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Chapter 11: Stuff Happened
Sanguine murdered a cultist to prove allegiance to a beholder that believed itself to be a god; The party then headed out toward Kalidnay.

Along the way, they were stopped by two strange giants wanting a toll to pass through their lands, but were tricked into fighting with each other, thus allowing the heroes to continue.

While crossing the salt flats, they were ambushed by a crazed Brogh that nearly bested them, were it not for the timely blinding by Solaris.

Finally, they arrived at the ruined gates of Kalidnay and made camp for the night.

We're all caught up. See ya'll this week.
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Chapter 11: A Brief Stop in Celik
Stealing the wagon and behemoth turned out to be a great move. The party cut their travel time in half, and having a beast like that does wonders to keeping other predators at bay.

In three days they arrived at the ruins of Celik. Quickly, the party made arrangements to sell the wagon and outfit the behemoth with a howdah for the remainder of their journey. And with general purchases made, the party met with Hargo's old friend, Korsun Marneth.

Though the two had a past, Korsun was happy to see is old pal and offered them rest at his estate while in Celik. None really trusted him, and for good reason; any friend of Hargo's is only an enemy once removed. With pleasantries exchanged, the party found a broy-garden and sat down for food and drink.

All was not good, however, as the market place was set upon by savage elemental cultists once the sun set. One even summoned a magma elemental to lay waste to the market and its occupants. The heroes stood where even the poorly paid guards ran into the night. Pak'Cha's flying special annihilated many of the cultists, while Sanguine and Solaris focused on the genasai leader. Crusher summoned the fire within himself and grappled the elemental until the leader was subdued. Scar just leaned across the table and finished off Malla's plate of gorak. The other's had it handled, and she was still a bit peckish.

Crusher figured there was a reward for capture and drug the genasai to Korsun. Before the firebrand could plead his case, however, Korsun's bodyguard beheaded the filthy cultist. Korsun was able to explain the situation, that the cultists have been attacking for some time, and he could use help in dealing with the madmen.

Their temple was hidden beneath the ruins near the old fighting pits. It wasn't too hard for Sanguine and Pak'Cha to find and the party was soon inside the Temple of the Elemental Eye. Unfortunately for them, it was an out-of-the-frying-pan into-the-fire sort of situation. The main hall of this temple was filled with fiery pools of oil and a cultist on guard summoned forth fire archons to deal with the heroes.

The cultist had gravely underestimated his opponents. Believing them to be as susceptible to fire as your average person. The party was made of sterner stuff. Wading through the pools of burning oil, Crusher tackled one elemental and proceeded to beat the light out of it, while Pak'Cha and Sanguine focused their attention on the cultist and his minions. Solaris suffered the most, and even he was barely affected by the fire. Instead, the ring on his hand appeared to burn hotly, soaking up all heat from around him.

Moments later, the guards were dispatched, though the cultist did make way to the southern door screaming for his master before being broken by Pak'Cha and Crusher. With the doors flung upon an aberration not unfamiliar with the party rose from the boiling mud-bath. The eye of flame was not amused, "Your trespass is unwelcome here. Be reborn in my presence, or burn to ash..."

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Chapter 11: Went Through the Desert on a Kank With No Name
Anamis Black is dead. Supplies were dwindling at best. The heroes were beaten, burdened, and exhausted. Their best-no, only hope was to scavenge up what they could and push on. That is what they did.

Had any of them believed in the gods, they might have given thanks when they encountered a lone traveler on a rage drake. She called herself Scar, and carried enough supplies that the party could at least comfortably travel for a day or so. She was also an expert at exploration, and provided all manner of tricks to avoid being ambushed, surviving the extremes of the desert, and tracking down sources of food/water. She was less good at spotting ambushers, however. They had Pak'Cha for that.

The dune reapers leapt in from all sides, cutting down any within reach. The biggest nearly killed the kreen, and proved a reasonable match for both Scar and Crusher together. The others focused on killing Solaris, but were undone by Malla and Sanguine's teamwork. When all was dead, the party gained themselves some scavvy and pushed onward, hoping to find a nice place of rest.

One cannot imagine their joy upon finding an oasis in their pathway. Solaris, Pak'Cha and Scar moved to get drinks despite Sanguine's warning... A warning that should have been heeded. The oasis itself appeared to lash out and attack the heroes, while nearby a pair of giant megapedes assaulted them from both sides. It took every ounce of skill, perserverence, and blind luck to survive the attack. In the end, however, Crusher stood over the broken body of one megapede, while Malla and Pak'Cha finished off the other. In a fit of rage, Crusher leapt into the oasis and began striking out at the filthy creatures causing the illusion. When finished, he stood in a muddy slurry over the broken shells of necrotic oasis bugs.

Before they could rest, however, they were set upon by another group of travelers. Harbek smiled as he came into view, "Well, look at these morose mekillot's here."

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