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Session 14: Stacking the Deck
With the skull card drawn, Valindra encircled her allies in a protective ward and made hasty exit through the portal. The party was left to deal with the undead menace. They would not do so alone, however, as Tyro Jimmel chose to stand with them.

It was a bloodbath. Jimmel fell first; his spirit releasing in anger as a new wraith. William suffered greatly at the hands of the creatures. His fightin style was unaccustomed to dealing with apparitions. Before long, he struggled to stand and succumbed to the necrotic energy warping his soul. He, too, would rise again as a wraith.

Ebaark, on the other hand, appeared to take great joy in the battle. His valor kept the wraiths at bay while he unleashed furious retribution upon them. More often than not, his morningstar connected. As the miniutes continued on, his smile began to fade. No matter how many times he swung, Ebaark could not bring down his foe. He watched as Jimmel and William fell, helpless to save them. The warding circle was broken by Pelias, but Ebaark refused to abandon them. Then, too, fell Pelias.

Helge continued loosing arrows at his targets, but even his precision was duped by the insubstantial nature of the wraiths. One look at Ebaark was all he needed to run for the portal. As he ran out, he remembered his card. He drew, but had not yet looked at it. Overturned in his hand was the moon card... "William, return to us", he whispered, guilt filling in his gut as the spirits of Pelias and Jimmel advanced upon him. With a quick jump through the portal, Helge found himself on the main floor of the keep. Ebaark was soon to follow.

The moon card vanished in a flash of light, leaving a confused and fear-stricken William standing before them. So sudden was his appearance, a gasp was heard from behind a shelf. Out stepped a young hawkmask William called "Pip". He had been worried about Wiliam's departure from the guild and was keeping tabs on his friend. Before they could exchange welcomes, a shout came from outside the walls.

"By order of Lord Theronall, exit the ruins and surrender, villains!" Sabine had returned with a garrison of soldiers, hell bent on capturing the party. William quickly handed the crown to Pip and told him to get out quietly. The party barred the doors and headed for the rooftop.

The heroes leapt from the keep to the wall and quickly scrambled into the city, with Sabine hot on their heels. They spread out in the maze, hoping to lose the guards, but ended up both surprised and dismayed to be routed by hawkmasks...
Session: Session 14 - Sunday, Apr 15 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 13: Many Things...
With the blue star adept in tow, the party continued exploring the maze-like crypts of Sanctuary keep. Though the keep had not seen activity in the depths for many years, there were still dangers to avoid, such as crystalline spiders who find their way in the dark underground in search of light sources to snuff out. Their glass-like webs were particularly dangerous for the party, causing many bleeding wounds. Said encounter also drew forth a hulking zombie--some long-forgotten prisoner stretched out on a rack, left to die but animated during the cataclysm. The freakish beheamoth stalked the halls in search of it's former tormentors.

After surpassing those challenges, the party would stumble upon a host of aberrant worms William would later refer to as grick. They swarmed the party from all angles, hoping to snag one of the members as food. However, between William's quick thinking and Pelias' poison, the creatures were quickly turned away. In their burrowing escape, the grick caused a tunnel to collapse, blocking their exit from the crypts. The Tyro, Jimmel was physically exhausted and Ebaark lay unconscious on the ground. Pelias located a small store room they could secure themselves in for a few hours.

Once Ebaark had rested long enough, the party continued their search for the crown. Ebaark found a tomb that housed the Sons of Sanctuary, while Pelias located a secret passage that went deeper into the crypts. The party opted to look for the crown in the tomb, first.

Inside, they found five sarcophagi with ancient rankan inscribed upon them. Each were named. Uther-Sol, Titus-Sol, the Dawn Celebrant, Raylos, and Kal-Dawn-Sol. William explained that these were five of the seven "suns" of Pelor; his vessels in this world. In speaking their names, each of the spirits rose from their tombs. This was a holy place, and only the blessed may enter. Jimmel prepared a fireball but the others quickly moved to the altar and knelt in respect to the legendary heroes. William, in reciting the proper prayers from his childhood, was granted the blessing of Pelor. The spirits said he would need it when confronted by the sevenths Sun, Tempus.

The spirits also saw in the heroes the potential to save Sanctuary. As such, each were gifted a powerful item to assist them in their task; Raylos offered his valor, Kal-Dawn offered his arm wrappings, and Titus-Sol offered his cloak of Zu. The party accepted the gifts and made their way to the secret passage, and the confrontation with Tempus.

