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Chapter 3: Sometimes an Id fiend is just an Id fiend
Session: Session 7 - Sunday, Aug 12 2012 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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Chapter 3: New Recruits
Mala woke with a slight groan as palpable wave of heat entered her quarters and seemingly embraced her. She looked around her sparse quarters, large to some yet hardly enough for her, before rising with a groan and dressing herself for the day to come. As she left she hefted her great spear from its resting place near her bed and did a quick inspection of it ensuring it needed no attentions before securing it across her back and leaving for her meeting with Hargo Vole. She soon entered the court yard and looked around at the state of Dusty Jewel, silently lamenting at the dilapidated state it was in, the past few months having been particularly hard on the outpost. She quickly saw in the center of the courtyard a small group of individuals and picked out from them all Hargo Vole and headed over catching Hargo's attention as she did in time for her to be introduced by him as she reached the small group. "Mala, These are the four new hires that you will be working with today. Test them properly and thoroughly, we've no use for people who pull their own." then looking towards the group "This is Mala, one of the few with whom I'd trust the responsibilities of testing and training you all and one of the even fewer I'd trust with my life. You will do what she says without complaint or argument or you will leave my employ. If you would think that her being a goliath or a female is reason enough to ever question her abilities as a leader I suggest you say so directly to her so that she can rectify the matter by removing your ability to think." and with that he turned and left, leaving Mala to her own devices.

Mala quickly did her own appraisal of the individuals standing before her starting with the dwarf standing silently at center of the group, a grin on his face. The dwarf was known as Harbek and was had strapped across his back a war axe that seemed to be almost too large for him, however from what she had heard from Hargo he was not only proficient in its wielding but capable of channeling energies through it making him a strong and stalwart warrior. She then looked upon an elf known as Varis. From what she knew the elf's tribe had been wiped out and he now put his exceptional abilities with a bow to use earning his own keep and displayed the unusual trait of seemingly always having a very subtle and slight wind about him. Next in the group was a human of dark skin and a monstrous build, his name was simply that of Crusher. From what she had been told he was a freed gladiator, one that had earned his freedom in the Blood Games doing with his bare hands the very thing he was named for. She then looked at the last member of the new hires, another human by the name of Solaris. He stood at the side of the group with a trikal strapped upon his back and what seemed to be fine silver lines snaking around all of his skin and eyes that upon looking directly at her seemed to suddenly glow with light for a moment before dimming to a startlingly bright blue. From what she knew he had been a former member of a mercenary group just recently destroyed and possessed leadership experience and psionic abilities, something Hargo Vole hoped to possibly capitalize on later and yet another thing Mala was tasked with testing if possible. She quickly explained their task and that it was a relatively simple one, They were to go into the nearby mountain ranges and hunt some of the local reptiles and bring back the kills.

The group quickly began to organize their gear and ready themselves to go when another individual approached their group. All but Mala looked up at the individual approaching and stared slightly unsure what to think, The figure looked human aside from the fact that it was covered from head to toe with various wrappings of cloth and bindings leaving not one bit of her skin exposed. Mala finished her pack as the individual finished her approach and nodded her head slightly before introducing the newcomer to the rest of the group, "This individual here is Sanguine, she will be accompanying us as well to help ensure that we succeed in at least bringing back some supplies and that some of you won't end up as food for some scaly beast."

The party soon finished their packing and set off heading out to the nearby mountain ranges, while en route Mala gave a brief overview of the creatures and their plan to hunt them. The reptiles were known as gorak, lizards that had webbing between their legs that allowed them to glide short distances. Hunting them would require splitting into two man teams and the use of forked javelins with rope attaching them to a harness on the thrower. The idea was to hit the target with the javelin and have the barbs dig in and hold in place allowing the thrower to then pull the creature to them using the attached rope, a simple and effective method that had been used before many times.

After a half day's travel they soon came upon a sheer cliff face that went up almost 200 feet, Mala looked at the daunted faces some of her party members had and explained that yes, they were indeed about to climb it. The party quickly broke down their climbing order and plan, Mala would free climb ahead of the group securing pitons and rope for the rest of the group to follow with her only lifeline being a rope linked to the rest of the group. Harbeck would follow close suit relying upon his strength and fortitude to ensure that the path taken would not prove too difficult for those following. Varis and Solaris would then follow with Crusher taking up the rear with the intent that his incredible strength be ready to catch or support anyone who might slip or need the aid. The climb initially proved to not be as hard as suspected as they started out until the reality of just how high they had to climb settled in. Varis seemed to struggle with the endurance required and as the temperature rose his energy seemed to be sapped quite heavily. Solaris also seemed to show signs of fatigue but they quickly disappeared as the silvered lines upon his body suddenly flared to life and his eyes glowed with a bright light and he seemed to suddenly have new found strength and pushed on. They reached the crest of the cliff face without further incident and after quick discussion pushed on quickly rather than taking a rest due to the temperature starting to rise higher and higher and there being little cover upon the cliff tops.

