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    Burdock Gnome/M/Theif/4
    "Nobody suspects the short ones."
    Description:Chaotic Neutral gnome thief. He's 63 years young, 3 feet tall, and weighs in at 60 lbs. His favorite ability is to hide in the shadows, even though he's not very good at it...
    Details:Stats Armor Class: 7 Max HP: 20 STR 11: Bend bars 2% wgt. allow 0 open doors 1-2 INT 12: max lang. 3 WIS 10: DEX 12: CON 11: system shock 75% resurrect survival 80% CHA 11: max hench 4 Saving Throws Paralyze/Poison/Death 13 (+1) Petrification,Polymorph 12 (+1) Rod,Staff...
  • 36347_406119637019_692252019_4175530_405296_n_thumb
    Lidan Human/M/Def/Paladin/1
    "E Pluribus Fetus"
    Description:Lidan is a dangerously oblivious Paladin who hails from the town of Pallet (lol). His hobbies include drinking, carrying Burdock's half-dead body around, and not noticing when his friends commit felonies. While dense and occasionally very unlucky, he is a decent sort and good to have around in a ...
    Background:A naturally husky fellow, Lidan became a paladin at a very young age and with very little ability for reasons that he is honestly a little fuzzy on at the moment.
    Details:Stats Armor Class: 2 Max HP: 10 STR 12: Bend bars 4% wgt. allow +100 open doors 1-2 INT 9: max lang. 1 WIS 13: DEX 7: CON 9: system shock 65% resurrect survival 70% CHA 17: max hench 10 Saving Throws Parlyze/Poison/Death 14 (+2) Petrification,Polymorph 15 (+2) Rod,Staff,Wand 16 ...
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    Verine Half - Elf/F/Ranger
    "Adventure is out there!"
    Description:An eccentric Half-Elf who is a lover of all things adventuresome. She's impulsive, clumsy, and ridiculous to boot. It's a wonder people ever feel safe when she's around. She set out on a quest for adventure and ended up with a rag tag bunch of misfits where she feels she fits right in.
    Background:She comes from a large family and has developed a thick skin and a quick wit as a result.
    Details:Armor Class: 4 Max HP: 13 STR 14: Bend bars 7% wgt. allow 200 open doors 1-2 INT 13: max lang. 3 WIS 14: DEX 12: CON 14: system shock 92% resurrect survival 88% CHA 11: max hench 4 Saving Throws Parlyze/Poison/Death 14 Petrification,Polymorph 15 Rod,Staff,Wand 16 Breath 17 Spell ...
  • Sothe_thumb
    Doub Human/M/Cleric/2
    "The money's under the mattress."
    Background:My name is Doub. I come from a long line of fighters and healers though I know little of my family other than this. I have no memory of my mother and I can only assume that I have no siblings. Last year my father, Poobpelch, set out on a short journey but never came home. After several weeks of a...
    Details:I am a loyal servant of Thor and have aligned myself with the chaotic good. I'm known for my harmless pranks and foolish antics among those in my party. I see joy in entertaining the group, but I sometimes do this at the expense of others. I make quick judgments about those I meet, and some have ...
  • Aliaga_thumb
    Aliaga Darkeyes Human/F/Contr/Magic-User/1
    "All you need is love"
    Description:Aliga is a 21 year old Magic User from the kingdom of Rodeme. After a somewhat tortured past, she is hoping to move on and become a defender of justice. She is more docile in nature than her older sister, Petra, and likes to avoid conflict as much as possible. She hopes to one day become a strong...
    Details:Stats Armor Class: 8 Max HP: 4 STR 10: Hit prob: +0 Bend bars 1% wgt. allow +0 open doors 1-2 INT 16: max lang: 5 Know spell: 65% Min spells: 7 Max Spells: 11 WIS 12: DEX 16: Missile adjustment: +1 Defense adj.: -2 CON 12: system shock 80% resurrect survival 85% CHA 12: max hench 5 S...
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    Dumble Gnome/M/Illusionist
  • Barbaria_thumb
    Barbaria Elf/F/Def/Fighter/3
    Description:A bad-ass Amazonian freak-of-nature elf.
    Background:One day, I just appeared. I am an amnesiac.

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