The lavish tomb was a sizeable temple of Pelor. As they entered, the statue burst into flames and the angelic visage of the greatest Lightbringer stood before them. Only William was allowed to cross the archway, as only William was blessed. Before he could, however, Jimmel opened a portal and allowed Valindra access to the tomb.

Oh snap, she's a lich!

When the blue star adepts emerged, Tempus became enraged. His holy light eroded the illusions surrounding the blue star, showing Valindra for what she really was, a lich. The party was ready to destroy her, despite her very honest warnings that they would all succumb to domination and crontrol for trying, when she made her offer.

"I simply ask that William take what the angel is really guarding down here. You see, Tempus keeps Baba Yaga's Tarot Cards within this tomb. Those very cards were used by Baba Yaga when she tricked the Raven Queen into releasing Yaga's soul. If you retrieve the cards for me, and take part in a small ritual, I will be on my way. If not, well, I do not wish to fight you, but I will to get what I want."

Valindra, like many blue star, feared death, and sought ways around it. She belived she could use the cards to cheat death as well. Despite William's misgivings, the party did agree, and took part in the ritual. William was allowed to leave with the cards, and Tempus could do nothing to stop it. Ebaark, Pelias, and William each drew three cards from the deck and accepted the reward and ruin as they came. Valindra then left with the cards and the party was free to go.

Ebaark was richly rewarded, gaining vast knowledge and wealth, while Pelias was able to resurrect Nygel before being assaulted by creatures from beyond... William, however, fared the worst. In his defiance of both Pelor and the Raven Queen he earned the emnity of both the Sun god and the goddess of death.

Tempus readied his weapons and summoned forth archangels, while someone else has a far more wicked plan for him...

Angels with Filthy Souls
Session: Session 13 - Sunday, Mar 18 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 12: In Search of the Crown
Despite the heroes' recent victory, news of Nygel's death was a sigificant blow to the morale of everyone. The Son's of Tempus wanted blood and the Eastwatch leaders struggled to keep the alliance together.

Ebaark had little time for despair, however, and urged the party to move on the keep. After a quick recon job, they confirmed no hell hounds to be present, but were suprised to find the keep guarded by a Yssge warband.

The Broken-Axe clan were under orders to keep any would-be dungeoneers out of the keep; not by their warchief, but by a blue star adept who recently made arrangements with their warchief. This angred the storm shaman who presided over the warband. He goaded Ebaark into a contest of strength. If he won, the storm shaman could still feel powerful, and if he lost, he was no longer beholden to the blue star's commands.

As with all challenges met before Ebaark, he stood victorious in th end. And to the victor come the spoils; Thunderstrike, the mighty morningstar wielded by the storm shaman was now his to command. With his newfound weapon, Ebaark lead the party into the keep and down into the crypts.

Inside the crypts, the creeping madness was overwhelming. It confirmed their suspicions that the place was not simply haunted, rather that it was corrupted by the chasm. The madness assaulted the party, making it hard to concentrate or even trust eachother. Because of this, William passed right through a magical trap he should have spotted. The ensuing explosion left Ebaark, William, and Helge barely conscious and strewn about the place.

Following the explosion came another obstacle; corrupted, undead rats. The rats swarmed over the party, gnashing and clawing at any open flesh. It took a combined effort from all to bring the beasts down. Before they could rest, however, they could see the bodies slowly beginning to move again... The heroes made quick effort in escaping the reanimating rats, only to find themselves in a much more dangerous situation.

In a large, magically lit chamber, were a number of make-shift desks. On the desks were scrolls and texts from throughout the keep. Studying over these texts were a cabal of Blue Star adepts, lead by a Quorum master, Valindra Shadowmantle. She was surprised to see them, but not hostile. Rather, Valindra was quite helpful. Seeing as they were focused on their mission, she saw potential in aiding the Eastwatch. As such, she provided the heroes with some magical healing and sent her Tyro, Jimmel to accompany them in the deeper crypts...
Session: Session 12 - Sunday, Mar 04 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 11: The Fire Inside
The heroes were happy, albeit concerned, to see Locus return from beyond. His sudden appearance at the barracks startled everyone, though that would pass with a few drinks...supplied by Nygel and the House of a Thousand Faces. Off they were to the tavern for drink and song, though their merriment would not last.

