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Chapter 4: Double, Triple, Quadruple-Crossed!
Crusher continued to make his way through the back alleys of North Ledopolus with the young woman over his shoulder. She was still unconscious and Praetor Sarhan's guards were closing fast. Before the guards reached him, however, both were quickly dispatched; one by Sanguine and the other by a small scarred dwarf. "Old Bazraag? I heard you moved to Ledopolus", laughed Crusher. Though enemies in the pits, the dwarf known as Old Bazraag had always admired the young warrior's gumption, and never cared much for the Praetors. "I figured you could use some help after the mess you got in. Follow me, I'll take ya to my bar."

Meanwhile, Harbek was busy looking for the rest of the party when he found a large group of guards decending upon Solaris. The ardent was brought low by a well-placed sling bullet and there were too many guards for Harbek to handle. Rounding a corner as he made his escape, the warden came face to face with a pale devil. "Anamis Black, at your service. My employer has an offer for you and your friends. Come with me. I'll handle the guards behind you." With that, he drew forth a sword from inside his hand and cut down the guards.

Of course you can trust me! Why do you ask?

Back at the skiff, Varis and Nowain were busy keeping their story straight, while working out a plan to get the rest of the party out of the city. He saw Crusher slip into that dwarven bar...

Kaina, as she would call herself, was greatful for her rescue. She was working against Praetor Sarhan, believing him to be a villain, and had uncovered a plot to bankrupt the city and place it under Balican control. Before she could get the documents in the hands of her alliance friends. She needed their help to finish the job. Thankfully, Harbek arrived with the backing they needed.

After a discussion with Shek-mo-Garmin, Anamus' employer, they were off to the earth temple with Kaina in tow. Before they could retrieve the documents and make their exit, however, The Shek's enforcers arrived.

No double-cross here..nope, none at all...

Kelson demanded they hand over the girl and the documents before things got dirty, but Anamus was having none of that. The party held their ground long enough for Kaina to get the documents and make her escape, but they were sorely beaten. With both the Shek and Sarhan looking for them, they had few options to take. Fortunately, Sanguine knew of a dwarf who owed Hargo Vole some favors.

Gallyk was as drunk as he was honorable, ensuring they'd be safe, provided he didn't rat them out or set the warehouse on fire. They would find little rest, however, as town criers reported of Solaris' imminent death at Sarhan's compound. They knew a frontal attack on one of Balic's Praetors was suicide, so they turned to the only help they could.
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