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50-51 - the road to Tyr
Apparently lost the other updates, so a quick one here.

After escaping the gray, the party headed north to secure an alliance with Tyr, seeing as the people of Kalidnay are in desperate need of friends

A short stop witan sandbride and the party made friends with Dalton, a merchant from Altaruk.

Arriving at Tyr, it was apparent that gaining entrance would me nearly impossible due to the sheer magnitude of refugees outside the city. Instead, the party made a deal with house Wavir to enact revenge upon the Black Sands for killing family members.

That proved to be more difficult than gaining entry into Tyr. Zeburon was well guarded, and not the least bit concerned with an attempt on his life. Instead, he made a counter offer on house Wavir. All accepted, save Solaris. The battlemind was left behind to suffer the imagination of Zeburon.
Session: Session 51 - Sunday, Apr 06 2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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When one door opens, you gotta find a window...
These idiotic louts think that they can brow beat me into working for them. Or with them. Ha. Idiots don't even know what Immortal means... They probably all think that by destroying a things body that it all is okay. No concept of power. No idea of their own limitations and weaknesses.

A gesture, and a spell brings into being a scroll of paper briefly engulfed by flames. A second such gesture creates a pen, that shimmers softly before going dull in the weak light within the room.

The little imp brandishes the pen, flicking it deftly to apply his mark on the contract floating before him- a standard mercenary contract that stipulates what is expected of him, and what he can expect in return for his efforts. Tossing the paperwork down before the massive goliath woman, the little imp draws himself up to his full eleven inch height, and tosses the pen down onto the paper before her, a wicked grin crossing his tiny features.

"Sign it, and we can get to work making sure no one takes anything from us ever again" he barks out in a slithering squeak.

Sign it, and I'll use you to make certain I can never be summoned to this wasteland again. So troublesome, and irritating. Not even any power here...

"Hey, DWARF! I have an idea... if we worked some spells into the tree, that would disrupt magic, we could let the tree protect itself from anyone trying to use it to defile... including us! Do you think we could do that? The Principle is sound, Arcanely speaking, but I'm not sure if the Tree could handle it."
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Out of the Gray
Collectively, you can come up with a good approximation of the events that took place while in the Gray. When alone, however, your mind plays tricks on you. Sometimes you see shadows where there are none. When you gaze into a looking glass, it is a stranger who looks back at you.

Yet, you are out of the gray. Kalidnay is returned and the tree is safe, for now. The sorcerer-kings are aware of the emergence of a tree of life. Kalidnay is weak and full of immigrants with no knowledge of Athas. Regent Keflyn has requested you seek out and speak with the leader of Tyr and secure an alliance with the free City.
Session: Game Session 49 - Sunday, Mar 16 2014 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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It could be worse... Probably...
An uneasy night's rest is greeted with a mid morning fight that went very well. A couple of horrible mind numbing beasts with strange...feet claw things and a couple of terrible spirits. A couple of nice soft squishies rounded out the complement that were handily rounded up. (With only a short period of lost time for Pak'cha.)

The day wore on with the wagons coming just about on time. The pillar was knocked over with ease to block the path that the wagons could have taken, diverting them to a single path. The attack started off wonderfully, Harbek going to work on the caravan guards. Pak'cha leapt from the top of the tower, and unleashed a quick torrent of power, his every motion bringing pain, and death as everyone leaps into action.

Pak'cha moved into the cart, aiming to finish this fight by kicking everyone else out of the cart, and dumping them onto the ground by the feral Sanguine. That plan was cut short when the Captain of wagon train simply refused to be moved, despite every perfect technique thrown at him. A series of quick strikes by the Captain and the female beside him left Pak'cha falling... only to awaken in a barrel.

A few words from Crusher keep the lanky bug from exploding from the tiny wooden prison, though the stink of the fluid within the barrel can be felt soaking into his shell, shifting it's color to a deep rusty red.