Upon entering the tavern, Grendel was spotted by none other than Toram, leader of the Eastwatch Rangers. He drew down on Grendel, calling him by his real name, Helge, and challenging the party's honor; a challenge they all too eagerly accepted. In the rain-soaked streets, the heroes beat the eastwatch leader and his allies into submission. Even with a blue star adept, the eastwatch were sorely outmatched. Spitting blood and teeth onto the ground, Toram yeilded. Not before calling out Helge as the coward and turncoat they suspected.

Afterward, Helge explained how he ended up in Sanctuary, with the Eastwatch, and how he was expelled from their ranks and marked a traitor. He was present when the Sons of Tempus leader, Cymril, was ambushed by Theronall's hellhounds. During the fight, Cymril turned against her allies and cut them down, but not before suffering a mortal wound, herself. The rangers believed Helge to be involved, seeing as he was the only survior and wove a tale of betrayal. He stayed in Sanctuary hoping to clear his name when he fell in with the party. Alas, the trail had gone cold and there was likely no way to clear his name. No way, that is, save for calling in a favor.

Jubal was not displeased to be helping the party once again, as they seemed to get things done. He offered up some information on a very strange shipment leaving Theronall's private ship later that evening. Suspicious that a ship leaves port the very evening that the Eastwatch Ranger leader arrives. William hung around a little longer to discuss private matters with Jubal, while the rest of the group prepared for a little boat ride.

The party commandeered some rowboats and made their way to the anchored ship. On deck, they found far too many armored soldiers for such a late hour. Quickly, they set to dispatching the guards before reinforcements were called. Unfortunately for them, Helge fired one of the ship's ballistae directly into the deck, alerting those below.

From below deck came General Sabine and her lieutenants, along with a battle-ready Cymril! The realization of her being alive shocked the party, leaving them open for surprise attack--for Cymril she was not. Rather, a Yuan-ti skin-changer had assumed her appearance and used it to befuddle the party during the assault. It was mostly successful, as she used her powers of deception in convincing Pelias to attack Locus while William held off Sabine.

What seemed like an eternity was over in minutes. The skin-changer lay dying while Theronall's men abandoned ship. Sabine made her escape while the party was distracted, only leaving her sword behind. Below deck, Helge found the real Cymril alive and safe. Strange, considering she had been a captor for at least a year.

With the ship burning in the bay, the party made their way back to shore. Waiting for them was Toram and his rangers, both thankful and apologetic. The rangers took them to a safe-house to bandage their wounds. Once there, Cymril explained Theronall's plan. She was the last descendant of Emperor Kafen Theron. By faking her death, the insurgents were left leaderless and separated, giving him time to prepare her for a wedding in Ranke. With sufficient wealth and power backing him, Theronall could marry Cymril to legitimize himself as Emperor.

Despite their ruining of Theronall's plans, Cymril warned the party against resting. If he could locate the lost crown of Theron, he could use that as a tool for legitimacy, as well. Accepting inclusion into the Eastwatch, the party swore they would find the crown first...
Session: Session 11 - Saturday, Feb 25 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 10: The Symphony of Madness
"Do you hear that music?" Locus mused... Not to anyone in particular, rather speaking to the darkness. The others felt it, too. Well, all save for Ebaark. He may have been disturbed by this place, but it wasn't affecting him on a psychic level.

The heroes made their way toward the giant crystal spire while avoiding patrols of reavers. Upon closer inspection, the base of the crystal tower was made up of some organic fleshy lifeform. It smelled as bad as it looked and sounded, creating an atmosphere of unease amongst the party. As they silently stalked the corridors, they found numerous egg sacks hanging from the walls and floors. Before they could examin the sacks, however, William walked into a large moving mass of mucus, which then caused the sacks to burst with reaver spawn!

They're coming outta the walls. They're coming outta the goddamn walls. Let's book!

The gelatinous mass attempted to consume the party, while the reavers infected the party with madness. Being so affected, Locus nearly killed William. He snapped out of it in time, however, and the party was able to focus on the mass while Pelias took care of the remaining egg sacks.

There's always room for Jell-O!

It became apparent to all that Ebaark's immunity to the effects of the crystal also granted him some measure of power over the place. In here, he could open portals, close passageways, and hide their passage from patrols. He was even able to locate his former master, Grimalkkyn, though seeing his master being slowly consumed by the tower was painful for the powerful cleric. After dealing with some crystal golems, Ebaark ended his master's suffering and the party found their way to the top of the tower.

