcome here. Be reborn in my presence, or burn to ash..."

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Chapter 11: Harbek's Return
Harbek had returned. After escaping the temple of the preservers, he followed the kreen toward South Ledopolus. It was there they were ambushed by the 1st legion, commanded by Praetor Durok. They were forced to backtrack and by dumb luck crossed paths with the party.

Ignoring the obvious solution of fleeing, the party instead chose to infiltrate the 1st legion's camp to assassinate Durok, gather supplies, and do what they could to slow down the legion's advance. The kreen took Hargo, Malla, Kelek and Rhona on toward Celik, and the others prepared their assault.

Scar spent time practicing with her newfound blade; a weapon that Solaris was highly suspicious of. The others didn't seem to care much.

When night fell, the party made their advance. A quick assault on the legion's makeshift watchtower provided them with cloaks and gear to disguise themselve sas legionnaires. Once in the camp, they separated into three groups: Crusher and Solaris went to sabotage the slave tents; Scar and Harbek planned to free and spook the mounts and back beasts; Sanguine made for the Praetor's tent.

All went mostly according to plan. Scar and Harbek caused all manner of chaos with the stormlizards and trihorn behemoths--two of which they opted to keep as mounts for themselves-- while Crusher and Solaris set much of the camp ablaze in the night. Sanguine had succeeded in gaining entry to the tent, but unfortunately set off the templar's alarm spell. He smiled as he summoned his Shield Guardian -- a massive construct made of various furniture and armors laying about his tent.

The others could hear the magical alarm and made a strong push to aid their ally. Harbek and Scar used their mounts to break through much of the tent while Crusher and Solaris occupied the 1st Legion's Prelate, Lanius himself.

It was a mixed battle; while the party was doing well, Lanius and his vanguard were slowly gaining ground. It was only when Durok cast some sort of teleportation ritual that all hell broke loose. The tent erupted in flame and legion dragoons were swarming about the place. A few well-placed distractions later, and the party made their escape to one of the silt-skimmers. They quickly attached the behemoth to the skimmer and made for a ballsy escape. As they pushed away, they could see the destruction behind them. Tents caught afire, one of the skimmers toppled over. Storm lizards attacking all around them. It was pure pandemonium.

Below deck, the party found enough supplies to get the party to Celik with room to spare. It was refreshing to see a plan come together so nicely. A day later, the heroes regrouped with the kreen and their friends. Harbek bid farewell as he restarted the journey northward (or was it southeast?). With any luck, they'd cross paths again...

Until then, The heroes had more pressing matters. The legion would only be slowed for so long...
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Chapter 11: Went Through the Desert on a Kank With No Name
Anamis Black is dead. Supplies were dwindling at best. The heroes were beaten, burdened, and exhausted. Their best-no, only hope was to scavenge up what they could and push on. That is what they did.

Had any of them believed in the gods, they might have given thanks when they encountered a lone traveler on a rage drake. She called herself Scar, and carried enough supplies that the party could at least comfortably travel for a day or so. She was also an expert at exploration, and provided all manner of tricks to avoid being ambushed, surviving the extremes of the desert, and tracking down sources of food/water. She was less good at spotting ambushers, however. They had Pak'Cha for that.

The dune reapers leapt in from all sides, cutting down any within reach. The biggest nearly killed the kreen, and proved a reasonable match for both Scar and Crusher together. The others focused on killing Solaris, but were undone by Malla and Sanguine's teamwork. When all was dead, the party gained themselves some scavvy and pushed onward, hoping to find a nice place of rest.

One cannot imagine their joy upon finding an oasis in their pathway. Solaris, Pak'Cha and Scar moved to get drinks despite Sanguine's warning... A warning that should have been heeded. The oasis itself appeared to lash out and attack the heroes, while nearby a pair of giant megapedes assaulted them from both sides. It took every ounce of skill, perserverence, and blind luck to survive the attack. In the end, however, Crusher stood over the broken body of one megapede, while Malla and Pak'Cha finished off the other. In a fit of rage, Crusher leapt into the oasis and began striking out at the filthy creatures causing the illusion. When finished, he stood in a muddy slurry over the broken shells of necrotic oasis bugs.

