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Session 14: Stacking the Deck
With the skull card drawn, Valindra encircled her allies in a protective ward and made hasty exit through the portal. The party was left to deal with the undead menace. They would not do so alone, however, as Tyro Jimmel chose to stand with them.

It was a bloodbath. Jimmel fell first; his spirit releasing in anger as a new wraith. William suffered greatly at the hands of the creatures. His fightin style was unaccustomed to dealing with apparitions. Before long, he struggled to stand and succumbed to the necrotic energy warping his soul. He, too, would rise again as a wraith.

Ebaark, on the other hand, appeared to take great joy in the battle. His valor kept the wraiths at bay while he unleashed furious retribution upon them. More often than not, his morningstar connected. As the miniutes continued on, his smile began to fade. No matter how many times he swung, Ebaark could not bring down his foe. He watched as Jimmel and William fell, helpless to save them. The warding circle was broken by Pelias, but Ebaark refused to abandon them. Then, too, fell Pelias.

Helge continued loosing arrows at his targets, but even his precision was duped by the insubstantial nature of the wraiths. One look at Ebaark was all he needed to run for the portal. As he ran out, he remembered his card. He drew, but had not yet looked at it. Overturned in his hand was the moon card... "William, return to us", he whispered, guilt filling in his gut as the spirits of Pelias and Jimmel advanced upon him. With a quick jump through the portal, Helge found himself on the main floor of the keep. Ebaark was soon to follow.

The moon card vanished in a flash of light, leaving a confused and fear-stricken William standing before them. So sudden was his appearance, a gasp was heard from behind a shelf. Out stepped a young hawkmask William called "Pip". He had been worried about Wiliam's departure from the guild and was keeping tabs on his friend. Before they could exchange welcomes, a shout came from outside the walls.

"By order of Lord Theronall, exit the ruins and surrender, villains!" Sabine had returned with a garrison of soldiers, hell bent on capturing the party. William quickly handed the crown to Pip and told him to get out quietly. The party barred the doors and headed for the rooftop.

The heroes leapt from the keep to the wall and quickly scrambled into the city, with Sabine hot on their heels. They spread out in the maze, hoping to lose the guards, but ended up both surprised and dismayed to be routed by hawkmasks...
Session: Session 14 - Sunday, Apr 15 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 11: The Fire Inside
The heroes were happy, albeit concerned, to see Locus return from beyond. His sudden appearance at the barracks startled everyone, though that would pass with a few drinks...supplied by Nygel and the House of a Thousand Faces. Off they were to the tavern for drink and song, though their merriment would not last.

Upon entering the tavern, Grendel was spotted by none other than Toram, leader of the Eastwatch Rangers. He drew down on Grendel, calling him by his real name, Helge, and challenging the party's honor; a challenge they all too eagerly accepted. In the rain-soaked streets, the heroes beat the eastwatch leader and his allies into submission. Even with a blue star adept, the eastwatch were sorely outmatched. Spitting blood and teeth onto the ground, Toram yeilded. Not before calling out Helge as the coward and turncoat they suspected.

Afterward, Helge explained how he ended up in Sanctuary, with the Eastwatch, and how he was expelled from their ranks and marked a traitor. He was present when the Sons of Tempus leader, Cymril, was ambushed by Theronall's hellhounds. During the fight, Cymril turned against her allies and cut them down, but not before suffering a mortal wound, herself. The rangers believed Helge to be involved, seeing as he was the only survior and wove a tale of betrayal. He stayed in Sanctuary hoping to clear his name when he fell in with the party. Alas, the trail had gone cold and there was likely no way to clear his name. No way, that is, save for calling in a favor.

Jubal was not displeased to be helping the party once again, as they seemed to get things done. He offered up some information on a very strange shipment leaving Theronall's private ship later that evening. Suspicious that a ship leaves port the very evening that the Eastwatch Ranger leader arrives. William hung around a little longer to discuss private matters with Jubal, while the rest of the group prepared for a little boat ride.

The party commandeered some rowboats and made their way to the anchored ship. On deck, they found far too many armored soldiers for such a late hour. Quickly, they set to dispatching the guards before reinforcements were called. Unfortunately for them, Helge fired one of the ship's ballistae directly into the deck, alerting those below.

From below deck came General Sabine and her lieutenants, along with a battle-ready Cymril! The realization of her being alive shocked the party, leaving them open for surprise attack--for Cymril she was not. Rather, a Yuan-ti skin-changer had assumed her appearance and used it to befuddle the party during the assault. It was mostly successful, as she used her powers of deception in convincing Pelias to attack Locus while William held off Sabine.

What seemed like an eternity was over in minutes. The skin-changer lay dying while Theronall's men abandoned ship. Sabine made her escape while the party was distracted, only leaving her sword behind. Below deck, Helge found the real Cymril alive and safe. Strange, considering she had been a captor for at least a year.

With the ship burning in the bay, the party made their way back to shore. Waiting for them was Toram and his rangers, both thankful and apologetic. The rangers took them to a safe-house to bandage their wounds. Once there, Cymril explained Theronall's plan. She was the last descendant of Emperor Kafen Theron. By faking her death, the insurgents were left leaderless and separated, giving him time to prepare her for a wedding in Ranke. With sufficient wealth and power backing him, Theronall could marry Cymril to legitimize himself as Emperor.

Despite their ruining of Theronall's plans, Cymril warned the party against resting. If he could locate the lost crown of Theron, he could use that as a tool for legitimacy, as well. Accepting inclusion into the Eastwatch, the party swore they would find the crown first...
Session: Session 11 - Saturday, Feb 25 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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