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Dire Straits
Harbek wasn't accustomed to asking his traveling companions to stop for his sake. Slow down, maybe, though it was now a thing of the past. Harbek was moving quicker now. Whatever the reason, he just was, and it was a good thing to him. This place they had been locked in, for two days now, was getting to him. The death of the primal beast, Theoak was in a poor condition and worst of all that cursed axe. No exaggeration, it was literally cursed.

Harbek approached Solaris as they were heading to the teleportation circle. "Solaris..." Harbek said rather softly for his normal composure, "I didn't say thanks back there, and that's not right. You cured me of that axe. I don't know what I would have done, otherwise. That curse is worse than anything I've ever encountered." Harbek sighed and lowered his head to contemplate his next words, noticing his still cursed and infected flesh.

"When we get back to the Dusty Jewel, I'm going to find a way to repay you. Not just for what you just did, but for what you've been doing for all of us. I don't say this lightly, but you're a good fighter. You're always there for whoever needs it most." *Clears throat* "Thank.. you... Ok, looks like your turn. Ladies first!!! Ahahaha, no but really, hurry up I want to get out of here."
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Power Overwhelming
The skimmer continued it's trek through the treacherous terrain. Everyone had returned to their posts, except those lost in the heat of battle. There was a grim look upon the faces of the other dwarves. Harbek's too.

"Later we'll do a toast to our fallen friends! They will not be forgotten. I killed that horrendous creature, it never should have come out of the silt. None of them should have shown their many eyes. NOT to ME!" Harbek's personal victory in battle didn't seem to have the same savory sensation of glory, as it did for the others.

The boat jostled. Then shook hard, before creaking loudly and, coming to a halt. The sides of the hull bent inward, as the noise grew louder. Harbek heard Malla shout down, "GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!" Harbek's veins bulged as he planted his feet and pushed on the axle. The skimmer lurched and landed hard onto some rocks. The walls split. Silt began pouring in.

Harbek looked around, to find himself alone. Neither Crusher, nor the two other dwarves were down below with him as usual. Harbek began to climb out, as a burst of silt slammed him down. It took all he had to raise himself up and out of the mess. Looking up to see if anyone was waiting for him, he saw his companions. Sanguine, Solaris, and Pak'Cha all turned away, shaking their heads. Solaris glanced back, "Why should I, when he wouldn't for me?" Theeoak lowered a rope to help Harbek up, while Crusher grabbed his shoulder. Crusher gave Harbek an angry look, "C'mon Harbek, this is no time to nap!!"

"I... I wasn't napping, what?! Where were you down there?! I was the ONLY ONE who was trying!!! WHERE WERE YOU?!?! HUH?! It was MY strength that got us out of that mess!" Harbek was on top of the skimmer, shouting, raising his arms up as if it were the games in Balic again. Yet it wasn't, he was sinking slowly into the silt, as his friends stood on the rocky shore watching. Theeoak, gave him a concerned look "I tried..." Crusher called out again, "C'mon Harbek!!

Harbek was startled as he woke up on the floor of the skimmer. Crusher, now with his foot on Harbek's shoulder, "This is no time to nap. Help us out here!" Dain was on the axle by himself. Sweat rolled off of Harbek's head, wiping his brow he wondered if it was like this in those jungles he heard about from Theeoak. The halfling stared down at Harbek, with a concerned look on his face, then dropped the flap and walked away.

Harbek stood up and returned to his post, in silence, lacking the usual confident smile.
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An infection of the spirit
Harbek made one last effort to plant the seeds of renewal. He kneeled on one knee, another foot planted firmly, and hands rooted into the corrupted land. He expended his power of wellspring, to root the primal spirit. It took all his concentration, will and even a personal sacrifice of his own primal connection.

Straining to make a lasting mark, he failed to notice what was happening. Harbek had given of himself, and in doing so, had exchanged his own primal spirit with the spirit of this defiled terrain. He jolted out of his meditation, unaware of his blunder. When he closed his eyes to sense how deep he had reached, it dawned on him what he had done.

The subtle black streaks under his skin were the first sign. Harbek felt a distance between himself and his kindred spirit of nature. All the while feeling something familiar. He knew it, but not in this form. It was the sensation of defiling, this time from within.

Harbek struggled to remain upright. He gazed out of the crater, blinded by the light. Stumbling over himself and dragging his axe through the sands, he managed to reach his riding mount. With the last strength he had, he hoisted himself onto the beast. Breathing heavy, he rested before propping his head on the neck of his animal companion. Harbek then made his way out of the crater in hopes of finding the group.
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Ash to Soil; Nature's alchemy
Harbek stood in the crater, braxat corpses motionless next to him. The rush of visceral combat had him focused on slaying his target. He wasn't able to end the defilers, but his trusty companions were there at his side to ensure a quick end. Harbek's heart settled. His eyes scanned the surroundings, and he recalled why he had been thrown into a rage.

The defiling. It had destroyed what little was left of this already-barren land and turned it into, what felt like, a void. It was empty of all. Harbek's slow heartbeats echoed out in the spirit world. His companions' too, at least it seemed they were all there. Malla had a look of disgust, and gazed out towards her goal.

"Malla, I cannot come with you. I have work to do here. I have spent so much time killing the cause, I have forgotten what I have to do to heal the wounds. You won't need me, in person. My spirit will support you from here, and their powers will wain, as their hold on nature does." Harbek uttered those final words before falling silent. He kneeled in the ashes, and begin his meditation. What followed was nature's own method of recycling the dead. Wind began softly sweeping the ashes, insects emerged to eat the decayed material, and the sands started to return to their original form.
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