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    Lorik Goliath/M/Stkr/Monk/1
  • M_dwarf1_thumb
    Belek Blackhand Dwarf/M/Def/Fighter
    Description:While he feels imprisoned in Ravenloft, he also sees it as an opportunity to fight and take out his aggression from the hardships he suffered before arriving, as well as hone his skills so that his past will never have a chance of repeating itself when and if he finds a way out.
    Background:For several years, Belek lived a happy, prosperous life as a blacksmith, selling well crafted goods to adventurers and guards. Wanting to test out his weapons to improve his craft, Belek also naturally trained in martial combat, but his lack of a teacher caused a lack of discipline in when one sh...
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    Callia Half-Dwarf (Mul)/F/Ldr/Shaman/4
    "From the wilds, I triumph!"
    Description: Callia stands 5'8" and 250 Lbs. She incorporates the best of enduring for both human and dwarf, but identifies with her dwarf side more. She has a thousand mile stare often on her face representing the hard survival then slavery she suffered for decides bef...
    Background: Callia was born to the wastlands of Athas. Like many other Mul of her kind, she was captured and enslaved for hard labor. Slavery was most of her life, barely any memory of what was before remained. Then, she was enveloped by a strange mist, and ended up in t...
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    Drago Thul Vryloka/M/Stkr/Blackguard/2
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    Garrett Githzerai/M/Stkr/Monk/3
    "You might as well stand and fight because if you run, you will only die tired."
    Description:Garrett stands taller than most githzerai. A loose dark brown tunic hangs from his lanky frame. Black breeches and brown sandals complete his attire. He does not appear to be armed, but his backpack or the folds of his clothing could hide a weapon. His most striking feature is his somewhat ...
    Background:Auntie is the only parent Garrett ever remembers having. She never really explained what happened to Garrett's actual parents. Just that it was 'unpleasant business'. Other children lived with Auntie as well. No one got a free ride. Everyone was expected to earn their keep by finding things...
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    Eilonwy madryad/F/Contr/Witch/1
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    Kazetora Human/M/Swordmage/2

Retired Characters

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    Varis (Retired) Elven/M/Stkr/Rogue/2
    "The sands will always be there, so enjoy your time in the sun (loosely translated from elven)"
    Details:====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Varis, level 1 Elf, Rogue (Thief) Dark Sun Theme: Wasteland Nomad FINAL ABILITY SCORES STR 10, CON 15, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 12 STARTING ABILITY SCORES STR 10, CON 15, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 12 ...
  • Rogue_thumb
    Arturio Duvoi (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Rogue/1
    "What's that? You've lost your coinpurse? Well for a modest fee I will help find this scoundrel."
    Description:A well dressed man of medium build in a tight leather jacket. He has a short sword on his belt and daggers on his belt, shoulder, and chest. He has short slicked back black hair, with a small goatee and mustache. His eyes are a bright green and they shine with eagerness when faced with a challenge.

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