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Out of the Gray
Collectively, you can come up with a good approximation of the events that took place while in the Gray. When alone, however, your mind plays tricks on you. Sometimes you see shadows where there are none. When you gaze into a looking glass, it is a stranger who looks back at you.

Yet, you are out of the gray. Kalidnay is returned and the tree is safe, for now. The sorcerer-kings are aware of the emergence of a tree of life. Kalidnay is weak and full of immigrants with no knowledge of Athas. Regent Keflyn has requested you seek out and speak with the leader of Tyr and secure an alliance with the free City.
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Chapter 11: Harbek's Return
Harbek had returned. After escaping the temple of the preservers, he followed the kreen toward South Ledopolus. It was there they were ambushed by the 1st legion, commanded by Praetor Durok. They were forced to backtrack and by dumb luck crossed paths with the party.

Ignoring the obvious solution of fleeing, the party instead chose to infiltrate the 1st legion's camp to assassinate Durok, gather supplies, and do what they could to slow down the legion's advance. The kreen took Hargo, Malla, Kelek and Rhona on toward Celik, and the others prepared their assault.

Scar spent time practicing with her newfound blade; a weapon that Solaris was highly suspicious of. The others didn't seem to care much.

When night fell, the party made their advance. A quick assault on the legion's makeshift watchtower provided them with cloaks and gear to disguise themselve sas legionnaires. Once in the camp, they separated into three groups: Crusher and Solaris went to sabotage the slave tents; Scar and Harbek planned to free and spook the mounts and back beasts; Sanguine made for the Praetor's tent.

All went mostly according to plan. Scar and Harbek caused all manner of chaos with the stormlizards and trihorn behemoths--two of which they opted to keep as mounts for themselves-- while Crusher and Solaris set much of the camp ablaze in the night. Sanguine had succeeded in gaining entry to the tent, but unfortunately set off the templar's alarm spell. He smiled as he summoned his Shield Guardian -- a massive construct made of various furniture and armors laying about his tent.

The others could hear the magical alarm and made a strong push to aid their ally. Harbek and Scar used their mounts to break through much of the tent while Crusher and Solaris occupied the 1st Legion's Prelate, Lanius himself.

It was a mixed battle; while the party was doing well, Lanius and his vanguard were slowly gaining ground. It was only when Durok cast some sort of teleportation ritual that all hell broke loose. The tent erupted in flame and legion dragoons were swarming about the place. A few well-placed distractions later, and the party made their escape to one of the silt-skimmers. They quickly attached the behemoth to the skimmer and made for a ballsy escape. As they pushed away, they could see the destruction behind them. Tents caught afire, one of the skimmers toppled over. Storm lizards attacking all around them. It was pure pandemonium.

Below deck, the party found enough supplies to get the party to Celik with room to spare. It was refreshing to see a plan come together so nicely. A day later, the heroes regrouped with the kreen and their friends. Harbek bid farewell as he restarted the journey northward (or was it southeast?). With any luck, they'd cross paths again...

Until then, The heroes had more pressing matters. The legion would only be slowed for so long...
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Chapter 10: The Temple of Amut-Ka
The priest of Amut-Ka turned to address the heroes, "An age has passed since the awakening of Amut-Ka. With these two sacrifices, I shall bring forth my goddess and restore the green. You are welcome to witness her revival."

Anamis drew forth his blade as Crusher readied for a fight, "This ritual is nothing but defiling magic, friends. Save Rhona and Kelek! Let's burn this dead priest!"

As tired as they were, the party rallied to save their friends. Malla and Hargo kept the mummy slaves at bay while the others tried to break through the skeletal minotaurs and hellions. It was a bloody, vicious, and destructive battle. The heroes held their ground, but suffered grevious wounds before finally approaching the mummy lord. Anamis and Sanguine focused on the mummy while Solaris used his mastery of the way to disrupt the ritual. When he finally destroyed the link between Rhona, Kelek and Amut-Ka, the temple itself began to buckle and weaken. Summoning up what little strength they had left, the heroes grabbed up their fallen and forced their way out of the crumbling temple. Before they found the exit, however, the entire temple erupted in a deluge of sand.