In the uppermost chamber was a pool of what appeared to be brain fluid. Floating in the pool was some sort of fish-like demon. The creature seemed to know Ebarrk--a fact that sent the barbarian into a rage--and sent its minions to capture and consume his friends. While the party dealt with the monsters, Pelias found Garrett's son, being prepped for addition into the walls of the tower.

There's something fishy about this guy

Once the beast was felled, the tower began to crack and crumble. The party made a quick dash to the portal with the child in tow. As each went through, they found it was no longer easily controllable, and they were teleported to the top of the tower, while it was falling!

Pelias used his kusari-gama's endless chain to swing to the floor while William went from stalactite to stalactite until he could climb down the walls. Ebaark attempted to stabilize the building using his willpower, allowing him to run down the floatind debris.

As they reached the bottom safely, William asked where Locus was. Pelias saw him teleport into the portal, but he never came through the other side. They had little time to mourn, however, as the cavern was collapsing without the power of the Aboleth to keep it intact.

Once they were safely out of the chasm, the party could see the destruction they caused. The chasm was nearly twice the size as before, encompasing much of the quarrantine zone. The hell hounds and guardians of the wall were all around them, standing at the ready. When they saw the party through the dust, cheers erupted across the battlefield. Apparently, the reavers were trying to escape during the battle, so Sabine had lead a charge to keep them contained. They witnessed the fall of the chasm first hand.

Garrett was overjoyed at the return of his son, and the party were treated as champions. All was well in Sanctuary, for now.

But what became of Locus?...
Session: Session 10 - Sunday, Feb 12 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 9: Into the Chasm
Following the prison break, our heroes returned to defense on the wall. Not only was it a great place to hide from General Sabine's investigation, but they felt good defending the people of Sanctuary. After a particularly dangerous assault from the chasm, the heroes stood triumphant, with the other defenders rallying around Ebaark's impressive strength. Unfortunately, the reavers' succeeded in part of their mission.

Garrett, the requesition officer, arrived at the wall in a cold sweat, screaming for Ebaark. Some reavers had found a way through the wall and kidnapped his son. Ebaark was ready to send in the cavalry, but Sabine ordered the hell hounds to stand down. There was too much at stake to send all of the soldiers down to the chasm. She did not stand in the way of the party, however. If they died, she didn't see that as a problem.

The party made haste to the deep chasm, only to be waylaid by winged aberrant beasts. The creatures appeared to be sentries for the denizens of the chasm; something the heroes had not seen before. Before the shrieking creaturs could alert others, however, they were quickly subdued.

apparently,there are few options for the working woman in a fantasy world

The journey down the chasm was much more difficult. Fire erupted from the walls and just as quickly froze. Earth melted into water and blew away as wind. The primal spirits were in a state of chaos, here, and as such attacked any intruders. It was not easy for the party to battle off earth, fire, and ice elementals while hanging on the sid of a rocky, yet unstable wall. Yet, somehow they managed to beat the creatures into submission and continue their descent. Locus even found the heart of an ice elemental, using it to imbue his scythe with elemental power.

Reaching the bottom of the chasm, Locus started humming a strange tune. Ebaark could see he was scratching at his arms. The madness wsa beginning to affect them. The party made haste to find the boy and get out of this place. What they found surprised them all.

Salvatore's gonna sue someone over this

Deeper in the chasm, guarded by reavers was a giant crystal spire, pulsating with dark energy. The reavers surrounding the crystal acted differently, here. Gone was the completely random attacks and beast-like strategies. Down here the reavers acted tactically, as if some greater mind was crontrolling them.

Greater mind or no, the party slew the creatures and made their way toward the crystal...
Session: Session 9 - Sunday, Feb 05 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 8: Prison Break
Sabine was less than pleased. All evidence pointed to conspiracy by the party to conquer Farron's Guard. Arresting and executing them would play well with the populous. Lord Theronall, however, saw it differently. There was nothing beyond a simple coincidence that they were involved, and Ebaark was still seen as a hero to the wall watchmen. As such, he thanked them for service and sent them on their way.

The heroes were quite confused, but happy to be released. William was mostly concerned with getting his monthly pay for the last "years" service. Unfortunately, that business would have to wait. Nygel had a job for them. The unnamed greycloak leader needed their help in breaking some stepsons out of prison--not the barracks guard; Lord Theronall's private dungeon.

