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Bloodsworn III
The shouting around Harbek, faded away as he focused his attention on Nettle. It had been a long time since he had seen his mentor, never looking like this...

In Nettle's prime, he was full of energy and spirit. It was part of his training. He would tell all of his students that strengthening nature would strengthen one's own body and mind. Rejuvenate the spirit and rewarded with energy. Expend the energy in defense of nature, preserving it. It was a cycle, like any other in nature. "That is the beauty of nature." Nettle would say, "It can continue to grow, no matter the condition it's in. It will always find a way! It can rebuild itself from practically nothing, or sustain itself on scales we may never fully understand."

On the boat, Harbek stared at Nettle, taken back by what he saw. Nettle was a strong shaman. He lived as he preached. Harbek couldn't imagine what it took to weaken Nettle so. Symbiosis was one of Nettle's favorite subjects. He always reminded us that we could depend on each other as much as we depended on the primal spirit. "It is natural to take from your surroundings. Plants take in sun and water. Predators take the lives of other animals. Never too much. Only what they need!"

Harbek was breathing deeply, grimacing as he did, as if smelling the corruption on Nettle. "Whatever they did to you, it was too much! They went too far. I'm here for you now. As you shared with me, I will do the same with you. My Font of Life will let you regain some spirit! We could use your help."

Nettle's eyes began to clear. Harbek picked him up and leaned him against the mast of the boat, bringing a waterskin to his lips. "I need you to do something. You always used to trick the new trainees with your wind. Remember?" Nettle's head turned to look at Harbek. "You would tell them some fancy story about learning patience. Waiting for some plant to grow or the wind to come. Do you remember that?" Nettle nodded, wearily. "Good!! I need you to give our sails some wind! We need to get you out of here. I need your help, finding something. You still have contacts, I'm sure of it, but get us out of here!!"

Nettle, helped up by Harbek, takes hold of the mast and began his familiar deep humming. Harbek shouted "That's it!! You got it old friend!" A wind swept up, filling the sails, giving a surge of energy to the boat. Nettle, stumbled back down, next to the mast with a smile, "I still got it. Now get to it, stop staring at me, you always forgot how awkward it was to be stared at by a giant dwarf..."
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Bloodsworn II
Harbek didn't know what lie beyond the veil of the defilers. Their tangible magic, but also their soul, remained a mystery. It didn't matter to Harbek, one way or the other. His intent was clear. And end. An end to the misery and suffering of both innocents and fools alike. He had been too slow in getting to them, and in the process, allowed it to continue for too long. It's as if he had forgotten what it was first like to fight this war.


Harbek was dumping a bucket-full of coal on the loading platform, when he first saw him. The cackle emanated from beneath a dark hood. The air felt like it thickened for a moment before the burst of ethereal energy. The summoner's allies cried out. Some look surprised, others even had rage in their eyes for the scrawny sorcerer. It didn't matter, the deed was done.

The tar moved, not gushed. In awe of such a rare sight, the real threat was unexpected. Panic took over at first, before the value of their own lives were realized to them. Picks, shovels and pry bars were tools of the trade.

Harbek grabbed a hatchet from the chopping block. Pulling the ropes on the bucket taught, he jumped at the demon-spawn. Side by side with friends he fought. Confidence welled up in the pack of dwarfs fighting with Harbek. The demon was losing size every moment. More so with the fire from the arrow, an not fired from one of the guards. The murderous minion's munition set the dwarfs ablaze too. The coal-rich dust did little to end their agony. Harbek charged the archer, shoving him down into the pit. He looked up to catch the summoner walking out of sight, and started his ascent to find him.


These demons were already ablaze. Harbek pushed with all his might to make room. He would not let himself be distracted by these scorching spawns. His reason for being up here lie ahead. Anamis was already invested, and Harbek couldn't aid. His training was failing him, but his memories were returning to him.

"NOT NOW. NOT EVER." he screamed. Ignoring the last evil ember, he dove through the veil. Summoning all his strength, he knew what was needed. "My life to end yours! Never return to this land..." The essence of the land empowered Harbek to focus his lifespirit into the portal. The beastly being caught sight of Harbek's broken smile, as the portal closed. Remaining motionless as the giant approached to investigate, Harbek savored this victory.
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Epic × 2!
A grin began to reveal itself on Harbek's face. Missing a couple teeth and a chipped tooth never helped in his attempts to make friends or socialize. The confidence in himself seemed foolish and misplaced, leading the casual observer to believe him to have been a lucky dwarf. Harbek scanned the room, taking note of friend and foe. His comrades were beaten and bloody, just as this fight was about to break out. Their foes stood strong with swords that carried an energy along the blade. Harbek wasn't one to back down.


Silt clung to the wheels of the cart. It moved slowly along the road, surrounded by sandy dunes. The driver kept his head low, using his wide-brimmed hat to shield himself from the sun. The back was covered, and in it were two individuals conversing with one another. Both were of average height, a half-elf and a dwarf. The dwarf was young, not quite having reached maturity yet, but a thick back from years of labor.

Nettle "Events like these are becoming more common. It has nothing to do with you, your family or friends."

Harbek "That so? Don't make sense otherwise. What's he get out of the mine with no workers? You think he was hired by Klag, so he can get the business all to himself?"

Nettle "Klag's not doing too well, he's dead. We passed through a couple of his mines, on our way through. Whoever did this doesn't think like you or me. Just a killer I suppose."

Harbek picks at a scab on his forearm, one that's not quite ready to come off "Killer, huh? He was more than that, like he was spawned to kill. Spawned to spawn little killers to do his work, but tell me what you know about these kind of killers." The scrape on his arm began seeping blood again. Harbek lifted his arm to his mouth.

Nettle "I know a lot about people like this Harbek I used to hunt them. You're not the first to land in a situation like this. You won't be the last. Now I'm too busy to go after them myself, but I pass on what I know. If you stay with me, you have to stay full four years, understand?"

Harbek "Yeah, not like I have much else going on in my life right now! Hahaha!!" A full smile emerged from his chapped lips.


Harbek continued smiling, while sheathing his axe. "I met a man by the name of Nettle years back. I think he was like you folks. He taught a lot about how to live my life. He also told me about defilers. He showed me how to use the primal energies to fight. He was a strong shaman. So let's talk about what we know before we get hasty. I'd hate to have to keep my oath and cut you down at the same time. That is, I think we're after the same thing here."
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