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Tyr City Shuffle
During the flight away from the second legion Anamis stayed comfortably tucked away below deck. He knew his companions would be able to handle the situation above deck, so he stayed out of sight prepping for the binding ritual.

He found a secluded chamber well away from the crew and his companions, a place he knew no one would disturb him. A room guaranteed to have only solitude in these trying moments, a place perfect for an abyssal ritual. The captains quarters.

Kaylen’s room was well furnished for a trading vessel. Ornate and decorative rugs covered the hard wood planks of this room, embroiled chests laid snug against the wall, and a lavish looking bed took up the west corner of the room. It became quickly apparent to Anamis that Kaylen was saving for more than a silty day. Her ship was in tatters, yet her personal cabin was rich with possessions.

Anamis strolled causally to her night stand and slowly opened the drawer. He took only a moment to glance over Kaylen’s items before finding the object he desired. He selected a bone white comb that resembled a rather large tooth. The item was deeply engraved in a language he did not understand. The comb itself must have been from another age because the craftsmanship was flawless. The artisan who crafted this piece had somehow managed to engrave each segment of the comb. After examining it for a few moments he tucked it away with a satisfied smile.

Anamis knew she would notice this, but he cared little. It was a statement. One he hoped she would respond to, for better or worse. In place of the comb he laid his Red Blades broach, with a small letter reading: Kaylen , hope we meet again soon, I’ll leave you something to remember me by.

Anamis then removed the ornate rug covering the center of the captain’s chambers and began drawing the symbols of binding. Placing his new pact weapon in the center of the circle he drew forth a dagger, and sliced open the blackened veins of his right hand. He sloshed the corrupted blood over the runes then littered the ground with his remaining wealth. With blood and greed in the air, Heraxis’s devil could not resist the summons and came all too eagerly.

As the dark devil came forth, the symbols of the binding ritual began to brighten. The blood that had soaked into the floor boards began to simmer and the runes flared as bright as the desert sun. Black ichor bled and boiled from the ritual, evaporating and separating into thousands of tiny black threads that began encircling the newly summoned devil. Anamis’s guest was caught completely unaware as the black ropes enveloped him. This Devil had come forth hastily, expecting a deal with a new human, yet there were no bargains made in this ritual, only subjugation.

Anamis stood before the broken devil towering above his weakened form. “I know your Name Gilgamesh, and your power is now mine. Bilblios and I have consumed your essence and you now belong to me. If you serve me well I may let you grow in power. Annoy me and I will torment you for as long as I live.”

With a nod Gilgamesh complied, whispering curses under his breath.

Anamis grinned to himself, while listening to the laughter of Biblios in his mind. Now all he had left to do was clean up his mess…
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