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Chapter 1: Jakkin's Five
As night fell the group quickly readied themselves and advanced towards Shek-ma-shemak's warehouse intent on finding the contraband and being able to return to Hargo Vole as soon as possible. It took them little time to find the warehouse, a converted arena based on Sardis' knowledge. Sardis was quickly able to point out a secondary entrance to the warehouse formally used for gladiators that seemed relatively lightly guarded and much easier to gain entry through. As they approached Torrin quickly noticed only one slave guarding entrance and acted with great haste to try and incapacitate the guard with his staff during a brief moment of opportunity. Unfortunately in his haste he tripped over a sleeping jhakar and fell flat before the guard who quickly roused an alarm. After subduing several of the guards and convincing the rest that further bloodshed could be avoided by letting them inside for a few minutes the party quickly entered the warehouse. Torrim noted a jhakar near the entrance which was quickly dispatched by Cheeba, The rest of party quickly spreading out looking for the cargo needed. Tak was the first to locate the cargo after climbing atop some of the stored materials just as two more jhakar in the warehouse took notice of the groups presence. Kalinth and Sardis quickly intercepted and handled the Jhakar while Tak moved to handle an emerging threat, a waking guard that was garbed in the equipment of a gladiator and looking to be more then competent in a fight. After a quick fight though the guard and the jhakar all laid dead on the ground and the party gone with the cargo and back in Jakkin's presence.

Jakkin keeping true to his word provided appropriate the necessary supplies to allow the party to return to Hargo Vole with the remains of the cargo they had recovered and the wounded soldiers. As they started their final preparations though they were approached by none other than the local praetor who was looking into the previous night's theft. The group however was successful in avoiding any special attentions from the praetor who was in fact appreciative of the information he garnered while questioning them relating to the purple worm the party had encountered, now knowing why trade had been affected as of late. Soon after the praetor left the party headed out to Hargo Vole's trading outpost.

About midway through their trip back they came across a section of trail with rocks lining either side, Torrim's keen perception quickly picked out though that several rocks had been put in place to supplement those already along the sides forming a bottleneck with no way out but to go through, knowing the trap to be coming the group quickly readied themselves for combat and sprung the ambush and engaged a band of silt striders. Tak and Sardis quickly moved up the left rock face with Kalinth and Torrim began moving towards the right with Cheeba hanging back to prepare the group's special surprise. It was when the chieftain of the striders made himself known with a strong psionic attack that the battle was fully joined. Kalinth, riding the energies of the attack, teleported himself behind the chieftain and engaged him while Cheeba made the parties surprise weapon apparent; Himself riding the Kank they had been previously using to pull their cart. Using the Kank's climbing abilities and speed he quickly joined Kalinth in engaging the chieftain, both quickly working to eliminate the leader of the raiders. It took only a few minutes of combat for the chieftain to fall and the other raiders to panic and try retreating. Tak and the rest of the party began to relax when they noticed that Kalinth was refusing to back down and allow the last of the raiders run away due to it having stabbed him quite viciously in the leg during the ordeal. Cheeba stood nearby and counseled against trying to slay it but Kalinth would not listen. It was then with a mixture of fascination and humor that the group saw the raider make a strike in desperation with such speed and intensity that the dray had no time to properly react, burying its spear deep into one of the arteries in the dray's left leg bringing the large warrior to his knees. As Kalinth struggled to not blackout from the sudden blood loss he looked up in time to see the raider seemingly smile before running off with its spear. After some first aid the party set off again towards Hargo Vole's trade post.

After a few days of travel they finally reached the trade outpost and were greeted by a relieved Hargo Vole who had suspected that the party had been lost to the wastes along with his cargo. The members of the party all smiled at the enthusiasm Hargo seemed to exhibit in greeting their return and settled accounts with Hargo they all retired for some sorely needed R&R, waiting for what things may yet come.
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Chapter 1: Continued
After a long rest and some significant first-aid, the party continued their search for the missing wagon. Sardis did what he could to keep them on a safe path and out of danger, while Torrin spotted what would be confirmed as the lost wagon.