A lifetime later, the barrel opens, and Pak'cha climbs out. A pair of robes later, they move the the big building, to the shadows of a garden where a couple guards are standing around a table where a smallish female is eating. Sanguine moves out to talk to the woman. a short time later, after Sanguine makes it clear that she and her friends mean no harm, Pak'cha moves out, hands held up in a gesture of non-violence. A few demonic things later and one clearly insane lady later, Pak'cha feels his fists closing as he settles into a quick stance, his vision widening as he prepares for what he thinks will be a fairly short fight, the ugly grayness of the world around him seeping further into his skin as he delves deeper into the gray, ready to use it to his advantage now, no longer feeling as friendly towards these bastards, a feeling of rage filling him though he doesn't know why...
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Session Recap!
After an (fortunately) uneventful rest the party quickly moved to enact their plan to return to Kalidnay and hopefully work with Sanguine's aunt, the 'Queen of Kalidnay', to get themselves and the city back to Athas and out of the grey. Their plan: Hijack a supply caravan going to city and use it to gain access without having to worry about city patrols. Once in the city Sanguine would smooth things over with her aunt and things would end with sunshine, happiness and maybe a hug or two. Unfortunately, Athas has a habit of making problems for plans.

The party was quickly able to locate where the caravan route but were discovered by a pair of scouts riding fiery beasts, after a small measure of effort though they eliminated the patrol and sabotaged a nearby pillar to block most of the road. Soon enough a caravan arrived and began to pass through when the party engaged them and the first problem with the party's plan manifested. The problem: Caravan guards like to live.

The party was able to quickly cause problems for the caravan with their various skills; Crusher was able to head off the first wagon merely by holding it's sergeant in front of wagon, forcing the driver to stop moving lest he run over his superior. Harbeck challenged the entirety of the second and third wagon's guards and succumbed only to their overwhelming numbers, Kalinth quickly brought his powers to bear and got Harbeck on his feet before striking down several of the small minions plaguing the dwarf. Pak'cha quickly moved in eliminating several more of the guards and preparing himself to pursue the third cart, now taking advantage of the brawl to escape, but was stopped by the commander of the caravan with a vicious strike. Sanguine moved in to try and destroy the remaining survivors when the plan's next problem manifested: Pak'Cha.... Was unconscious and about to be decapitated by a sergeant.

After a discussion as to whether or not to save Pak'Cha, the party decided they'd rather save the sociopath than not and brokered a deal with the caravan to ride in with the remaining caravan wagons, filling the holes in man power they'd just recently created. The caravan guards kept true to their words, likely out of a mix of fear and dislike for Kalidnay and got the party into the city. The party was able to subtly enter the palace, linking up with Mala and Scar who had procured disguises from the local guard, and began the process of making their way to where Sanguine believed her aunt would be eating dinner. Soon enough they quickly reached the garden and heard voices of various templar reporting to the Queen their lack of success in finding her niece and the success they had achieved in recapturing most of the escaped slaves.

Sanguine revealed herself to her aunt who was relieved to see her niece safe but soon unsure of things when she heard that her niece was in league with those that caused the great mess at the coliseum. Pak'cha and Kalinth both revealed themselves trying to clear some of the confusion and express interest in helping the Queen with her plan's to escape the grey when two more problems with the plan came up. Problem 1: Pak'cha has the diplomatic tact of a rabid Jhakar and succeeded only in angering the queen and Problem 2: The orb resting upon the top of Kalinth's trikal seemed to be recognized by her and resulted in her calling a Sanguine a whore, whether it be because Sanguine gets to bask in it's presence, or bitches be crazy is yet to be seen.
Session: Session 45 - Sunday, Dec 15 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Never going to take me alive...or dead!

E For Extinction
I'm not the same as yesterday
Ooh...It's hard to explain
How things have changed
But I'm not the same as before
And I know there's so much more ahead
I can barely believe that I'm here
And I won't surrender quietly
Step up and watch me go

How can they sleep at a time like this? Don't these people understand what this place does to you?!

Can't sleep.

Can't forget.

Malla, Crusher, Punchy, and... Hargo.

Hargo. You old fool. You sentimental old fool. You knew something like this was bound to happen the minute I came crawling back, but you couldn't turn your back on me despite knowing I am nothing but poison. I...I can't allow myself to drown in this sorrow, not here, not now. Not even for you.

Can't sleep.

Can't forget.

Malla, Crusher... Punchy...

The longer we are here the less of us there will be left when we get out. As soon as it looks like they can move, I'll push them to go get this caravan they want. The sooner the better.

Can't sleep.

Can't forget.

Malla, Crusher...

"Get some sleep. You'll need it..." Sanguine starts, letting her robe sleeve fall down over the names being carved into her skin by her sharp nails, and turns towards the Thri-Kreen. He just keeps looking at her with those creepy eyes.

