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The Hex Locus (part 1)
The party freed Rohini and the others, but the prophet said that more prisoners had been dragged away moments earlier to be experimented on. She confidently led the way and the party followed.

The prophet led down twisting passages of stone until they came to a strange room with oddly angular walls. In the center of the room hovered a strange orb covered in a scintillating pattern of indescribable colors.

There was no one else there. The prophet turned on them with charm spells, striking down the strangely distant Vilnyk, as a psychic force emanated from the orb, distracting them while they remained in the room. Even worse, the artifact exerted a mind-controlling impulse. As the party fought Rohini, first Fenerick and then Lo-Thar succumbed to the orb's power while they fought to destroy it. The party managed to defeat Rohini--who had exposed her true nature as a Succubus--and Des and Mika fled.

The discordant song of the aboleths thrummed in the minds of Lo-Thar and Fenerick. They realized now that the material plane was a blemish that would only be made beautiful if all living beings either joined the Choir or perish. The orb, or Hex Locus as they now knew it, commanded they leave and kill those remaining heroes who threatened the harmony of the Choir.

Whereupon the heroes fought against each other in an epic combat. Des nearly killed Fenerick, twice, but Lo-Thar restored him until the mage and rogue were victorious. They were forced to beat their comrades into submission as the domination proved permanent. Completely spent, Mika lifted their fallen comrades on a disc of magical force and they fled the catacombs...

...only to be confronted by an angry mob who accused them of kidnapping the Prophet. Des threatened to kill everyone, which went about as well as you'd expect, but the rational members of the party explained what had happened, revealing that Rohini had been a succubus the whole time.

The party was able to remove the orb's affliction from Fenerick and Lo-Thar with help from a cleric named Taco, who Des bullied into providing the expensive ritual for free. He had apparently been quite disgruntled by the experience.

With the party restored and rested, they made haste to once again venture down through the Well of Bones and seek out the Hex Locus.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Apr 20 2013 from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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Well of Bones (recap)
Upon returning to Helm's Hold, the party indulged in some well-earned rest. While they slept, Fenerick had strange dream, which turned into a vivid vision of the Prophet Rohini being kidnapped.

The spell-scarred sorcerer awoke and warned his allies, who ran to the temple to investigate. At night, the temple was strangely quiet, and no one stirred, guards or otherwise.

When they arrived at Rohini's chambers, the door was open and the room was covered in a strange blue flame which covered the walls and floor like ooze. The ephemeral flame evaporated as they watched, and Fenerick had another vision--this time, of Rohini being carried into a tunnel entrance. After a few minutes of searching, they found the entrance and headed inside, making their way into the catacombs beneath Helm's Hold.

The party made their way to a huge underground room where human-sized cages hung from chains on the ceiling. The path continued across a bridge and down crumbling stairs around the chamber, but the party first battled some aberrant wretches, attracting the attention of an Aboleth. Mika blasted the Aboleth with a psychic attack, causing it to fall down the well with a resounding splat! It didn't return, and the heroes finished mopping up the wretches.

The party rested after the battle and then descended into the Well of Bones. As they made their way across a bridge halfway down, they heard a terrible crash and a cacophany of terrible howls. The aboleth had released a pack of ravenous werewolves, driven to madness with hunger, who rushed at the party, climbing the walls and stairs.

The falling aboleth had made a slippery splotch on the bridge which was difficult to walk across, and further complicated things by appearing from beneath the bridge and attacking the party as the werewolves approached. Some of the heroes fell off and were injured but continued to battle on both levels at once until they had finished off the aboleth and the pitiful starved beast-men.

Then, guided by Fenerick's visions and Lo-Thar's expert tracking, they came to a chamber where Rohini was imprisoned with a few other sad citizens.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Feb 16 2013 from 12:30 AM to 5:00 AM
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Scouring the Sewer
The heroes faced off against the two dragonborn soldiers while the orc archers, tucked behind cover, unleashed a relentless barrage from across the toxic pool. A strange, one-eyed creature lurked in the sludge, unleashing a poisonous gaze attack.

The party struggled in the open, but were finally victorious. Exhausted, they decided to retreat, and returned to the surface to get some good rest. The maddening whispers plagued their dreams, and Des in particular seemed to be becoming more paranoid and dangerous.

They returned to the sewers and made their way past the toxic pond, coming to a room crisscrossed by rusty iron pipes. The room was guarded by another band of thralls: A few town guards and a handful of savage orcs. The heroes fought them bravely, but soon after the battle started a rust monster rushed in. Its mystical abilities ate away at Lo-thar's armor, and the creature devoured it. Luckily, after they slayed the beast, they found an exceptional replacement on one of the fallen orcs.

Their path led into a gigantic, ruined pipe, pierced from above and below by smaller feeder pipes. Climbing inside, they were ambushed by four tentacled, floating brain-like horrors: Grells! The grells lashed out with their hideous limbs and separated the party, but the heroes put up a good fight. Easy victory seemed assured, when suddenly hundreds of rats spewed out of the feeder pipes and attacked the heroes, biting and gnawing at whatever soft flesh they could reach.

Bloodied by the assault, Des' affliction manifested with the trademark blue flames of the spellplague. He fought through the pain, unleashing fire with every attack. The heroes were victorious shortly thereafter, scattering the last of the swarm, and pressed on into further danger.

A hundred feet along, the pipe came to an abrupt end, its shattered edge jutting out ten feet above the floor of a subterranean cavern, where the trickling stream of water in the pipe drained into a shallow pool. The party tossed their torches out into the room, illuminating a trio of twisted, plaguechanged humanoids and four large millipede-like beasts--carrion crawlers!

Scuttling at a horrifying speed, one of the crawlers snatched up Fenerick and pulled him away from the group, allowing its brood to feast while the sorcerer stood paralyzed by its terrible venom.

Mika's spells held the beasts at bay while Lo-thar struggled to reach Fenerick, but was blocked by the wretches who surrounded him and pinned him down, burning him terribly. Meanwhile, Des battled a stray crawler which had skittered up into the pipe mouth and paralyzed Vilnyk.

Lo-thar was knocked down by a few lucky hits from the plaguechanged, and poor Fenerick couldn't shake the paralytic poison in time; the hungry crawlers darted in, devouring him.

Mika's psychic spells repelled the grunts as Lo-thar returned to the fray with a mighty resurgence of strength. Things were hairy for a while, but the party finally drove off one wounded crawler and slayed the others.

As the danger faded, the whispers in their heads merged into a cacophonous song luring them to their doom, and to Des, who was beaten to exhaustion and wreathed in blue flickering flame, it sounded like sweet relief as their faceless adversary took over his mind. Images of the destruction of Neverwinter filled his consciousness. Luckily, his companions were vigilant and Mika knocked him out before he could do any harm.

Dragging the lifeless, ragged body of Fenerick and Des' unconscious one, the party retreated from the tunnels and made for the House of Healing. They rested, and when Des awoke many hours later he was able to partially shake the control of whatever it was that had ensnared his mind, but he remained dangerously unhinged.

Cuinn, a Chauntaen druid at the house of healing, assisted them in bringing Fenerick back to life. Wow!

The heroes vowed to venture once more into the tunnels, coming ever closer to their quarry.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Oct 27 2012 from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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