When the dust settled in the wastelands, all was quiet. Pieces of kank and scorpion lay about the place. Littered on the ground were the spoiled remains of the heroes' supplies. As Crusher and Malla climbed out of the sand, they confirmed the fears that Anamis did not make it. Sandy pulled Solaris free, and the rest slowly drew themselves forth.

When Sanguine saw what became of her companion, she tried to turn him using her blood. repeatedly cutting herself and spilling blood into Anamis' mouth; it was all in vain. Malla simply embraced her friend as the others looked to find shade from the sun.

They were almost completely out of supplies and still in no condition to travel. Solaris set about making camp and the heroes opted to rest until everyone was able to get moving. Nearly two days were spent binding wounds and mending the weak. In that time, Crusher fashioned himself new armor from the remains of the scorpions, while Solaris worked with Malla to gather up what food and water they could find. What started with the heroes trying to determine when they would reach Tyr will now continue with them trying to determine if and who will reach the free city...
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Chapter 10: Beneath the Dust
After the narrow escape from Balic's 2nd legion, the party was dropped off at a small trading post on the southern edge of the Estuary. Believing that an ancient seed of life lay somewhere between there and the Southern Wastes, the party gathered what gear and information they could before heading out. Hargo and Malla elected to stay behind and work on getting supplies for their journey to Tyr.

The elf, Vulgar Rex, offered to be a guide for the party, as his knowledge of the wastes were extensive. Meanwhile, Crusher confirmed his thoughts that there were others looking for the seed. A Praetor from Balic was also scouring the region. With Rex's help, however, they were able to easily pass the Praetor and make their way to the location Nettle had discovered during a finding ritual.

Before they could find it, however, the party was ambushed by two haggard looking tembo; a rare occurrence to see more than one tembo in a region, save for their equally rare mating habits. However, these two were being attacked by the very air itself. A sizeable primal storm was keeping the beasts at bay, easily allowing the party to make short work of them. While the heroes fought on, Harbek communed with the primal spirits and discovered the location of the cave. Pulling up a capstone, the party found themselves in a cool and refreshing cavern covered in soft moss.

Inside the cavern was less refreshing. The original protectors of the seed had made pacts to guard the seed long after their death. All that remained were their angered spirits, ready to do battle against anything that entered. The party was more than a match for some old dead ghosts, however, and even the spectral kirre wanted nothing to do with Crusher after only a few moments. And so, the heroes continued on down into the ancient primal site.

As they descended, even more wondrous life was to be found. More and more plant life covered the walls and columns, while water freely dripped from the stalactites into impossibly fresh pools. It was there that the party encountered another group seeking the seed. Chao-ka, a thri-kreen desert talker was leading a band of thri-kreen zealots in search of the seed. They intended to protect if from those of the deep-death (defilers). Reluctantly, they did agree to work with the party, despite Pak'Cha's insistence that they should be torn apart and left to bake in the sun. Pak'Cha was clearly under some stress..

Finally, after further descent into another cavern, the Tree was found. Ancient and dying, it had enough life to produce one seed which hung from the tree, pulsing with primal energy. Before the seed could be reached, however, its caretaker, Avor Firesworn appeared. A defiled undead warrior of considerable skill, he was now a burning effigy of hatred. Summoning the last remains of his followers, Avor attacked. Weapons shattered against bone and flesh alike, and the battle appeared evenly pitched until Sanguine and Solaris unleashed their own powers. Avor was completely dominated, being forced into a flank with the entire party who made short work of the fiery fiend. With his death, the remaining undead fell, and the seed was theirs for the taking. Solaris found Avor's old circlet and claimed it for himself, while Pak'Cha discovered ancient elvish leg wrappings that would help increase his speed.

