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Chapter 9: Drej Raiders
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Chapter 6: Battle at Blackroc
The heroes rushed off the skimmer to join the battle, but were surprised to see a number of humans fighting alongside the minotaurs. Skull Wearer was not known for working with humans. That fact didn't seem to stop the crazed cultists, though, and it was not an important discovery at this time.

Once the battle was joined, the heroes were able to assess the situation -- Skull Wearer had already breached the keep and most of the soldiers were forced to make a fighting retreat. The beast giant just stood atop the tower watching his handiwork. The commander in charge of the Balican troops, however, was fighting like mad to regain a foothold on the isle. Solaris was shocked to see that the commander was none other than Prelate Brinna, the guard captain he'd met in Balic!

As the heroes reunited the soldiers and began a counter assault, more creatures appeared to challenge them; this time, it was a pack of rabid demon hounds swarming over the keep and charging the front lines.

Between minotaurs, cultists, and demons, the fight was considerably stacked against them, and that was before the cultist leaders arrived, lobbing defiling magic and corrupting those around them. It was then that Anamis recognized the demons as summoned creatures and that a portal must be open somewhere in the keep. He and Sanguine split off to find the culprits.

Meanwhile, Crusher, Pak'Cha, Harbek and Solaris continued to aid Brinna in pushing through the keep, though they struggled against the more savage and brutish minotaurs blocking their way.

Atop the keep, Anamis and Sanguine did confirm a ritual was being performed to open a portal to the Abyss. Sanguine attempted to stop the ritual, but a flame demon set her on fire, forcing the vampire to make a rash decision and leap off the bridge into the silt below, thereby snuffing out the fire.

Thus entered the Skull Wearer into battle. The heroes had taken notice that the minotaurs were acting strange, and the Skull Wearer was no different. His dead stare proved to Anamis that the beast giant was under domination by the cultists. He and Harbek turned their attention toward the cultists, while Crusher kept the legendary giant busy.

The cultist leader, Erzoun, was formidable, and killing him was the only way to break the mind control of Skull Wearer. After a few parry's with the wizard, Anamis threw caution to the wind and just kicked the bastard off the top of the tower. A forty foot fall into the estuary was much easier than comparing knowledge and skill of the arcane.

Whatever the cultists were trying to summon was still trapped, though it weighed on Anamis' mind -- How did Biblios know of this other demon? What was their connection?

With him dead and the other cultists losing their concentration on the ritual, the day was won. Skull Wearer shook free of the domination before Crusher could finish choking him out and, though he was not friendly, he was at least grateful for being freed of the cultist's control. The Balican soldiers, on the other hand, were ecstatic at being aided in the battle.

The wine was brought up from storage and the medics set to binding wounds and setting bones. A detail was sent out to burn the dead, and rest was on everyone's mind.
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A history of blood and violence
Journal entry, dragon's palate

We've been following an escort group for three days now. They've got our quarry, a defiler, named chandra. She defiles to gain power, a thirst that is not easily quenched after prolonged use. Chandra has some information on defilers that have their corrupting veins in the local municipalities south of the mekillot mountains.

We numbered more than half a dozen. Four of us had been recruited by nettle, the others were from a separate cell, local to the area. They were also our guides. They had come upon the same network of defilers on their own. Marten was leading our group, one of the locals. He was a strong leader, keeping the group moving at a quick pace, while conserving our energy.

Chandra was being escorted to a meeting between a governor and herself representing the interests of an unknown party, an individual whose identity we're hoping Chandra will give up. I don't expect her to go easy, but no matter how long it takes, we'll bleed her of everything she knows. This may be the way into the network I've been looking for. The sporadic attacks on mining facilities lead to little information, only that a single owner came in and invested to rebuild. He now owns a large majority of the facilities in the mekillot mountain area.

The trail has brought us to blackroc fort, an outpost dedicated to being a buffer against raiders and pirates. The sergeant on watch was able to tell us about Chandra's quick stop. Purchasing some supplies and asking around about local events, she made her way out of the fort before mid day. We got a direction from the sargeant and picked up her group's tracks.

We followed the group until dusk came upon us. Keeping a watch on their rest site, we kept our fire low and well concealed by a barrier. Both parties had made their camp sites along the coast. I took second watch, and it was right before my watch ended, that the commotion started. I raised Marten and the others. We heard the screaming and shouting, then saw the outlines.

A large being lumbered around their site, accompanied by a fairly large group of medium sized bipedal beings. The lumbering giant bellowed, and it wasn't until then that Marten ordered our fire to be put out. We waited until dawn, concealing ourselves as best we could. Once clear, we proceeded to investigate the camp site. What was left was an indescribable sight of carnage. The memory of Chandra's body missing her head, I will never forget. It looked like the skin around her neck and shoulders had been stretched and scraped. Marten said her head had been taken by the giant. And With it, my chance.
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