"Uh..yeah...Just keeping an eye out in case we were followed..." That seems to sooth him and he settles back down to sleep. 'That thing is so creepy...' Sanguine pushes the sleeve back up and continues to fight her own regeneration, desperately trying to remember...

Can't sleep.

Can't forget.


'Why would this one name be so important that I need to keep carving at it so I don't forget?' Sanguine ponders and she stares out into the crimson colored sky.

Unfortunately, some wounds do heal...

I can feel the storm
The winds have changed
Ooh...'Cause we're worlds a part
But just the same
But we won't leave the way that we came
And I know there's so much more ahead
I can barely believe that we're here
We won't surrender quietly
Step up and watch it go

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Loss and Anger, Focus, and Fury..
Punchy stood beside Squisher, and Scab looking down at the arena floor. The thought that this sand pit was small floats through Punchys' mind as the next squad come out onto the sands, a pair of sad looking fleshys, and a older fleshy, though he looked capable, along with this mammoth of a female. The sad looking ones get cut down quickly, and Punchy feels a shiver of excitement, the same that rolls through the crowd at their deaths by bandit hands, though part of himself recoils at the though, tensing in confusion.. The older fleshling and the huge female make short work of them though, which Punchy finds pleasing, gripping the links of the magical chains forming the cells.

Their victory is cut short as this horrifying beast erupts from the sand behind them, a long lashing tail slamming through the back of the older fleshling as a spray of acid takes his primary arm, his word falling to the sand below him, already soaking with his blood.

"HARGO!" the name is screamed, torn from the throats of his clutch, and the huge, taunt form of the goliath below. Realization floods through Pak'cha, and he stands chest pressed to the chains, as Hargo's body is flung without ceremony at them. He reaches through the chains, and catches the old man, meeting the lifeless gaze of the human as anger burns deeply within him, and his clutch. The furious rage in them burns away the confusion as a single thought takes them all at once. That thing will not live to see the night fall.

Crusher and Scar grab the chains, bodies rippling with effort and fury as they begin to pry the bars apart, the magic giving way slowly to their strength. Solaris...Kalinth... Both of them reach out, and physic power lashes out, helping foil the power of the chains. Harbek hauls back, that massive hammer of his shaking in his grasp as he delivers the final blow, breaking the chains apart long enough for them to slip through the gap.

Guards leap down from above, weapons at the ready. Pak'cha lets go of the body of Hargo, Brushing past one human, and creating an opening in his wake. A quick surge of his body takes him right up to the giant three headed beast, blows falling from him like hammers on those around his friends. Sanguine tears into the thing with her hands as Pak'cha is hit...and then trampled underfoot.

Rolling and simply trying to keep from being crushed, Pak'cha spends a brief eternity hearing the fight around him continue. As his friends manage to kill the thing, the last guard standing leaps from the sand into the stands, calling for back up that's already on the way. Everyone scatters, though Harbek takes the time to help Pak'cha to his unsteady feet, before moving to help Malla.

More power surges, from the duo of Solaris, and Kalinth, as smokey lightning coats the ruined flesh of Malla... and restores it. Together, Malla and Harbek move, up into the stands, as Pak'cha grimly does what he can to keep their path clear, determined to lose no more of his clutch this day, the stench of failure nearly to much for him to stand as he savages the few guards stupid enough to continue to stand against them.

The clutch coming back together, a question is posed, though by whom Pak'cha can't tell, shock making his mind sluggish. "Where can we hide?" comes the question, and Pak'cha points the way, though someone....

Who are these people? Stupid Fleshies.. No... Mine, aren't they? Yes. Crusher. Malla. Sanguine. Scar. Harbek. Solaris/Kalinth. Hargo. HARGO! Those Bastards... They all need to pay! But focus.. Gotta make it through tonight first...

Pak'cha nods, agreeing with something, though he isn't sure what. The clutch starts moving, Pak'cha helping where he can, though he's exhausted, and confused.

How can this place be so terrible? Is this what their minds are like? How can they survive all of this... all the time.. Damn fleshlings and they minds and confusion!

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Things forgotten and things unforgettable...
Sitting in the common room, a plate of food before him, Punchy lets his mind wander, taking in the view randomly as he ponders the unfamiliarity of the people he woke with in a little cell, chained and unable to free himself. Not used to being unfamiliar with things, especially those around him, Punchy recalls their names, and what they mean to him.
Scab, was the giant female human, that ate everything she could lay her huge hands on and had a serious issue with everything that wasn't herself. The scent of death seems to mingle with hers, like part of her has died, and is struggling to bring down the parts of her still living. He doesn't like her in general, but feels like he would prefer to die than let her fall behind. An uneasy clutch mate, though mostly because of necessity than anything else.