Following a short and revitalizing rest, Anamis sent forth one of his demon slaves to scout out their exit, confirming what he feared; the Praetor had arrived.

The decision was made to send Nettle and Rex with the Thri-Kreen away with the seed while the party held off the Praetor. It was a simple enough plan and it did ultimately work.

With the seed being spirited away, the heroes set to an insulting display of parlay only to discover that Praetor Durok was in no mood for shenanigans. The party was (expectedly) ambushed by Durok's goliath slaves and a fellow defiler. But it was the salt golem they feared the most.

Harbek, sensing that fear stepped forward and claimed the construct as his victory. It was less than amused (because golems are historically immune to amuse) and began hammering away at the dwarf. Meanwhile, Pak'Cha and Anamis set to killing the rank and file Goliath slaves, leaving Crusher and Sanguine to deal with the defiler and the heavier goliath enforcers. Solaris took stock of the area and tried to gain tactical control of the room, but the goliath slaves were too many. And behind the battle, Durok let loose a torrent of spells to hamper and damage the party. All was looking quite bleak.

Then Crusher took command of the goliaths while Sanguine feasted on those near her. Anamis summoned forth the tentacles of biblios, freeing Pak'Cha to aid Harbek against the golem. Unfortunately, Pak'Cha was blindsided by a goliath enforcer and blow after blow brought the mighty warrior to his knees. Pak'Cha spit in the face of the enforcer--one last act of defiance--before the heavy stone axe was embedded in his still-soft carapace. The "fist" was no more.

Harbek let out a howl of anger, lifting himself up despite repeated slams, and rallied the heroes together. The anger wasn't just his, though -- Solaris was channeling through the dwarf and shutting down his nerves to deaden the pain. He launched into a furious assault at the golem, breaking and cracking the giant's body with the awesome might of whelm. From behind him, however, the other defiler rose to strike, narrowly missing Harbek, but catching Sanguine square in the chest with a lightning flurry. Crusher was quick to answer, and called upon his eternal flame and burned the defiler to a crisp.

Durok could feel the winds change against him and made for the exit; a move that caused the remaining goliath's to surrender. The Golem had no concept of mercy or surrender, and it kept attacking. Harbek sacrificed his body to ensure the creature's attack stayed focused solely on himself. And finally, after what seemed like an age, whelm struck true, causing the golem to shatter across the ground.

Sanguine rushed out of the cave to find Durok making a hasty exit with his Kank. She could also see inix calmly striding toward her. Back in the cave, Crusher and Harbek were standing over their fallen comrade. The fool gave more than he had to keep his clutch safe... Or so they thought. Anamis was certain he could heal the wound. After all, Pak'Cha was only "mostly dead". It was going to take some time, though, and time was something the party was lacking in.

And so it was decided. Harbek would set out ahead and help guide the seed to Ka-la-tak where it would be safe from the sorcerer-kings. They each said their goodbyes, wondering if they'd ever see the world's tallest and fastest dwarf again.

Both session 34 & 35 are compiled here.

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Chapter 9: The Ivory Dungeon

With Pak'Cha having distracted the guards, the heroes made their way into the inner court of the White Palace. Surprising them all, Solaris' bonding with the athame took them into a dining hall. Obviously not a normal place to find a secret dungeon.

The entrance was hidden beneath the marble table; and what a magnificent mechanical masterpiece it was! As the mosaic shifted into a spiral staircase, the party made their way down into the Ivory Dungeon.

Once in, they set about to finding Hargo and anyone else that might be worth rescuing. After a nasty battle against the dungeon guards--a group of flameskulls, hulking zombies and iron cobras-- the party found Hargo. They figured out how to pick the locks and then located the veiled alliance member. Gendra was her name.

