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Chapter 4: The Lost Cistern
The kestrekel found the party to be quite indigestible and scattered into the winds while Crusher, well, he crushed the alpha's windpipe. A contingent of the 1st legion arrived to finish off the flock and burn the remaining spider cacti before addressing the heroes. Prelate Lanius was awestruck in meeting the famous Crusher, and the legion provided escort to the great city of Balic.

Once there, Malla was able to track down Hargo's contact and with Varis' help, they narrowed down the most likely location of the cistern. Shortly after the contact left, Varis heard a commotion outside the inn and rushed to investigate. He arrived too late, only finding the contact bleeding out on the ground and Aravek's journal missing.

The party agreed with Sanguine's suggestion to head out that evening, a well-thought plan. Under cover of darkness, they were able to avoid the natural dangers of Athas' heat, while also slipping by some roadside bandits looking for a mark.

Early the next morning they had found the small valley hiding the lost cistern. Vegetation grew wildly about the area, and a strong musty humidity was thick in the air. Inside the cave that made up much of the wind-trap were a group of gith--tall emaciated humanoids--relaxing and enjoying a drink of water. Varis startled them, causing the leader to spring into action. The gith were unprepared, however, and were soundly beaten by the heroes.

"Join the army" they said! "See the worlds", they said! I'd rather be plane sailing.

Before they dropped into the cistern, Varis suggested they keep an eye out for their would-be pursuers. Sure enough, after about an hour of watching, they spotted a group of soldier-slaves entering the valley. The heroes set an ambush when Varis confirmed the leader was a Templar, likely from Urik.

When the party struck, they did so with deft precision. the dwarf conscripts were separated from the rest of the party while Crusher and Sanguine focused on the Templar and his bodyguard. While drawing forth his short sword, the illusion faded showing a gleaming steel blade, forcing a shriek of terror and hatred out of Anukim, the Templar. Recognizing the blade, Anukim sent his gladiator to claim it, but Sanguine tore the man to pieces. In mere moments, the valley fell silent once more.

Beaten and tired, the heroes descended into the cavern to confirm the cistern's existence and stake their claim. Unfortunately, as Malla would soon say, they were not alone. A tembo had taken up residence in the cave, and it was not interested in moving. It appeared to Solaris that the creature may have been smiling when it saw the party, a fact that did little to calm the party's nerves.

F*#@ that kitty!

The beast lunged into battle, moving lightning fast and striking at the heroes multiple times in rapid succession. An aberrant beast of pure evil, it took everything the heroes had to overcome this foe. In the end they stood victorious over the beast's carcass, though Harbek and Solaris would carry wounds that would not heal for some time.

With the cistern now captured and contracts signed, all was done. Hargo met the party in Balic with a big smile and heavy purse. He would remain in Balic for a few weeks to handle more of the business and requested the aid of Malla, Harbek, and Anamis. Crusher, Sanguine, Solaris and Varis were to head back to the Dusty Jewel and handle things in his absence. Things were finally looking up for the party...
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Epic × 2!
Chapter 4: The Road of Legions
The road to Balic was a nice departure from the struggles of the past few weeks. The crodlu did their job well, and made up for the lost time in Ledopolus. In fact, the only struggles so far came in the form of a stampede of raging inix, sent in to a fury by a hungry cilops!

Has anyone seen my contact? It fell out over here...

Unfortunately for the cilops, Sanguine was in no mood for distractions. One deep slash of her talon-like hands and the beast was skittering about while oozing defiled blood.

After scaring off the inix, the party salvaged some of the cilops for future use and continued their journey toward the City of Silt. On the third day, Varis spotted some Tarek on a nearby cliff, performing some sort of exile on one of their kin. After much debate, the party decided to investigate and tended to the dying Tarek's wounds.

Claybo was his name, once a shaman to his tribe, and soothsayer of the Jabahl Sagh. He was exiled in favor of Thur'roq, a follower of the fire god, Ramah. Claybo accepted party's offer to take him to Balic, as he had nowhere else to go. The party now numbered eight as they continued onward.

Just as they were reaching eyesight of Balic's alabaster walls, Varis caught wind of a putrid smell. The rotting carcass of a Mekillot waited around a curve in the road. Surrounding the beast's body was an entire flock of Kestrekel. Varis readied an arrow, but was hit by something else! A spider cactus ensnared the elf and began pulling him closer and closer. Before anyone could react, a giant kestrekel alpha sprung up from the mekillot's gullet and roared in anger. The other kestrekel followed suit and the party was soon under attack.
Look, Flaps, first I say, "What we gonna do?" Then you say, "I don't know, what you wanna do?" Then I say, "What we gonna do?" You say, "What you wanna do?" "What we gonna do?" "What you want..." Let's do SOMETHING"!