Before they could rest, however, they were set upon by another group of travelers. Harbek smiled as he came into view, "Well, look at these morose mekillot's here."

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Chapter 10: The Temple of Amut-Ka
The priest of Amut-Ka turned to address the heroes, "An age has passed since the awakening of Amut-Ka. With these two sacrifices, I shall bring forth my goddess and restore the green. You are welcome to witness her revival."

Anamis drew forth his blade as Crusher readied for a fight, "This ritual is nothing but defiling magic, friends. Save Rhona and Kelek! Let's burn this dead priest!"

As tired as they were, the party rallied to save their friends. Malla and Hargo kept the mummy slaves at bay while the others tried to break through the skeletal minotaurs and hellions. It was a bloody, vicious, and destructive battle. The heroes held their ground, but suffered grevious wounds before finally approaching the mummy lord. Anamis and Sanguine focused on the mummy while Solaris used his mastery of the way to disrupt the ritual. When he finally destroyed the link between Rhona, Kelek and Amut-Ka, the temple itself began to buckle and weaken. Summoning up what little strength they had left, the heroes grabbed up their fallen and forced their way out of the crumbling temple. Before they found the exit, however, the entire temple erupted in a deluge of sand.

When the dust settled in the wastelands, all was quiet. Pieces of kank and scorpion lay about the place. Littered on the ground were the spoiled remains of the heroes' supplies. As Crusher and Malla climbed out of the sand, they confirmed the fears that Anamis did not make it. Sandy pulled Solaris free, and the rest slowly drew themselves forth.

When Sanguine saw what became of her companion, she tried to turn him using her blood. repeatedly cutting herself and spilling blood into Anamis' mouth; it was all in vain. Malla simply embraced her friend as the others looked to find shade from the sun.

They were almost completely out of supplies and still in no condition to travel. Solaris set about making camp and the heroes opted to rest until everyone was able to get moving. Nearly two days were spent binding wounds and mending the weak. In that time, Crusher fashioned himself new armor from the remains of the scorpions, while Solaris worked with Malla to gather up what food and water they could find. What started with the heroes trying to determine when they would reach Tyr will now continue with them trying to determine if and who will reach the free city...
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Chapter 10: Bed Bugs Bite
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Chapter 10: Brohg Douches & Sunwarped Rednecks
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Chapter 9: Drej Raiders
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Chapter 9: Bound for Balic
With successful return to the banks of the Estuary, the party took advantage of their newfound wealth in the port of Samarah. With their purses emptied and their bellies replenished, Sanguine was eager to get the party moving. Jakkin, however, had other ideas.

Since the group was hoping to invest in some cargo for shipping, Jakkin made them an offer they couldn't refuse. Take Shek-mo-Garmin out of business and Jakkin would help supply them with a skimmer full of trade-goods. He would also ensure that Praetor Thalnus was properly compensated for his lack of involvement.

It was a simple job in both plan and execution. Shek-mo-Garmin believed himself to be all powerful in the city. His cart was pulled by trained rage drakes. At all times, he was accompanied by his lady, some sort of psionic. He was ill-prepared, however, for the skill level of the party, and quickly found himself bleeding out in the bazaar with no aid to come. Solaris nodded to a spear on the ground and suggested Garmin fall upon it.

That was the end of Shek-mo-Garmin.

Jakkin made good on his deal to supply the party, though at no loss of wealth on his part.

The party then packed up and set out for Blackroc fort with a full skimmer of goods and friends...
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Chapter 6: Battle at Blackroc
The heroes rushed off the skimmer to join the battle, but were surprised to see a number of humans fighting alongside the minotaurs. Skull Wearer was not known for working with humans. That fact didn't seem to stop the crazed cultists, though, and it was not an important discovery at this time.