The old alliance member begged to be killed, however, rather than saved. Her death would trigger a magical warning to other veiled alliance leaders. The party refused the kill order and grabbed a few other prisoners; most notably Harbeks old mentor, Nettle and a foul-mouthed elf named "Vulgar" Rex.

As they made their way out of the dungeon, Sanguine heard approaching guards and the party was barely able to hide before crossing paths with none other than Androponis himself! Once he was debriefed by the palace Praetor, the hall was emptied and the heroes once again made their escape.

"Vulgar" Rex suggested the party disguise themselves as Legion guards to make their escape easier. Conveniently, there was a nearby barracks empty of soldiers. While the party changed, Gendra once again pleaded to die. Solaris handed over his carrikal and allowed her the honor of killing herself. Before she died, Gendra tasked the party with locating alliance members in Tyr.

Getting out of the Palace proved to be easy with Crusher in uniform. No soldier was brave enough to question his orders. Anamis magically sealed the gates behind them and they prepared to flee. Unfortunately, they had one final obstacle; Darian Haraxes.

Across the cobblestone road stood Praetor Haraxes, his Justicator braxat, and roughly three hundred of the 1st Legion, including Prelate Lanius. Haraxes ordered the Legion to attack, but Lanius would not acquiesce. He simply stated that he'd always wanted front row seats to one of Crusher's matches. The heroes breathed a sigh of relief as Harbek shouted and charged the Praetor.

It was over in an instant. Magic and psionics clashed while weapons broke and rang out. The 1st Legion stood silently amidst the chaos. Crusher and Solaris focused on Haraxes, while Harbek and Malla kept the braxat off-balance. Anamis drew forth his hellish powers and brought low all of Haraxes' personal headhunters, while landing the killing blow against the praetor. Sanguine was a whirl of blood and shadow, striking at any enemy within her reach.

As soon as Haraxes fell dead, the braxat's mind was free from its prison. The giant beast howled in rage, then fell silent as three hundred spears found their mark. Prelate Lanius nodded to the heroes and took Hargo's athame from Solaris. he placed the sword in Haraxes hand and plunged his own spatha into the Praetor's lifeless body, "It appears we have apprehended the traitor."

Nothing else needed saying. The party made their way to Kaylen's skimmer and off into the estuary they went. Unfortunately, there were three interceptors hot on their tail. "Second Legion skimmers! They're none too happy about us leaving port without saying goodbye!" shouted the captain...
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Chapter 8: Tlacaelel's Prison
The imp Anamis summoned was helpful in mapping out the halls for them, but limited in usefulness since it could not open doors. It did, however, provide them with the most likely path out of the temple, though there were still obstacles to overcome...

One of which was a pelota game. The ancient worshippers of this temple must have participated in the game as part of a ritual, and the game itself was animated. When Crusher lifted the strange ball, it came to life and began moving for it's scoring sphere. naturally, the party wasn't about to lose a game, and quickly set about forcing it through their sphere. As it turns out, what they lack in overall combat effectiveness, they make up in pelota teamwork.

With the game ended, the ball vanished and the party continued on their trek. Coming to a large pentagonal room, the party found an ancient calendar of some sort with a hidden passageway behind it. Inside, they broke a seal and entered what appeared to be a model city of some sort, likely similar to what was above them now. In the center was a sarcophagus that opened upon their entering. Sanguine did her best to fool the creature into believing she was Tlocas Popolacas, the vampire they encountered previously, but Anamis' interference made the vampire lord suspicious. He summoned his wight servants and the battle was joined.

The fight would have been easy were it not for the weapon the vampire, Tlacaelel, wielded. A warhammer of dwarven make, exuded power. A constant humming could be heard throughout the chamber, which exploded with a thunderous clap when it struck its target. The combined might of the party was able to overcome Tlacaelel, however, and Sanguine made no plea for his life, this time.

Harbek took up the hammer, which seemed to accept him warmly. The hammer had been asleep for too long. It needed to continue it's reason for existence... eradicating giants.

