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Raking Over Old Graves
1384 DR, Mirtul 10

Mother Gloom raised her sickle high into the air and swept away large tufts of grass around the headstone. The seasons were beginning to change and there was no better time to clear out her garden than the present. One mausoleum stood crumbling amongst the smaller gravestones littering the old graveyard, and the fence needed mending in several spots. She sighed and attacked the weeds again.

She heard the sounds of struggle coming up the road before she saw Fishlips Fergus pushing a heavily laden wheelbarrow through the mud. He was a detestable little gnome that had somehow lost his fortunes in Brindol and wound up here in Elsircross, the ass end of the Vale. She decided to ignore his approach and continue working.

“Hey! Old Crone!”

She continued to ignore him.

“I’m talking to you, Mother Gloom. I got a body to drop here and you gotta deal with it. Red Rock orders.” This last part was said with venom.

Mother Gloom stood slowly and turned.
“This is not an active graveyard, as you and your employer know. I tend the living and provide aid to the sick. Take your skullduggery elsewhere, gnome.”

He thought to threaten her until he caught a glimpse of her ravaged face under its veil. His pupils widened and he turned his load around.

“You remember this, crone! Kabran Bloodeye doesn’t like to be insulted.”

Mother Gloom turned back to her work and breathed deeply.

“No, Kabran doesn’t like much.”
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Family Breaks
1384 DR, Mirtul 9

He’d summoned his vassal a mere ten minutes prior, and now the young half-elf could be seen shuttling up the main road to Kaal Manor from the stables. The boy’s father was brother to the Lady Kaal and he insisted his son receive traditional elven training as befits a scion of the House Kaal. Brindol had long been home to these secular elves and their prestige had grown in that time.

‘Until Tellus was born,” whispered the old man. He cursed his words and prepared for the boy’s entrance into his room.

“Master, you summoned me?”

“Tellus, you have been a good student and you have somehow surpassed those of pure elven blood in your training.” The boy looked pleased. “However, the time has come for you to leave the confines of House Kaal and seek further training outside of Brindol.”

Tellus seemed to wilt with this announcement, but resolutely stood and bowed. The old Master put his hand on the young man’s shoulder.
“Your father wishes this for you. As do I. ” He paused. “Your aunt is making things difficult and I think you know she has never wanted you to remain here. This is your chance to prove her wrong.”

Tellus nodded and smiled at his Master.

“I will make you and my father proud and bring honor to the House Kaal.”

Master Caerwe handed a note to Tellus.

“Take a horse from the stables and deliver this to Sheriff Deldrick Baleson in Elsircross. Be discreet as you leave…the Lady Kaal has many eyes.”

Tellus swiftly left the room, and soon after, the city.
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Brindol or Bust
1384 DR, Mirtul 2

Lockgar woke to the sounds of a loud human loading a wagon in front of his tent. Through the flap, he witnessed an attractive woman hefting packs and sacks into a wagon while something white darted back and forth.


His eyes widened. White wyrmling! He grabbed his hammer and stumbled from his tent towards the young woman. She turned to him.

“You are here to help. This is good.”

Her accent was foreign to him, as was the way she shooed the white dragon away from her leg. He caught his bearings and addressed this child.

“Lass, ye’ve got a dragon there ye know? Doesn’t that worry ye?”

In the moments that followed, Kjesrti Solveig and Lockgar Stormgood developed what she was certain was going to be her first humanoid friend and what he was certain was going to be a major pain in his arse.

The two unlikely companions stood with the remainder of the caravan in the small town of Sheirtalar on the banks of the Shining Sea, with only the vast expanse of The Shaar stretching eastward to its goal. They would make their way to Brindol for the final leg of the journey and Lockgar would be rid of the troublesome child and her offensive pet dragon.
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Ships and Settlements Part II
1384 DR, Mirtul 1

The boat had started out a wonderful experience for Kjesrti Solveig. The crew were scared of her in the beginning, unable to keep from drooling out of fear in her presence. Luckily, Snodrake proved useful in keeping them from lingering near her for too long and she was able to roam the decks at her leisure. The Captain invited her to private dinners every night as befitted her station and her brother was making friends as he thoroughly enjoyed tracking rats and eating them.

As the weeks went on, it became apparent that the Captain was interested in doing things that did not interest Kjesrti in the slightest, and she started taking her meals with the other passengers. Many of them did not seem to care for her, but she was sure they were just ignorant of her greatness and she would spend many evenings telling them about it until no one showed up to the dinner table again. Snodrake was experiencing the downside of engulfing the rat population when he had grown accustomed to the supplementary diet and had searched amongst the cargo for livestock and pets to fulfill his hunger. Brother and sister both were confined to quarters for the last two weeks onboard and were quite ready to leave the boat when it landed in Sheirtalar.

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Ships and Settlements Part I
1384 DR, Alturiak 28

The wind had whipped and his beard had frozen, but Lockgar weathered Midwinter in the North as well as any dwarf. His path had taken him to Silverymoon and along the road to Waterdeep. He wasn’t prepared for Waterdeep. The size and scope of the city left him bewildered and he booked passage aboard the Golem’s Thirst along the Sword Coast to Murann, south of Amn.

Almost two months after leaving Mithral Hall, he arrived in Murann and quickly signed on as a guard for a trade caravan heading south. He had travelled alone from the mountains and he had travelled by sea with the rats, but another grueling hundred days stood before him into the heart of Faerun itself, through Tethyr and Calimshan, around the Lake of Steam and into the Border Kingdoms until finally reaching his destination.
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