Where as Scab was the huge female human, Squisher was the shorter male human, though his stature seemed larger than that of Scab, his quite intensity gave him a seemingly larger presence. Punchy reacts to Squisher's defense of Scab in the commissary with fluid ease, flanking the big woman without a thought- the act alone baffling him partly, though as he thinks about it, nothing else he could have done makes any sense at all. The way Squisher moves reminds Punchy of something, though he can't quite place a claw on it...

The Grumpy little man trapped within a dray calls forth only confusion, the essence of the dray overwhelming every of thought of the person within, though Punchy knows that this odd pair is part of his Clutch, he can't quite remember why, the thought always dancing just out of reach of his mind. He gets the sense that the Dray isn't someone he likes, though why is beyond him.

And as he stares at his clutch mates an overwhelming terror grips him, the sadness of someone lost, and not remembered, though why he would feel such things when his clutch was full Punchy couldn't understand. He catches himself looking for someone else, when there is no one else to look for, though he knows that this isn't true, and it makes him reach deeply into his center, pulling forth every bit of memory he can, digging though his thoughts for who could possibly be missing. This leaves him distant, and he sits in his corner, Meditating to give his memories a keener edge, constantly trying to reach through the fog that clouds his mind, fighting back against it vainly.

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Cracked Yet Not Broken

Scar, also known as Scab listens to her comrades bickering over decisions needing to be made. Her patience wears thin as she sees her group slowly dissolve, forming into factions amongst themselves. Swords are drawn, and friends are pitted against each other. She sighs inwardly understanding that something must be done… Wishing only that others would step forward.

After the fighting is all said and done, Scar reflects on the aftermath. She is reminded of her time in the service, and grimaces slightly. She has led many men to their deaths, and now only dreams of wielding her blade alone. She knows solitude is not realistic, but neither is her leadership…

Her eyes rest on her companions for a moment, and she cannot help but judge them all.

Sanguine: Adept killer, yet unable to separate her emotion in the time of battle. A weakness was born when she was unable to take the final strike against her brother. Whether it was skill or love that held her hand astray I will never know. I only hope she can prove to be the killer she is, and be more decisive in the future.

Crusher: A gladiator of great ability yet balked in the face of a challenge. He showed weakness when confronted by former champions in the arena of the grey. Crusher’s attitude and fighting prowess demand respect, but wither to nothing when defiance is not checked.

Solaris/Kalanith: Psion warrior who broke beneath a challenge he created. The potential is there, though Scar regrets she had to intervene to make this a fair fight. She truly wished Kalanith could have defeated his opponent without help, yet he was victorious in the end. She admires his ambition, but thinks it will see him dead in the end.

Pak’Cha: A fighter of great ability, yet torn within. His methods are unpredictable to Scar like those of an untrained recruit. This blade needs to be tempered again and reformed, lest it slowly break to pieces in the many fights to come.
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Everything went better then expected.
Oswald is alive!....well, as alive as I am I guess.

To say I am surprised by the state of things in Kalidnay would be an understatement. I had expected to find it much as I remembered, but now I have to doubt my memories. Never will I go back to the Grey, never.

All we have to do is figure out how to help Solaris and I can concentrate on sorting out all these vague memories and images. There are still phantoms I must face here, and I plan on doing so...back home.

Session: We're back. - Sunday, Nov 17 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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“Always lead by example, never let your weaknesses be shown and always strive for greater self discipline. Remember these lessons well recruits, for they are the foundation of our power.” Prelate Lanius ends his speech and gives Scar a nod. “Take command here Lady Ash, and show these recruits what it means to be a templar.”

Images of slaughter pass before her eyes, the countless dead staring lifelessly into oblivion. Swords planted in stomachs, entrails spilling forth like black writhing snakes. Moans of agony are the chorus of this massacre, as its actors perform their roles flawlessly. The weak are culled, broken and flayed, while the victors march forward, again and again doomed to forever repeat their past.

Scar screams madly seeing Lanius’s standing before her. She swings stonebreaker savagely in a broad overhand cut. The blade cuts through his grinning face, splitting it like an overripe fruit. The body falls thrashing violently in its death throes, and then dissolves into blowing sand….