Making their way through the rocky maze, they came upon the wagon half-buried in the sand. The wagon looked damaged and the crodlu was missing. The survivors were perched on a rock, suffering from sun-sickness. Torrin mused about what dangers lurked beneath the sand, and was less than humored to find he was correct.

As they approached the survivors, a group of Black Sands raiders emerged from the north. Their leader, a goliath mounted upon a kank, ordered the wagon taken and the other scavengers killed. Chiba and Tak leapt into action while Kalinth and Torrin set up a defensive perimeter. One of the raiders made a mad dash for the cart, but fell into a silt sink. With the battle joined, Sardis channeled his lighting down upon one raider while another assaulted Chiba. Then came a rumble.

Who you callin' a graboid?

From beneath the sands burst forth a massive purple worm! It thrashed to and fro, attacking anything that touched the sands. Two black sands raiders were killed off before they agreed to ally with Tak and focus on the worm. The beast was deadly, but stupid, and the party was able to trick it into smashing into the rocky walls, severly damaging it, thus ensuring it left them alone. During the scuffle, the goliath raider made his escape without his kank. Torrin seized the opportunity and took control of the beast.

With the worm gone and the raiders on the run, the party turned their attention to the survivors. Two of the traders were deeply suffering from sun sickness and unconscious. Their guard, Malla, was wounded, but able to help them repair the cart and dig it out of the sand. After a day of work, the party set out for Samarah to resupply before heading back to the Dusty Jewel.

Arriving in Samarah, Tak discovered their funds were too low to purchase the necessary gear. Jakkin, the merchant who traded with Hargo Vole, offered to pay for their supplies if they took care of a little problem. One of his competitors attacked and killed a slave of his and took some valuable cargo. If the party was willing to get that gear...and handle the competitor, he would handle the costs for them.

It seemed a reasonable offer, so the party agreed. Later that night they would sneak into Shek-ma-shemak's warehouse and steal the cargo. Time permitting, they may deal with him, as well.
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Chapter 1: The Missing Wagon
As the wind died down, Sardis nodded to remove the blanket covering their small cave. Chiba pulled back the cover letting a mass of sand flow in. They had survived the sandstorm, but only barely. Tak took notice of their dwindling supplies adn suggested they make for Samarah with urgency. All agreed and Kalinth took up the lead.

Not too long after treking out across the stony barrens, they were set upon by a pack of vicious jhakar. The beasts surrounded them upon a small rocky mound and set to attacking. Kalinth and Chiba kept the beasts off Tak and Sardis long enough to beat the creatures into a forced retreat. The carcasses that remained were stripped of meat and bone before the party moved on. Tak took notice of the piercings in the jhakar heads, recognizing them as trained trackers.

The face only a mother could love.

Kalinth resumed his frenetic pace while Sardis kept an eye out for the supply wagon. The dray's continued focus would be disastrous, however. While traversing a precarious set of stones, a rumbling was felt. Instantly, the ground was torn asunder and the party found themselves falling into a deep crevasse. The quick thinking of Chiba and Sardis saved Kalinth, while Tak's natural skills at climbing kept him out of danger.

Deep in the crevasse, however, Chiba spotted some silky web on a cactus. It was the webbing of a silk wyrm, prized for their exquisite silk. The adults were highly sought after and worth a fortune. That was all he said before Kalinth and Tak slid down to capture the beast. So quickly did they descend, they did not hear Chiba describ the beast in detail. When it sprung from its' nest to protect its' young, they realized their folley.

We're gonna need a bigger sack.

The eight foot long wyrm lashed out with its' considerable psionic abilities, keeping the party off balance while it struck out at Tak, repeatedly. Kalinth tried to keep its' focus on him, but it was just too damn quick to lock down. When Tak finally succumbed to the poison Chiba ordered a retreat with Sardis covering the reear. Kalinth was the last to leave; his bloodlust refused to let him back down. Though back down he did, and not a moment too soon. Another strike from the wyrm would have surely killed him.

Once they were safely away from its' nest, the wyrm turned to see to its' young, and the party found a safe place to rest. Tak would survive, suffering some minor wounds and swelling, while Kalinth's pride would take longer to heal...
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