After a brief rest the party continued their search for an exit. They happened upon what appeared to be a teleportation circle. They could not tell where the portal went, but figured it must likely be a way out. The heroes cautiously agreed to go through, with Crusher giving Anamis a very clear promise of pain if things went badly.

Pak'Cha exited first, finding himself in a familiar room; one with frescos depicting war and the building of a temple. The air was once again burning his tracheal system. They were back in the lower halls. Anamis tried to revert the portal, but it appeared to be a one-way circle. They would have to try and retrace their steps, again...
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Chapter 7: The Eye of the....Nope, too easy

Yep, and it was awesome.
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Chapter 6: Battle at Blackroc
The heroes rushed off the skimmer to join the battle, but were surprised to see a number of humans fighting alongside the minotaurs. Skull Wearer was not known for working with humans. That fact didn't seem to stop the crazed cultists, though, and it was not an important discovery at this time.

Once the battle was joined, the heroes were able to assess the situation -- Skull Wearer had already breached the keep and most of the soldiers were forced to make a fighting retreat. The beast giant just stood atop the tower watching his handiwork. The commander in charge of the Balican troops, however, was fighting like mad to regain a foothold on the isle. Solaris was shocked to see that the commander was none other than Prelate Brinna, the guard captain he'd met in Balic!

As the heroes reunited the soldiers and began a counter assault, more creatures appeared to challenge them; this time, it was a pack of rabid demon hounds swarming over the keep and charging the front lines.

Between minotaurs, cultists, and demons, the fight was considerably stacked against them, and that was before the cultist leaders arrived, lobbing defiling magic and corrupting those around them. It was then that Anamis recognized the demons as summoned creatures and that a portal must be open somewhere in the keep. He and Sanguine split off to find the culprits.

Meanwhile, Crusher, Pak'Cha, Harbek and Solaris continued to aid Brinna in pushing through the keep, though they struggled against the more savage and brutish minotaurs blocking their way.

Atop the keep, Anamis and Sanguine did confirm a ritual was being performed to open a portal to the Abyss. Sanguine attempted to stop the ritual, but a flame demon set her on fire, forcing the vampire to make a rash decision and leap off the bridge into the silt below, thereby snuffing out the fire.

Thus entered the Skull Wearer into battle. The heroes had taken notice that the minotaurs were acting strange, and the Skull Wearer was no different. His dead stare proved to Anamis that the beast giant was under domination by the cultists. He and Harbek turned their attention toward the cultists, while Crusher kept the legendary giant busy.

The cultist leader, Erzoun, was formidable, and killing him was the only way to break the mind control of Skull Wearer. After a few parry's with the wizard, Anamis threw caution to the wind and just kicked the bastard off the top of the tower. A forty foot fall into the estuary was much easier than comparing knowledge and skill of the arcane.

Whatever the cultists were trying to summon was still trapped, though it weighed on Anamis' mind -- How did Biblios know of this other demon? What was their connection?

With him dead and the other cultists losing their concentration on the ritual, the day was won. Skull Wearer shook free of the domination before Crusher could finish choking him out and, though he was not friendly, he was at least grateful for being freed of the cultist's control. The Balican soldiers, on the other hand, were ecstatic at being aided in the battle.

The wine was brought up from storage and the medics set to binding wounds and setting bones. A detail was sent out to burn the dead, and rest was on everyone's mind.
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Chapter 4: The Lost Cistern
The kestrekel found the party to be quite indigestible and scattered into the winds while Crusher, well, he crushed the alpha's windpipe. A contingent of the 1st legion arrived to finish off the flock and burn the remaining spider cacti before addressing the heroes. Prelate Lanius was awestruck in meeting the famous Crusher, and the legion provided escort to the great city of Balic.