Once the battle was joined, the heroes were able to assess the situation -- Skull Wearer had already breached the keep and most of the soldiers were forced to make a fighting retreat. The beast giant just stood atop the tower watching his handiwork. The commander in charge of the Balican troops, however, was fighting like mad to regain a foothold on the isle. Solaris was shocked to see that the commander was none other than Prelate Brinna, the guard captain he'd met in Balic!

As the heroes reunited the soldiers and began a counter assault, more creatures appeared to challenge them; this time, it was a pack of rabid demon hounds swarming over the keep and charging the front lines.

Between minotaurs, cultists, and demons, the fight was considerably stacked against them, and that was before the cultist leaders arrived, lobbing defiling magic and corrupting those around them. It was then that Anamis recognized the demons as summoned creatures and that a portal must be open somewhere in the keep. He and Sanguine split off to find the culprits.

Meanwhile, Crusher, Pak'Cha, Harbek and Solaris continued to aid Brinna in pushing through the keep, though they struggled against the more savage and brutish minotaurs blocking their way.

Atop the keep, Anamis and Sanguine did confirm a ritual was being performed to open a portal to the Abyss. Sanguine attempted to stop the ritual, but a flame demon set her on fire, forcing the vampire to make a rash decision and leap off the bridge into the silt below, thereby snuffing out the fire.

Thus entered the Skull Wearer into battle. The heroes had taken notice that the minotaurs were acting strange, and the Skull Wearer was no different. His dead stare proved to Anamis that the beast giant was under domination by the cultists. He and Harbek turned their attention toward the cultists, while Crusher kept the legendary giant busy.

The cultist leader, Erzoun, was formidable, and killing him was the only way to break the mind control of Skull Wearer. After a few parry's with the wizard, Anamis threw caution to the wind and just kicked the bastard off the top of the tower. A forty foot fall into the estuary was much easier than comparing knowledge and skill of the arcane.

Whatever the cultists were trying to summon was still trapped, though it weighed on Anamis' mind -- How did Biblios know of this other demon? What was their connection?

With him dead and the other cultists losing their concentration on the ritual, the day was won. Skull Wearer shook free of the domination before Crusher could finish choking him out and, though he was not friendly, he was at least grateful for being freed of the cultist's control. The Balican soldiers, on the other hand, were ecstatic at being aided in the battle.

The wine was brought up from storage and the medics set to binding wounds and setting bones. A detail was sent out to burn the dead, and rest was on everyone's mind.
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Chapter 6: Up Silt Creek Without a Battle?
Rollin', Rollin', Rollin in a dirt field...

After a couple weeks at the Dusty Jewel, all supplies and requested gear had arrived and the silt skimmer was ready and waiting. At the party's suggestion, Hargo put Malla in charge of the trip, and they selected a number of slaves to assist in keeping the skimmer moving. Two elves, Elyer and Tolin, would provide their keen eyes and skill as able siltmen. Four dwarves were selected as well; Thortic, Azzic, Gallyk and Dain. With everything in order, the party set out for the Isle of Silver.

Their first day out was met without struggle, though Anamis struggled to find his silt legs. Mid-way through their second day, however, the skimmer was caught in a tangle of ropes as the party was ambushed by ssurran raiders! The ssurrans tried to keep the party off balance while they sent thieves below deck to steal supplies. Unfortunately for them, Crusher and Solaris stayed below during the initial attack. In fact, were it not for the sudden emergence of a massive sandstorm, the party would have easily dispatched the ssurrans. The remaining few made a quick escape once the winds kicked up.

The heroes were quite experienced with sandstorms, though they had never been in charge of a silt skimmer during one. As quick as possible they moved the skimmer behind some rocks for cover and took down the sails while tying down anything that could be blown away. Below deck, the heroes attempted to seal off the hatch from the blowing sand. It was quite the challenge as the winds blew the covers loose many times, pouring silt into the cabin. Eventually Crusher succeeded and the crew were left in the dark, waiting for the ominous sounds of the storm to pass.

