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What it takes
Harbek basks in the glory of their triumph in the arena, boosting his confidence, he begins to think to himself.

I'm not about to celebrate with some dainty nobles after our hark work. Ahhh, the unsuspecting noble brother... looking around at something. We're not out of the woods yet, this guy knows somethings up, I see it. He can feel it, the sword has a presence and he looks to be searching for something familiar. Those fools must have brought it. They need to get out of this crowd and find a place to lay low. Let's see if they can do something this...

Harbek approaches the high praetor, speaks up with a smile spreading across his face, "You ever drank with a dwarf?!"

The High-Praetor looks down, annoyed with his concentration being broken, "YES."

Harbek's smile fades a bit, but returns with a chuckle, "Well you ever drank with a dwarf that just won his arena match?!"

High-Praetor Tomblador's annoyance grew, "YES, and it was like drinking with any other dwarf, vulgar and pointless. Maybe this party will teach you something about manners and etiquette because your memory will fade quickly, and you will be nothing more than a nobody, as much as the dead of The Gray. Anything else you care to converse about."

Harbek eyes the High Praetor, smile turned smirk, "Nah, I guess I'll see you later."
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Chapter 5: A Very CONvincing Plan
"I met a man by the name of Nettle years back. I think he was like you folks. He taught a lot about how to live my life. He also told me about defilers. He showed me how to use the primal energies to fight. He was a strong shaman. So let's talk about what we know before we get hasty. I'd hate to have to keep my oath and cut you down at the same time. That is, I think we're after the same thing here."

The alliance leader had heard of the preserver named Nettle. That was enough to stay his hand, and not a moment too soon. The party negotiated an alternative option, in which they would retrieve another Templar sword to trade for Hargo Vole's blade. The alliance members agreed and were just about to shake on it when Anamis and Solaris burst in the room. Praetor Darian Haraxes and a company of legionnaires were only minutes behind them. He was on the hunt for veiled alliance members. The parties used a secret tunnel that took them through Balic's sewers and parted ways. Sanguine had twenty four hours to make good on her promise to procure another Templar sword.

That was twenty five more than she needed. First, she contacted Oulestes and accepted the job he'd offered, so long as he played along with an exhibition match they were going to suggest. Next, they conned Entellis Tomblador into funding the very match Crusher wanted: An unarmed combat between Crusher and Granikkus. The idea of squashing a rival in the slave trade was too enticing to Entellis and he quickly agreed. While he and Crusher went to challenge Granikkus and House Thestis, Sanguine and Anamis handled the contract.

It was a simple ruse -- keep Oethen, the seneschal, busy while Anamis steals and duplicates his ledger using an arcane ritual. To keep the guards busy, Solaris used his charms. The former Templar turned guard captain, Brinna, took a liking to the psion and was eager to "spar" with him in the courtyard.

While they practiced all manner of duplicity and thievery it was left to Crusher, Harbek and Pak'Cha to put on an impressive fight. Granikkus was more than willing to take them on. The pomp and circumstance could not have been more pointless, but it provided necessary time.

When Granikkus finally entered the Criterion, he brought with him a surprise. Claybo, the tarek bought to Balic by the heroes stood with him. He was marked as a slave and ready for battle. When he saw Harbek and Crusher, Claybo flew into a savage rage. The battle will be talked about for years to come. Easily ranked in the top five matches in the Criterion. Granikkus leveled every blow possible at the older warrior, but Crusher took every strike as vindication that he was the superior. Nothing the goliath did slowed Crusher down. While the champions clashed, Harbek did what he could to try and calm the savagery of Claybo, with no success. Pak'Cha, however, cared little about his opponent, and the dwarf was soon knocked unconscious.

It was never a fair contest. Crusher knew what to expect from the thri-kreen and his plan was to keep Granikkus distracted long enough for Pak'Cha to begin delivering strikes. And when the dust finally cleared, the three stood victorious over a beaten Granikkus.

The cheers shook the very foundations of the Criterion. Entellis couldn't be happier. He greeted the victors and invited them to a celebration in their honor. It was impossible to decline, and seeing Sanguine give the thumbs up, Crusher figured that some wine and food were quite well-earned.

It was then that the party was stunned into silence. For the victors were approached by non-other than Androponis himself, congratulating them on a stupendous exhibition. His servant provided each of them a silver medal and the sorcerer-king made his exit. They barely had time to exhale when Entellis' brother arrived. The newly appointed High-Praetor Kaladon Tomblador was, at first, happy to hear of his brother's good fortune. All too quickly, however, his mannerisms changed. The glowing white eyes of the Templar scanned the crowd. Something was wrong...
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