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Chapter 5: No Good Deed
Post at some point in 2012. In the mean time, here's a puppy

Session: Session 18 - Sunday, Dec 16 2012 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Chapter 5: Brawl at the Silty Dawg
Sanguine found Praetor Sarhan to be quite charming, when he wasn't torturing and subjugating the people of Ledopolus. He offered the party a job to locate a silver mine in the sea of silt. Sanguine didn't accept, but she did keep the offer in consideration.

Meanwhile, Granikkus, the current champion of the blood games, spent his time at the party goading Crusher into a match of champions. Crusher was hardly swayed, seeing how he had nothing to prove to the young upstart. It was then that Sarhan approached them, taking notice of Harbek. While he was certain that Harbek and his friends were responsible for the failings in North Ledopolus, he was up against the clever wit of Harbek. After a brief round of grueling interrogation, all the Praetor could confirm was that Harbek was likely affected by sun-sickness.

After the party had wrapped up, Oulestes came to Sanguine with a proposition. House Tomblador was into some shady dealings of late, and it looked like they planned on taking over House Thestis' business. If Sanguine could steal the seneschal's ledger Oulestes could take measures to counter their plans. It was all a bunch of political crap that was barely interesting to Sanguine, but the offer of payment and a favor was quite enticing. That would have to wait, however, as the party had other plans.

That evening Crusher, Sanguine, Harbek, and Pak'Cha walked into the Silty Dawg with one goal; kill all sum'bitches. It was a simple goal, but a well thought out plan -- what could go wrong? The shifting sands members were unprepared for the ambush and were nearly all slaughtered before their leader, Clubb, intervened. During the struggle, Clubb let slip that he was working under orders from the Veiled Alliance, not that the party cared much. He wasn't going to surrender and instead chose to run. Sanguine attempted to follow, but the dwarf was quite slippery.

However, Sanguine did have an idea of where he might be going and the party made a quick escape to Markk's Tannery. Inside, they were going to prepare ambush, but were encountered by a cell of Alliance members. Sanguine tried to lie and turn the alliance against Clubb, to no avail.

Just as the alliance members were drawing their weapons, Harbek stepped forward and offered to help diffuse the situation...
Session: Session 16 - Sunday, Dec 02 2012 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Chapter 5: Ambush at the Dusty Jewel
Hargo's visit to Balic was quite fruitful. A team was hired to survey and protect the cistern, and some contracts were in negotiation for supply. With all handled nicely, he returned to the Dusty Jewel with Harbek, Anamis, and Malla in tow.

The trip across the estuary took most of the day, with the old cog pulling in late into the evening. To Harbek's shock, however, their arrival would not be a peaceful one. The watchtower was burning and a raider manned the polybolos, firing at the heroes approach.

Meanwhile, Crusher, Varis, Sanguine and Solaris were returning from a very prosperous hunt. Not only did they successfully kill five gorak, but they managed to capture a live silk wyrm, as well! Their jubilant attitudes were soon sundered, however, by the sight of the burning jewel. Toph ran toward them screaming for aid, but was brought low by a surprise assailant!

I'm scary... Honestly, I really am.

Bursting forth from the ground came a hunting pack of anakore hungry for hero. The party dismounted and moved to strike, while Varis ran to try and rescue Toph.

Back at the Jewel Anamis was cutting a path to the polybolos while Harbek and Malla focused on the vetran raider. Hargo Vole, however sought out their leader. A dwarf by the name of Clubb emerged from Hargo's hut and landed a few good strikes at the party's employer before making an exit on a nearby silt skimmer. Anamis tried to slow them down with the polybolos, but was unsuccessful. Harbek and Malla found success against the veteran, though they were unable to discern any information from his corpse.

While Crusher dealt with a stray anakore, Sanguine fought for her life. One of the hunters caught her by the ankle and drug the vampire deep into the dirt. The remaining anakore were giving a hard fight to Solaris and Varis, and the elf was taking the majority of the punishment. By the time Sanguine had freed herself, she was too late. While Varis struggled to climb free, an anakore struck him from behind, severing his neck. The beast then made off with his kill while Sanguine and Solaris struck down the other creatures.

By the time the party had reunited at the Jewel, the remaining raiders had been rounded up and the fire was nearly out. Hargo was quick to notice that nothing of value had been taken and it looked more like they were prepared for a fight than looting. Dashing into his hut the old trader found his secret stash had been opened and ransacked. Only one thing was missing: Hargo's Falcata.


With as quick an explanation as possible, Hargo told the heroes why the sword was so important. Firstly, being an iron sword, it has serious value, but more importantly, it was his athame; for Hargo Vole was once Praetor Hargo Vole. Not only that, but he was one of the select few Praetors that the Sorcerer-King Androponis trusted with access to his secret Ivory Dungeon. If the mercenaries stole the sword, it is very likely they plan on using it to free one of Androponis' most hated enemies.

The party quickly packed and shipped off across the estuary en route to Balic. As it turned out, they were ill-prepared to sail a silt skiff and barely arrived with their lives. Once there, the party set to a little business before locating the dwarf mercenary. Firstly, Sanguine and Solaris sought out a buyer for their silk wyrm, while Harbek, Crusher and Anamis purchased a dozen slave-sailors to handle the skiff. They were somewhat successful in their purchases, even getting their hands on a former thri-kreen gladiator.

Sanguine and Solaris also found much success, entering into negotiations with house Thestis' patriarch, Oulestes, an aging, but brutish man. He purchased the silk wyrm and much of the silk the party had harvested, which may have had as much to do with Sanguine's charms as it did her gaze. He invited the pair, and their entourage, to a gathering later that evening at his estate. Thankfully, they had enough money to afford some clean clothes and bathing...
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Chapter 5: Home Alone
Arriving at the Dusty Jewel, Solaris got to work, quickly going over the schedule of shipments along with the costs and expected taxes. Varis, in his usual paranoid manner, grabbed a few slaves and set up a 24 hour watch post. Whether or not it was necessary, it seemed to calm the twitchy elf. Meanwhile, Sanguine and Crusher were preparing for a quick gorak hunting trip.

Before they headed out, however, Solaris had come upon a map detailing the location of a silk wyrm nest. If they could successfully harvest some silk, that could lead to some further trades. And, if possible, maybe they could even capture the wyrm!

The gorak hunting was very successful, and the heroes quickly set out to the silk wyrm nest. Crusher and Sanguine began harvesting the silk while Solaris and Varis kept an eye out for any wyrms. While the elf spotted some of the younger wyrms, the mother was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, before they could get out of the nest, the silk wyrm adult attacked! She swooped in and scattered the party, focusing much of her strikes on Varis, keeping his arrows from harming her young. When she had Solaris and Varis subdued, she turned her attention to the vampire and gladiator. Both struggled to take advantage, as the wyrm was more than a challenge, but the tide changed when Varis rejoined the fight. Solaris got the elf on his feet before putting his psionics up against the wyrm's impressive psychic talents.

When all was said and done, the Wyrm lay unconscious with the bloodied heroes victorious. Varis was able to mix a poultice that slavers use to keep their victims subdued. He hoped it would work on the wyrm. Meanwhile, Sanguine used her heavy robes as a sack to cover the wyrm's head. They would have to travel by night, so as to avoid the sun's harmful effects on the vampire...
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