Once there, Malla was able to track down Hargo's contact and with Varis' help, they narrowed down the most likely location of the cistern. Shortly after the contact left, Varis heard a commotion outside the inn and rushed to investigate. He arrived too late, only finding the contact bleeding out on the ground and Aravek's journal missing.

The party agreed with Sanguine's suggestion to head out that evening, a well-thought plan. Under cover of darkness, they were able to avoid the natural dangers of Athas' heat, while also slipping by some roadside bandits looking for a mark.

Early the next morning they had found the small valley hiding the lost cistern. Vegetation grew wildly about the area, and a strong musty humidity was thick in the air. Inside the cave that made up much of the wind-trap were a group of gith--tall emaciated humanoids--relaxing and enjoying a drink of water. Varis startled them, causing the leader to spring into action. The gith were unprepared, however, and were soundly beaten by the heroes.

"Join the army" they said! "See the worlds", they said! I'd rather be plane sailing.

Before they dropped into the cistern, Varis suggested they keep an eye out for their would-be pursuers. Sure enough, after about an hour of watching, they spotted a group of soldier-slaves entering the valley. The heroes set an ambush when Varis confirmed the leader was a Templar, likely from Urik.

When the party struck, they did so with deft precision. the dwarf conscripts were separated from the rest of the party while Crusher and Sanguine focused on the Templar and his bodyguard. While drawing forth his short sword, the illusion faded showing a gleaming steel blade, forcing a shriek of terror and hatred out of Anukim, the Templar. Recognizing the blade, Anukim sent his gladiator to claim it, but Sanguine tore the man to pieces. In mere moments, the valley fell silent once more.

Beaten and tired, the heroes descended into the cavern to confirm the cistern's existence and stake their claim. Unfortunately, as Malla would soon say, they were not alone. A tembo had taken up residence in the cave, and it was not interested in moving. It appeared to Solaris that the creature may have been smiling when it saw the party, a fact that did little to calm the party's nerves.

F*#@ that kitty!

The beast lunged into battle, moving lightning fast and striking at the heroes multiple times in rapid succession. An aberrant beast of pure evil, it took everything the heroes had to overcome this foe. In the end they stood victorious over the beast's carcass, though Harbek and Solaris would carry wounds that would not heal for some time.

With the cistern now captured and contracts signed, all was done. Hargo met the party in Balic with a big smile and heavy purse. He would remain in Balic for a few weeks to handle more of the business and requested the aid of Malla, Harbek, and Anamis. Crusher, Sanguine, Solaris and Varis were to head back to the Dusty Jewel and handle things in his absence. Things were finally looking up for the party...
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Epic × 2!
Chapter 3: Sometimes an Id fiend is just an Id fiend
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Chapter 2: Tango Papa Kilo
The party watched in fascination as water itself seemed to come to life and mix itself with the dirt of the embankment of the river and form into mud creatures followed by the sudden appearance of two seemingly living water spouts, As they advanced they seemingly muttered one word... Defiler. Sardis quickly realized that despite him being an active preserver, they believed his use of the arcane made him a defiler and that they likely were there to protect the water from any who might corrupt it. Quickly the party set up a defensive stance while the elementals began their advance. It was then that Sardis noticed a beacon near them seemingly set off to the side that he was able to recognize as a source of power made bound with powerful blood magic.... defiling magic. Kalinth and the others quickly began to reason with the elementals trying to convince them of Sardis's preserving nature and that they meant no harm. The elementals however seemed less then completely convinced and mentioned worry of a master coming and that they would be punished for not defending the area. Sardis and Kalinth quickly set upon the same idea, that the power source nearby was likely binding these elementals and that its end might free the elementals and show their true nature, however lashing out with spell and axe did little except cause a backlash of energy that hurt everyone. The energy seemingly cracked and destroyed the shells of the mud men returning them to the river but the elemental spouts preserved. Sardis surmised that more than physical effort and simple spell would be necessary to destroy the power sources and prepared to try to unbind the blood magic itself holding it together. Just as sardis set out to do this however the elementals warned that their master had come, No sooner had the warning been given then a large black serpent reared up from the river and began to assault the party.The beast quickly unleashed its defiling energies and weakened much of the party. Kalinth and Chiba quickly moved to engage the creature while Sardis began to draw the essence of the binding magic on the beacon into himself, gasping as the defiling magic caused his veins to notably blacken with corruption. Sardis however was able to persevere through the pain and with a flash the beacon suddenly was no more. The elementals, having witnessed Sardis's actions, quickly moved to try and offer what aid they could to the rest of the party.