Scar stands before the dead Silt Horror, breathing heavily, arms quaking in rage.

“You okay.” Sanquine asks.

“Perfectly fine.” Scar says, kicking a severed tentacle away..
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Light and Shadow
It had looked, non threatening enough when they arrived. A simple corpse animated by energies that sustained it beyond death. A sight that while not natural was not enough to shock Solaris anymore. It wasn't until they reached out to sense what fueled it that they received a flash of a dragon made of shadow wreathed in lightning. The imagery was powerful and evoked a level of unease from both Kalinth and Solaris. Solaris looked at the being in the chair at the head of the table they now sat at and felt a great amount of apprehension at what they were sitting in the room with, noting that no one else seemed at all aware that there was more to this 'undead' being than the obvious.

"I want him, or more to the point what he has."

Solaris looked up briefly from his contemplations to realize he was being singled out by the creature. Coldness creeped into Solaris as the realization of what was meant was understood, "He is not mine to give as he is apart of me."

Suffice to say, things went poorly from there.

The being went on to discuss how Kalinth was a threat to Solaris and the rest of them, that Kalinth was a piece of some greater whole and in his current state, little more than a parasite destined to burn Solaris out, both in body and soul... Unless of course the being removed it and joined it with another piece of this 'whole' he happened to have. Instantly Solaris became suspicious of the matter of fact nature this information was delivered, and how carefully constructed the dialogue was to ensure the appearance that Solaris was suffering and that doing this would 'liberate' him from a horrible fate.

It was soon after the being presented a stone that held a piece of what he claimed Kalinth was that Solaris felt a veritable wrenching at his soul. Looking up, him and Kalinth instantly realized Pak'Cha was attempting to try and 'save' Solaris by pulling out Kalinth, not realizing he was removing their very soul in his attempts to do so. Solaris swung out haphazardly with a fist but Kalinth retorted more appropriately with a burst of energy putting the bug off for a moment. Things continued to get worse though with Pak'cha trying again in his haphazard way to 'save' Solaris. Things seemed to start spiraling out of control when Pak'Cha's third attempt was stopped only by Crusher moving quickly to grab the Thri-Kreen and pin it against the wall.

Solaris seemed unconcerned with what was going on for a moment before suddenly standing and placing his weapons on the table and starting to walk towards the being holding the stone, The discussion he had already had with Kalinth running through his mind for a brief moment. He stopped merely an arms length away from the being and placed his hand near the stone, "Let what I do now prove the merits of what i've done and what I am and end this needless conflict."

You know once this starts there is no going back right? Things won't be the same.

I know. But it must be done.

He felt Kalinth reach out to the stone, blue and silver energy starting to form around it as it started to pull Kalinth in. A smile forming on the creatures face as this happened, his guard lowering just a fraction.


Kalinth suddenly twisted the energy near the stone reversing the pull. No longer was it pulling him in, but he was now attempting to pull it's contents out. The being sensing the change immediately moved to stop Kalinth, becoming embroiled in a contest of wills.
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Touching the Gray...
Great. Another sand trap that we're going to go into. At least this one should pay off for our clutch...

Pak'Cha glowers as he picks himself up off of the ground after Scar knocked him down. Following the rest of his clutch over the trapped bridge after a moment, displeased with the discussion to simply cross without any attempt to make the rubble stable. He easily jumps across the distance- following... at least until the Horror attacks.

Struggling through the sand and silt as he tries to rise out of the nasty stuff, he senses an opening, and lashes out with a bunch of lightening gathered into his fist. Following the first attack he feels the familiar sense of Solaris making another opening, as well as the subtler rage of Scar as she strikes a powerful blow that even he can feel through the sand.

Pak'Cha follows his clutch into the den of many things like his Friend Sanguine, taking stock of their situation and finding it more and more dire the deeper they go into the building.

Keeping his eyes on Sanguine, and also trying to keep track of every possible enemy in the room.

As he realizes that Kalinth is indeed different than Solaris... And very similar to the...stone...thing... that whats-his-name-Sanguine's-brother-thing held. Without thinking about it, he reaches out with the new strength he found in the the place between. His mind reaches out and with a mental grasp reaches for Kalinth.

Elation, and pain rushes through him as Kalinth retaliates lightening dancing over his shell briefly as Solaris attempts to hit him to no great effect. Words are spoken, but Pak'cha's mind races.