They quickly split into three groups, Crusher and Sanguine, Harbeck and Varis with Mala with Solaris making the final pairing, once groupings were decided they set out quickly to go hunting. Varis and Harbeck were the first to spot their prey resting upon a cliff face above them, the creature knowing it had been seen let out a hiss of warning shortly before Varis loosed an arrow at it with the intent of pinning a leg preventing it from getting away before Harbeck could hit it with their javelin. The shot was unsuccessful in stopping the creature from jumping off the cliff face and gliding a ways down before Harbeck could throw the javelin at it, the first throw unfortunately going wide. Harbeck quickly readied again while Varis again fired an arrow at the reptile managing this time to keep it from running farther away giving Harbeck enough time to nail the beast with the next javelin throw, Securing its fate. Solaris and Mala during this spotted a creature just above them soon after Harbeck and Varis found theirs, Solaris knowing he would likely not be able to throw the javelin with much success opted instead to try and help Mala make her throw, Mala unfortunately however seemed more distracted by this than anything else and when she threw her javelin it hit the rock face instead of the creature with enough force to shatter the javelin. The creature quickly took off fleeing from them before they could succeed in another attempt at bringing it down. Sanguine and Crusher through all this managed to stir up three separate creatures. Crusher managed to straight away hit one with his javelin and brought the poor creature within grabbing range at which time he quite literally crushed its wind pipe with his bare hands. Sanguine drew the attention of the second using her abilities to draw the creature to her, the creature however retaliated before she could prepare herself and managed to bite her. Sanguine suddenly seemed to take upon a dark countenance and lashed out upon the reptile with energies the others had not seen before, engulfing the creature in necrotic energies leaving behind a withered and decayed husk. The third creature they found showed itself at this point and tried to take advantage of Sanguine's preoccupation with the second and made to attack her. Sanguine managed to avoid this attack and readied to defend herself before crusher suddenly showed up and grabbed the creature, it's life now literally in the steely hands of the former gladiator who looked at it briefly before snapping it's neck.

The group took stock of their kills and quickly began to prep them for transport back to the Dusty Jewel, Mala quickly tied their kills to some of the javelins they had to allow easier transport before they began to climb down, Harbeck taking one kill and Mala draping two over her shoulders. As they began their descent Varis waited at the top of the cliff face for a moment having noticed some scavenger birds circling the area. He quickly noticed one of the scavengers start to target and swoop in at Harbeck and the kill draped across his shoulders. Varis quickly drew his bow and held his shot for a moment as the bird swooped down and nearly knocked Harbeck from his grasp on the rock face, “What are you waiting for you daft elf, shoot it!” was cried out by Harbeck but Varis cared not, still tracking the bird he waited for it to reach the zenith of its flight up and the moment where it dived again before letting loose his arrow, catching the bird right in the eye and causing its dead body to slam into the cliff face next to Harbeck who had an incredulous look on his face. With the rest of the scavengers thoroughly deterred Varis joined the others in their climb down.

They were almost half way down when the party noticed a gathering sandstorm off in the distance that seemed to be closing upon them at an unnatural pace. Knowing that they would not be able to survive a sandstorm on an exposed rock face they quickly checked for options and noticed an opening not far from where they were but would require detaching themselves from the pitons and gear they had already placed and free climbing to reach it. Varis volunteered to detach himself first and make the climb over so that he could secure a rope the others might use. With a jump he suddenly leapt from the cliff face and seemingly flew towards the opening, landing and rapidly fastening the rope. With the rope secured the others quickly made their way across with little incident with anxiety quickly building though as the sandstorm bore down upon their position. The opening lead farther into the cliff face into a large open area filled with crystals.

Solaris looked upon the group as they all sat down in the cavern, luminescent fungi on the walls casting an eerie glow upon the group. Solaris shook his head slightly trying to clear an unknown feeling he had, a sort of buzzing in his skull, he looked up and realized Mala seemed to be noticeably shaken and nearly trembling for reasons unknown to them all. He watched as Harbeck walked over to the goliath and offered to see if perhaps she had some wound just now making its effects known to her only to see react violently and push the dwarf away, seemingly talking to the dwarf and not talking to him at the same time, Harbeck himself then seem overcome by a fit of coughing and muttered something about coal dust. He then noticed Varis draw a katcha from his pack only to be spotted by Crusher who grabbed the elf and lifted him off the ground with one hand, his demeanor showing instantly he was ready to again fulfill the role upon which his namesake placed upon him. Through this all the buzzing in Solaris’s mind continued and seemed to increase with Solaris looking down upon his hands and realizing they seemed to bear no more silver markings. Calling out within his mind to the entity within him yielded no response and he looked again to see his own silver markings suddenly appear on the other members of the group.

Shaking his head Solaris looked closer and saw the markings upon his group seemingly shimmer as though they weren’t really there and realized there was more going on then was being seen. Solaris tried to shut out the buzzing in his head, hoping to hear something from the being within him and was rewarded with a faint syllable “Id” being heard. Pushing harder, his eyes closed with concentration he slowly but surely forced the buzzing out of his mind and thoughts until with a sudden rush it was gone and in its absence the voice of the being within him suddenly came into existence; “Get yourself together Solaris, We aren’t alone!” Opening his eyes Solaris realized that in his efforts to clear the buzzing he had channeled enough psionic energy to shatter several nearby crystals and cause the lines upon his body to glow with a brilliant light, with a moments concentration he quickly expelled the excess energy in a light burst outward expelling the malevolent force that seemed to be plaguing the rest of his group and warned them all of the immediate danger, that there was an Id Fiend nearby and they likely were within it’s nest.
Session: Session 6 - Sunday, Aug 05 2012 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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