The battle was hard fought on both sides, Chiba using his athletic skills to fight the creature from within the water itself while Kalinth held its attention on the bank of the river via his psionic capabilities. Sardis, Tak and Torrim all used their strengths and brought to bear their most potent abilities and for a time it seemed like the party would be successful in their endeavor until the beast enraged. With its newfound strength born of fury the serpent lashed out and started to quickly tax the parties limits. Torrim and Sardis soon found themselves incapacitated by the poisonous venom of the serpent, Kalinth, roaring with fury of his own, lashed out with a tremendous blow which seemed to stagger the serpent for but a moment before it struck back at him and knocked him to his knees. As Kalinth started to lose consciousness he saw the creature turn towards Chiba and Tak with Tak roaring a challenge and throwing a spear into the creature's neck. The last thing he saw was the tail of the beast rise up and come down upon him with crushing force. As the tail came back Chiba saw Kalinth's broken and lifeless body, the dray's blue eyes suddenly black and devoid of color and knew his comrade had fallen. With a howl he charged the beast seeking to bring it down but the serpents fury was not yet over, wish a sudden flash it grabbed Chiba in its mouth and dashed him to the ground knocking the barbarian out cold. Tak watched as serpent seemingly surveyed its surroundings before setting its eyes on him. It slowly drew itself up out of the river and began its advance upon him. Tak looked briefly at his fallen comrades and then the entrance of the cavern and the idea of escape briefly touched his mind before the notion was completely and utterly destroyed by his conviction to either save his still living comrades or be lying beside them, true brothers in death. With a roar Tak drew his sword and planted his feet as the serpent loomed over him.

Hargo Vole looked up from his ledgers as Malla entered his quarters immediately surmising from her body language and scowl that good news was not in the evening's agenda. "Any news?" he asked before returning his attention to his books. Malla looked at the floor for a moment before looking towards Vole and replied "None. The slaves have seen no sign of further Kruthik infestation.... Or of the group sent to dispatch them. The slave that went down the hole on the rope saw no one in the room at the bottom... or any signs that the sand that has blown down it has been recently disturbed." Hargo stopped writing in his ledgers and let out a sigh. "It has been almost a week since they went down that blasted hole. I cannot think of any reason for them to not have returned by now save death. I was reluctant to order a slave down that hole but I had to be sure before it was sealed that they weren't at the bottom of that rope simply hoping we might check for them. That there has been no disturbances in the sand or any incidents up here on the surface means though they likely succeeded in eliminating the threat the kruthik pose, losing their lives in the process." Hargo rose and picked out a ledger relating to personnel from a shelf in his quarters and placed it lightly on his table. "Give the order for the tunnel to be sealed. Ensure that it is sealed both properly and thoroughly. Have their quarters vacated and their supplies, possessions go to our warehouse for trade." Malla nodded and looked for a moment as though she might have something to say before simply turning and leaving the room to see Hargo's orders carried out. Hargo watched as Malla left wondering if perhaps she had considered briefly seeking permission to try and locate those that had saved her life not so long ago, or if perhaps she had just thought better of asking his opinion on a trivial matter. He then sat down and opened the ledger and lined out the names Tak, Sardis, Torrin, Chiba and Kalinth before closing it and sitting back in his chair, waiting for the new challenges to come.
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