No. Deeper. I need to pull that thing out of him, so we can give it to that thing....and maybe escape here alive... We can help Solaris afterwards when we're safely away. And he can bring back Anamis, and things will be manageable at least.

Pak'Cha reaches out for Kalinth again, spreading his mind outwards once again, mentally grasping the spirit and heaving on it mightily, though there is still nothing happening.

Maybe I should take him with me through the Gray... that would give me the edge I need to do this..

The world around Pak'Cha fades in color as Pak'cha begins the first step to accessing the power to pull Solaris between worlds for a moment, and attempt to pull Kalinth free of him, only to be hit by the mountainous wall of flesh that is Crusher, feeling himself be dragged back. With an frustrated growl Pak'cha mindlessly writhes, trying to slip out of the impossible grip, with no great affect. Struggling against Crusher, Pak'cha argues with Sanguine about loss and how best to protect those with them... as Solaris does something stupid, and power surges around them. "CRUSHER! THROW ME!" Pak'Cha snarls, already curling his body for an attack, though at whom remains to be seen...
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Chapter 11: Stuff Happened
Sanguine murdered a cultist to prove allegiance to a beholder that believed itself to be a god; The party then headed out toward Kalidnay.

Along the way, they were stopped by two strange giants wanting a toll to pass through their lands, but were tricked into fighting with each other, thus allowing the heroes to continue.

While crossing the salt flats, they were ambushed by a crazed Brogh that nearly bested them, were it not for the timely blinding by Solaris.

Finally, they arrived at the ruined gates of Kalidnay and made camp for the night.

We're all caught up. See ya'll this week.
Session: 42 back on Sunday?? - Sunday, Aug 25 2013 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Chapter 11: A Brief Stop in Celik
Stealing the wagon and behemoth turned out to be a great move. The party cut their travel time in half, and having a beast like that does wonders to keeping other predators at bay.

In three days they arrived at the ruins of Celik. Quickly, the party made arrangements to sell the wagon and outfit the behemoth with a howdah for the remainder of their journey. And with general purchases made, the party met with Hargo's old friend, Korsun Marneth.

Though the two had a past, Korsun was happy to see is old pal and offered them rest at his estate while in Celik. None really trusted him, and for good reason; any friend of Hargo's is only an enemy once removed. With pleasantries exchanged, the party found a broy-garden and sat down for food and drink.

All was not good, however, as the market place was set upon by savage elemental cultists once the sun set. One even summoned a magma elemental to lay waste to the market and its occupants. The heroes stood where even the poorly paid guards ran into the night. Pak'Cha's flying special annihilated many of the cultists, while Sanguine and Solaris focused on the genasai leader. Crusher summoned the fire within himself and grappled the elemental until the leader was subdued. Scar just leaned across the table and finished off Malla's plate of gorak. The other's had it handled, and she was still a bit peckish.

Crusher figured there was a reward for capture and drug the genasai to Korsun. Before the firebrand could plead his case, however, Korsun's bodyguard beheaded the filthy cultist. Korsun was able to explain the situation, that the cultists have been attacking for some time, and he could use help in dealing with the madmen.

Their temple was hidden beneath the ruins near the old fighting pits. It wasn't too hard for Sanguine and Pak'Cha to find and the party was soon inside the Temple of the Elemental Eye. Unfortunately for them, it was an out-of-the-frying-pan into-the-fire sort of situation. The main hall of this temple was filled with fiery pools of oil and a cultist on guard summoned forth fire archons to deal with the heroes.

The cultist had gravely underestimated his opponents. Believing them to be as susceptible to fire as your average person. The party was made of sterner stuff. Wading through the pools of burning oil, Crusher tackled one elemental and proceeded to beat the light out of it, while Pak'Cha and Sanguine focused their attention on the cultist and his minions. Solaris suffered the most, and even he was barely affected by the fire. Instead, the ring on his hand appeared to burn hotly, soaking up all heat from around him.

Moments later, the guards were dispatched, though the cultist did make way to the southern door screaming for his master before being broken by Pak'Cha and Crusher. With the doors flung upon an aberration not unfamiliar with the party rose from the boiling mud-bath. The eye of flame was not amused, "Your trespass is unwelcome here. Be reborn in my presence, or burn to ash..."

Session: Session 41 - Sunday, Aug 11 2013 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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