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Session 12: In Search of the Crown
Despite the heroes' recent victory, news of Nygel's death was a sigificant blow to the morale of everyone. The Son's of Tempus wanted blood and the Eastwatch leaders struggled to keep the alliance together.

Ebaark had little time for despair, however, and urged the party to move on the keep. After a quick recon job, they confirmed no hell hounds to be present, but were suprised to find the keep guarded by a Yssge warband.

The Broken-Axe clan were under orders to keep any would-be dungeoneers out of the keep; not by their warchief, but by a blue star adept who recently made arrangements with their warchief. This angred the storm shaman who presided over the warband. He goaded Ebaark into a contest of strength. If he won, the storm shaman could still feel powerful, and if he lost, he was no longer beholden to the blue star's commands.

As with all challenges met before Ebaark, he stood victorious in th end. And to the victor come the spoils; Thunderstrike, the mighty morningstar wielded by the storm shaman was now his to command. With his newfound weapon, Ebaark lead the party into the keep and down into the crypts.

Inside the crypts, the creeping madness was overwhelming. It confirmed their suspicions that the place was not simply haunted, rather that it was corrupted by the chasm. The madness assaulted the party, making it hard to concentrate or even trust eachother. Because of this, William passed right through a magical trap he should have spotted. The ensuing explosion left Ebaark, William, and Helge barely conscious and strewn about the place.

Following the explosion came another obstacle; corrupted, undead rats. The rats swarmed over the party, gnashing and clawing at any open flesh. It took a combined effort from all to bring the beasts down. Before they could rest, however, they could see the bodies slowly beginning to move again... The heroes made quick effort in escaping the reanimating rats, only to find themselves in a much more dangerous situation.

In a large, magically lit chamber, were a number of make-shift desks. On the desks were scrolls and texts from throughout the keep. Studying over these texts were a cabal of Blue Star adepts, lead by a Quorum master, Valindra Shadowmantle. She was surprised to see them, but not hostile. Rather, Valindra was quite helpful. Seeing as they were focused on their mission, she saw potential in aiding the Eastwatch. As such, she provided the heroes with some magical healing and sent her Tyro, Jimmel to accompany them in the deeper crypts...
Session: Session 12 - Sunday, Mar 04 2012 from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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