They have prowled the nights of Tamriel for thousands of years. They care not for race or country. They prey on our families and friends. They revel on their predator's perch. They look down on us and they know we fear the night.

There are some who would change that. There are some who would hunt the hunters. There are some who do not fear the dark.

To most, Daybreak is the time things begin.
To us, the hunt begins at…


Set primarily in the province of Skyrim in Tamriel the players create characters that for one reason or another find themselves becoming experts at hunting the creatures of the night such as vampires, necromancers and their foul undead.

Hailed as heroes by some and damned fools by others, they take the fight to the monsters. Their main challenge: not becoming monsters themselves.

To that end they might follow the tenets of Arkay become a champion of Meridia or even join The Dawnguard, The Silver Hand or the Vigilant of Stendarr. Swearing oaths to something other than death will be what keeps them in the light.

We begin this tale in Skyrim’s southernmost hold of Falkreath, in the town for which it was named, at the Dead Man’s Drink inn.


Mood and themes of Nightfall

"I fear the night. Because the werewolves and vampires don't."
– Town Guard

The Nightfall campaign will take the fight to things that terrify other people. This isn’t a campaign about killing bandits (which you will), slaying dragons (which you might) or exploring old tombs for treasure (which you may). It is about learning more about secretive societies and the hidden monsters that walk amongst us.

This is not a grim and gritty campaign. The themes of Tamriel will be maintained. These themes are of choice between good, bad, and occasionally gray. Often there will be things or people that you should clearly kill. There won’t be much moral ambiguity. Occasionally there will be. Every dungeon will have a story. The story will not punish you for your actions but will evolve from them. You will more often than not be better off after an adventure than before. You will make a difference in the lives of the people you protect.

This is Skyrim.
It is a land of majestic mountains, tall pines and northern lights. The wilds are host to wolves, trolls, giants, mammoths, deer (and elk), sabre cats and even dragons. The rivers are fast moving and the lakes are still. The mists are cool and the glaciers on the north coast are blue.

This is Nord land.
The people value courage, strength, and honor above all other traits. These are a hearty people who have a zest for life. They are somewhat distrustful of magic. They try to honor their ancestors. Their history is one of the oldest in Tamriel.

This is Falkreath
Falkreath Hold is blanketed by pine forests and described by its citizens as being covered in a fine mist that makes it seem seasonless. The mountains rising above Falkreath are well above the snow line, striking a stark comparison to the green of the rest of the hold. The most distinguishing geographic feature is Lake Ilinalta, which covers a large portion of the central region and is the source of the White River.

"You look to your left, you see one way. You look to your right, you see another. But neither is any harder than the opposite. But the Elder Scrolls... they look left and right in the stream of time. The future and past are as one: Sometimes they even look up. What do they see then? What if they dive in? Then the madness begins." -Septimus Signus on describing the nature of an Elder Scroll 4E 201

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Letter from Ryndi: Consolation
The 16th of Frostfall, 4E 206
My Dearest Riala,

Be consoled! You have found me well, and well-trained by the Dawn Guard.Trusted and able companions travel with me, and our initial attempts to guard this land from darkness have succeeded thus far.

We are currently on a mission, recruited by a powerful mage, one Frysta Stormfriend, of the legendary Stormfriend family no doubt. Forgive this hurried response to your heartfelt missive. About to depart for the moors, we shall soon investigating strange things happening there of late, and are on the trail of the Mystic Dawn.

Know that, while I remain buoyed for the task ahead, my heart is with you in your sadness. Loss such as your is unimaginable, and I share in your grief for the emperor.Hope remains strong in that small kernel you mentioned however - a Septim still lives!!The window has opened for a new and bright future if only we stay the course.

As for you, my dear cousin, please heal in the time needed to come back restored. Know and trust that others will continue until your return, and that you are always in my heart.

Much Love,
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Letter from Riala: Important News
The 15th of Frostfall, 4E 206
My Dearest Ryndi,

I hope this letter finds you well, for my battered spirit could not handle further desolation. It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the devastating turn of events just two days past. The emperor is dead!

In the White Gold Tower, just seconds too late to protect him, I watched as he turned to ash on his throne! Thalmor had invaded, leaving a trail of dead guards just before we arrived. After witnessing their attack, enraged, I launched an immediate counter-attack. I’m uncertain about the result or what happened in the aftermath. Moments passed before I found myself behind the throne, stricken, helpless and disheartened, spent and weeping through the rest of the battle. My allies finished the fight and prevailed, but all were devastated as we viewed the scene before us. So much effort had been spent over so much time. Battles, countless, have been waged to protect our emperor and the empire. Hopes had been at their highest, and then utter destruction witnessed. Finally, having gathered myself, I placed the ashes of our dear emperor into a beautiful vase. Kneeling before the throne we all gave our final hail and farewell to the one who served us so well. Recovery from this event has been difficult, but there remains a kernel of hope for the empire, an unlikely one found in an unlikely place.

To explain I must go back to events prior to our final battle. The recent happenings began with successful entry into the realm of Battle Spire where we encountered the Shadow Legion, an army trapped there from the time of the Oblivion Crisis. Much effort and a gathering of allies, artifacts, and knowledge finally gave us this sought after chance to gather support for the empire. Nine hundred years had passed for those that were trapped in this realm, two hundred by the measure of time in Tamriel, and some time was needed to meet, exchange information and learn from each other the events that had transpired during the separation of peoples.

