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The Hex Locus (part 1)
The party freed Rohini and the others, but the prophet said that more prisoners had been dragged away moments earlier to be experimented on. She confidently led the way and the party followed.

The prophet led down twisting passages of stone until they came to a strange room with oddly angular walls. In the center of the room hovered a strange orb covered in a scintillating pattern of indescribable colors.

There was no one else there. The prophet turned on them with charm spells, striking down the strangely distant Vilnyk, as a psychic force emanated from the orb, distracting them while they remained in the room. Even worse, the artifact exerted a mind-controlling impulse. As the party fought Rohini, first Fenerick and then Lo-Thar succumbed to the orb's power while they fought to destroy it. The party managed to defeat Rohini--who had exposed her true nature as a Succubus--and Des and Mika fled.

The discordant song of the aboleths thrummed in the minds of Lo-Thar and Fenerick. They realized now that the material plane was a blemish that would only be made beautiful if all living beings either joined the Choir or perish. The orb, or Hex Locus as they now knew it, commanded they leave and kill those remaining heroes who threatened the harmony of the Choir.

Whereupon the heroes fought against each other in an epic combat. Des nearly killed Fenerick, twice, but Lo-Thar restored him until the mage and rogue were victorious. They were forced to beat their comrades into submission as the domination proved permanent. Completely spent, Mika lifted their fallen comrades on a disc of magical force and they fled the catacombs...

...only to be confronted by an angry mob who accused them of kidnapping the Prophet. Des threatened to kill everyone, which went about as well as you'd expect, but the rational members of the party explained what had happened, revealing that Rohini had been a succubus the whole time.

The party was able to remove the orb's affliction from Fenerick and Lo-Thar with help from a cleric named Taco, who Des bullied into providing the expensive ritual for free. He had apparently been quite disgruntled by the experience.

With the party restored and rested, they made haste to once again venture down through the Well of Bones and seek out the Hex Locus.
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Never Surrender
In the lair of the dragons, the party found a couple strange magic items: A pair of bracers and an orb of polished petrified wood. The objects were intricately inscribed in an unidentified language, and capable of projecting magical force fields for a short duration.

The party returned to Mayor Galt and told him of their victory. The dwarf was oddly surprised they had returned so soon, but the heroes thought nothing of it and left in a hurry when he didn't seem interested in offering a monetary reward.

They had further business to attend to: General Rau's errand regarding necromancers. They found him near the dungeons and were ushered into a quiet alcove to hear what he had to say. He explained that he had been interrogating the Thayan prisoner they had captured in the river district a while back, and had learned the location of a necromancer meeting-place beneath the Burtlet Mausoleum in the Neverdeath graveyard. He told them the time and place to apprehend the necromancers and left it up to them to do the job.

With time to kill, most of the party decided to rest. While Des made contacts at the Leviathan, Lo-Thar swiftly made his way to Neverwinter Wood where he encountered other Grey Wolves who had been forsworn by the tribe. They agreed to support him in his quest to overthrow the leadership of the tribe and remove Netheril's influence.

Once everyone had regrouped, they decided to get to the mausoleum hours ahead of time to get the drop on the necromancers. On the way, they drew the attention of a watchful city guard, but were able to shoo him off easily enough.

They broke into the crypt, which apparently had been sealed to prevent undead creatures from escaping. Des felt a shiver as he entered the crypt, as if part of his soul wanted to stay outside.

They descended a stone stairway deep underground, until they came to a deep rift blocking their way. They were able to cross it easily, using a combination of athletic prowess and magical aptitude, but were ambushed by zombies on the other side of the pit. They mopped up and, after a short rest, proceeded deeper into the crypt.

They came to a large room containing old, broken sarcophagi. As they crossed to the pair of double doors on the other side of the room, the doors swung open, revealing none other than general Voxen Rau, flanked by his guards. It had been a trap all along.

Voxen explained that he desired an object in their possession (the dragon knuckle.) He told them that he had taken it from Valindra Shadowmantle without her knowledge, and that when she realized it was missing, no one in Neverwinter would be safe from her wrath. For the safety of the city, they needed to give it to him--or else.

The party refused to be bullied, and would not give it to him, especially if that meant returning it to Valindra. They asked him what he knew about it and why he wanted it. He divulged that the bone had been bait to draw Cymril out of hiding, a plot which had gone off without a hitch. Tensions grew--Vilnyk's conspiratory edge becoming more and more accusatory, and Des' implacable confidence sealing the deal--and finally Voxen ordered his men to attack.

As the general drew his jagged-edge rapier, it thrummed and rang with magical energy. He wasn't just an expert swordsman--he was a Bladesinger! Fortunately for the party, they also had a powerful array of spells to unleash upon Rau's guards, who were drawn in by Mika's enchantment and detonated by a thunderous blast from Fenerick.

Rau darted in to strike, spells glinting off his blade. Des was brutally gashed, but the magic of his allies kept him fighting and he slashed back, forcing the sword-mage to blink away. The guards were falling one by one. Des scored a deep cut and his eyes glowed red with blood thirst, and Rau's eyes grew wide. He had seen Des' true nature and recognized what it was. "You're playing for the wrong team, boy!"

Rau's incredible agility and wide assortment of defensive abilities made him a worthy adversary for the group, but with support from his allies dwindling he was forced to retreat before too long. As he stumbled away, bloodied and reeling, he shouted out a few jabs about the party being blinded by righteousness and warned them that Neverember's rule wouldn't last forever. Power is awarded to those who seize it, and so on. And he disappeared into a secret door, which slowed down the party enough for him to escape.

After determining that the passage led to the surface (and no more threats loomed in the next few minutes), the party returned to the crypt to interrogate the guards they had defeated.
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