Crusher was ripped from his mount by the alpha and pulled high into the air before he pinned the beasts wings and brought it crashing back to the ground. Claybo, Sanguine and Harbek set to breaking apart the swarm of birds while Anamis and Varis struggled with the cacti. Solaris attempted to help Crusher, but was nearly brought low by swarming kestrekel. All looked quite dire for the party....
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Chapter 4: Building Bridges
The Master-of-Towns was not so eager to be interrupted in the late evening, even less so to find it was the outlaws who summoned him. However, Bruthambar was taken back when he saw Harbek, "Harby!? Could it be you? Why, I haven't seen you since you were knee-high to a halfling!" The party was shocked to discover Harbek was Bruthambar's nephew! Needless to say, he was much more inclined to help once formalities were exchanged. And with Kaina's proof that Sarhan's loans were specifically designed to bankrupt the city and make Shek-mo-Garmin a very wealthy merchant, Bruthambar sounded the alarm.

The party's goal was simple, get into the compound and retrieve Solaris. With all the commotion brought on by Bruthambar and Sarhan's arguing, it was even easier than they had previously thought! In only a few minutes time, the party had slipped in and back out without raising the alarm. After that, it was a simple trip out to the estuary and a ferrying to South Ledopolus.

Once the party had settled in, they set in motion the plan to really mess with Sarhan. Since he had kidnapped Pig Tusk's son, they figured freeing him may sway the giants agains the Praetor. The task itself was easier to talk about than to execute. Sarhan's guards were thralls, slaves that fought to the death. And to the death they went. The giant child was angry at his imprisonment, but Malla was able to calm him long enough to return the babe to his father. In return, Pig Tusk rewarded them with some of his personal riches, including a very well-crafted short sword with a jhakar tusk handle. The Sunspeaker blessed the party with some of her radiant power; sanguine refused the "gift".

A short re-supply in South Ledopolus and the party was ready to head out, this time mounted on crodlu. The trip should be a short four days...

Forecast: Hot with a chance of random encounter
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Chapter 4: Double, Triple, Quadruple-Crossed!
Crusher continued to make his way through the back alleys of North Ledopolus with the young woman over his shoulder. She was still unconscious and Praetor Sarhan's guards were closing fast. Before the guards reached him, however, both were quickly dispatched; one by Sanguine and the other by a small scarred dwarf. "Old Bazraag? I heard you moved to Ledopolus", laughed Crusher. Though enemies in the pits, the dwarf known as Old Bazraag had always admired the young warrior's gumption, and never cared much for the Praetors. "I figured you could use some help after the mess you got in. Follow me, I'll take ya to my bar."

Meanwhile, Harbek was busy looking for the rest of the party when he found a large group of guards decending upon Solaris. The ardent was brought low by a well-placed sling bullet and there were too many guards for Harbek to handle. Rounding a corner as he made his escape, the warden came face to face with a pale devil. "Anamis Black, at your service. My employer has an offer for you and your friends. Come with me. I'll handle the guards behind you." With that, he drew forth a sword from inside his hand and cut down the guards.

Of course you can trust me! Why do you ask?

Back at the skiff, Varis and Nowain were busy keeping their story straight, while working out a plan to get the rest of the party out of the city. He saw Crusher slip into that dwarven bar...

Kaina, as she would call herself, was greatful for her rescue. She was working against Praetor Sarhan, believing him to be a villain, and had uncovered a plot to bankrupt the city and place it under Balican control. Before she could get the documents in the hands of her alliance friends. She needed their help to finish the job. Thankfully, Harbek arrived with the backing they needed.

After a discussion with Shek-mo-Garmin, Anamus' employer, they were off to the earth temple with Kaina in tow. Before they could retrieve the documents and make their exit, however, The Shek's enforcers arrived.

No double-cross here..nope, none at all...

Kelson demanded they hand over the girl and the documents before things got dirty, but Anamus was having none of that. The party held their ground long enough for Kaina to get the documents and make her escape, but they were sorely beaten. With both the Shek and Sarhan looking for them, they had few options to take. Fortunately, Sanguine knew of a dwarf who owed Hargo Vole some favors.

Gallyk was as drunk as he was honorable, ensuring they'd be safe, provided he didn't rat them out or set the warehouse on fire. They would find little rest, however, as town criers reported of Solaris' imminent death at Sarhan's compound. They knew a frontal attack on one of Balic's Praetors was suicide, so they turned to the only help they could.
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Chapter 4: An Execution in Ledopolus
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Chapter 4: Onward to Ledopolus
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