We were quickly tasked with a rescue mission - to save the folk who were being held hostage in an area known as the Greenlands. Should we succeed, this mission would help the families of the realm to be reunited and would serve to gain their trust as allies in our war against the Dominion. Our acceptance of this mission gained us a fortuitous but complicated revelation as well. We made the acquaintance of an invaluable guide and ally while there - a man by the name of Adamis Septim!

Believed for some time to be broken, the line of Septims stood before us, alive and well, having been trapped there unknown to anyone on the outside. We knew not what this would mean for the empire and the emperor, but decided to concentrate on the task at hand, allowing it to be sorted out at a later date.
It would seem that later date has now arrived and there may be some hope for the future of the empire after all.
My hope remains in you as well Ryndi, and in the work you are doing to preserve the homeland. Stay strong my dear one.

Riala Rindalore
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Ryndi's Response
The 13th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

My Dearest Riala,

Through the means by which your letter was sent I submit this reply. Know that I am relieved that you are well and that you have my support and supplications for the important work you do and your continued health. Do not hold regret about your sudden departure from Wayrest. It gave me the courage I needed to do the same. Though I have longed to find my way to you I will heed your warnings and requests. Indeed, your suggestions for my avoidance in regard to the Thieves Guild and engagement with the Dawn Guard have already been fulfilled!

Once in Riften I found my way to the Guild through the invitation of an acquaintance. Although I limited my activity to the gathering of information in the pursuit of justice, I soon became eager to be rid of the association with this group. The skills I learned were valuable and no doubt will be useful in the future, but thievery never appealed as a career for life. Having been paid enough to consider traveling on, I began to ponder my options. I was soon approached by Durak, as fortune would have it. It seems he had been watching me for some time and took an opportunity to recruit me, promising to train me to fight and to make my home and career with the Dawn Guard at Dayspring Canyon. I readily accepted! Coincidentally, I have been training for some time now in both the bow and short sword. Durak hasn’t said, but I do wonder if he somehow came to know your wishes for me some time ago.

My training progress has been steady and promising, in Durak’s eyes and my own. I am now poised to fulfill my first assignment. I am traveling to Falkreath to address the situation there concerning the undead. A missive has gone out looking to gather those who would hunt these creatures. Identifying vampires on sight has been my special skill, so Durak is sending me to answer the call. I will arrive tomorrow and hope to find Horgrom Nightprowler at Dead Man’s Drink. My goal is to find others that are dedicated and skilled, to join with an effective team, and rid the place of this scourge.

Encouraged am I by your words and confidence in me. I will remember to guard both dusk and dawn, and pray the nine will watch over us both.

Much love to you and the grace of Julianos keep you safe!

Lorynda Rindalore
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Letter to Lorynda Rindalore (Ryndi) from her cousin Riala
The 13th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

My Dearest Ryndi,

Glad am I to find you well, and to know you have escaped the Thalmor oppression in Wayrest. My abrupt departure from our home gave me small chance for goodbyes. Know that we are doing our best to thwart the Thalmor at every turn and strive to protect the empire at all cost. Indeed we have, with keen awareness and a bit of luck, been able to save the emperor himself from their murderous intentions on two separate occasions. The Thalmor are relentless and constant vigilance is required if we are to successfully disrupt their evil designs. More than this I cannot say, but know that a plan is underway to achieve our goals that will take me away for some time to come.

I’m sorry to have missed you at the College of Winterhold. When I arrived there for a brief stay I learned that you had arrived but gone on to Riften. Take care to avoid disreputable acquaintances there. Crime and danger abound. If you are staying at the Bee and Barb you should be safe. Make yourself known to Keerava and she will take care of you. If an invitation to the Ragged Flagon finds you I suggest avoiding it. The Thieves Guild is headquartered there and, while they operate by a code of sorts, I would never want you to end up in untoward circumstances. Stay for a while in Riften if you must but know that there are more desirable paths in Skyrim.

Travel, if you are agreeable, east of Riften to Dayspring Canyon. You will find there Fort Dawnguard, the headquarters of a faction dedicated to eradicating the vampire threat. Recruits are granted access to training and armed with new weapons, armor, and spells. Make the acquaintance of Durak and make it known that you are my family, he will welcome you as such. There you will find shelter and the expertise needed to further your training and hone your skills.

Practice what magic you have learned and take up the bow. It will be your best defense against dragons. They have returned in increasing numbers and though some will keep to themselves, and a few even thought of as friendly, there are those that would storm an entire town, decimating everything in their path. You may have heard tales of Helgen. Consider also a short sword or whatever additional weapon might be suggested by the trainers there.

I so wish I could be there to walk this path with you my dear cousin, but I have every confidence that you will succeed, for I remember well your determination, physical skill, and the promise you showed in magicks while still a youth. As for me, I am already too far along this path of war to turn back and you would be most unprepared for the task I face with my small army of companions. Once you have gotten your bearings and practiced your skills I would ask that you no longer plan to follow me into the heart of war, but instead remain in Skyrim. Reason would seem to call you to join our cause, yet there is another cause just as important – securing the lands of the empire so those that fight so bravely will have a home to return to once the effort is won.

Remember these words: “Be as dawn to your ally and dusk to your foe.”

Much love to you and the grace of Julianos,

Riala Rindalore
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