When the sandstorm finally died down the party made their way topside though a couple feet of silt, only to find the skimmer completely buried. Anamis struggled to find the surface; nearly suffocating in the dirt, were it not for the party's quick thinging. The rest of the day was spent digging the skimmer out enough to get it back en route. Because they lost some supplies to the ssurrans and were forced to spend an extra day without moving, the party was low on food. They had to push hard to reach Blackroc fort by nightfall.

When they arrived, however, they found the fort in ruins and under attack by none other than the Skull Wearer! The infamous giant and his minotaur pirates had all but captured the fort and razed it to the ground! Sanguine smiled, "I'm sure we'll get a discount on supplies if we go save them..."
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Chapter 5: Ambush at the Dusty Jewel
Hargo's visit to Balic was quite fruitful. A team was hired to survey and protect the cistern, and some contracts were in negotiation for supply. With all handled nicely, he returned to the Dusty Jewel with Harbek, Anamis, and Malla in tow.

The trip across the estuary took most of the day, with the old cog pulling in late into the evening. To Harbek's shock, however, their arrival would not be a peaceful one. The watchtower was burning and a raider manned the polybolos, firing at the heroes approach.

Meanwhile, Crusher, Varis, Sanguine and Solaris were returning from a very prosperous hunt. Not only did they successfully kill five gorak, but they managed to capture a live silk wyrm, as well! Their jubilant attitudes were soon sundered, however, by the sight of the burning jewel. Toph ran toward them screaming for aid, but was brought low by a surprise assailant!

I'm scary... Honestly, I really am.

Bursting forth from the ground came a hunting pack of anakore hungry for hero. The party dismounted and moved to strike, while Varis ran to try and rescue Toph.

Back at the Jewel Anamis was cutting a path to the polybolos while Harbek and Malla focused on the vetran raider. Hargo Vole, however sought out their leader. A dwarf by the name of Clubb emerged from Hargo's hut and landed a few good strikes at the party's employer before making an exit on a nearby silt skimmer. Anamis tried to slow them down with the polybolos, but was unsuccessful. Harbek and Malla found success against the veteran, though they were unable to discern any information from his corpse.

While Crusher dealt with a stray anakore, Sanguine fought for her life. One of the hunters caught her by the ankle and drug the vampire deep into the dirt. The remaining anakore were giving a hard fight to Solaris and Varis, and the elf was taking the majority of the punishment. By the time Sanguine had freed herself, she was too late. While Varis struggled to climb free, an anakore struck him from behind, severing his neck. The beast then made off with his kill while Sanguine and Solaris struck down the other creatures.

By the time the party had reunited at the Jewel, the remaining raiders had been rounded up and the fire was nearly out. Hargo was quick to notice that nothing of value had been taken and it looked more like they were prepared for a fight than looting. Dashing into his hut the old trader found his secret stash had been opened and ransacked. Only one thing was missing: Hargo's Falcata.


With as quick an explanation as possible, Hargo told the heroes why the sword was so important. Firstly, being an iron sword, it has serious value, but more importantly, it was his athame; for Hargo Vole was once Praetor Hargo Vole. Not only that, but he was one of the select few Praetors that the Sorcerer-King Androponis trusted with access to his secret Ivory Dungeon. If the mercenaries stole the sword, it is very likely they plan on using it to free one of Androponis' most hated enemies.

The party quickly packed and shipped off across the estuary en route to Balic. As it turned out, they were ill-prepared to sail a silt skiff and barely arrived with their lives. Once there, the party set to a little business before locating the dwarf mercenary. Firstly, Sanguine and Solaris sought out a buyer for their silk wyrm, while Harbek, Crusher and Anamis purchased a dozen slave-sailors to handle the skiff. They were somewhat successful in their purchases, even getting their hands on a former thri-kreen gladiator.

Sanguine and Solaris also found much success, entering into negotiations with house Thestis' patriarch, Oulestes, an aging, but brutish man. He purchased the silk wyrm and much of the silk the party had harvested, which may have had as much to do with Sanguine's charms as it did her gaze. He invited the pair, and their entourage, to a gathering later that evening at his estate. Thankfully, they had enough money to afford some clean clothes and bathing...
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Chapter 4: Onward to Ledopolus
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