The four Sons of Tempus were quietly arrested and placed in Theronall's dungeon below his keep. They were scheduled for execution in three days. The greycloak offered the party 200gp for each stepson returned. Despite the overwhelming chance of being caught, they all agreed. Before they could put a plan in motion, however, the party's presence was requested by the leader of the hawkmasks.

Are birds actually that big here?

Jubal had heard about their plan to free the stepsons and offered to sweeten the deal. A hawkmask, three fingers, was also being detained in the private dungeon. Jubal offered a favor if the party freed her, as well. William gladly accepted, and plans were drawn up.

After dropping some coin and making a few "illicit" purchases, Pelias had acquired a s'danzo passkey and the necessary materials to forge honor guard disguises. Meanwhile, William and Ebaark spent the better part of the evening getting the requesition officer, Garrett, drunk in the hopes that he'd spill valuable information. And spill he did. They knew how many guards to look out for, when the shift changes were, and how best to gain entrance. All was in place.

The break-out itself was quite easy. The party used Garrett to gain access, along with Pelias' disguises, and made short work of the guards in the prison. All would have been extremely easy were it not for the captain. Her fighting style mirrored Williams; something that surprised everyone, as she was a noble of Sanctuary. Strange that two people of very different stature would utilize the same skillsets. There was little time to discuss form and stance, however, and Ebaark struck a surprise blow from behind, knocking the captain unconscious. William stole her sword, a nice blade, and the prisoners were freed. Three fingers planted a kiss on William and laughed at how slow they were, before darting away.

The party's exit was as quiet as their entrance, and they were back on the wall before anyone was wise to their plan. All in all, it was a good day. Some money changed hands and some friends were made. Heck, they even learned that Lord Theronall agreed to backpay them for services rendered!
Session: Session 8 - Sunday, Jan 29 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 7: Bridge over The River Fey
...The heroes' reprieve was only temporary, however, as Hesskin's warriors emerged from the woods, bringing powerful reinforcements to the beysibians. The druid informed the party that the Nereid's strength was only yet returning; she acted too quickly. Hesskin was aware of this, as well, and was breaking from the conflict with a large group of warriors. Ending the Nereid would save them many lives, along with granting them mastery of the forest.

To protect the Nereid, the heroes set up a choke point on an ancient bridge. Exhausted as they were, they would stand in unity. The druid suggested they take a drink, only one drink, from the river. In doing so, the heroes felt rejuvenated and energized. Locus, Grendel and the druid took to the woods, striking and slowing the advancing army, while Pelias, Ebaark, and William held the bridge.

It was a long, hard battle. Before the day was through many beysibians drew their last breath, though the heroes still stood vigilant. In the end, Hesskin stood before them, having dropped Koru with a well placed bolt. Pelias challenged him and his forsaken masters while the black mamba clan watched. Hesskin accepted, having easily defeated them once, already. This time, however, was different. In a matter of moments, the black mamba master was on his knees with the kusari-gama chain around his neck. Pelias accepted Hesskin's request to an honorable death and the battle was won.

"In retrospect, I should have challenged only one of them."

Koru survived, thanks to Ebaark's power. Though the great cleric felt something when he retrieved the soul from the underworld... Perhaps there was something to Locus' claims, after all.

I hope I'm not being too subtle about this

The black mamba survivors bowed to Pelias. Though not all of the clans had been liberated, the quiet assassin let a smile escape his usual dour demeanor. A good victory was won here. The Nereid agreed, and was greatful for their aid in returning the Ashwood to her rule.

After a rest in her grove, the heroes made their exit. It was there they encountered General Sabine and a company of her soldiers. She was stunned to find them, and even more surprised to find them alive. While bringing them into her custody, Sabine explained it had been a year since the party left Sanctuary....
Session: Session 7 - Sunday, Jan 22 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 6: Ancient Enemies
After a quick escape from the town, the party made haste to the old ruins, hoping to find the beysibian's ritual site. What they did find was surprising, to say the least.

Around the temple ruins were beysibians disguised as rankan bandits. They were obviously protecting something within the ruins, so the party quickly dispatched them and found the entrance to the ancient catacombs.

Inside, they encountered numerous beysibian and forsaken guards, all working on a ritual involving the summoning of some long-dead spirit. Unfortunately for the forsaken and the heroes, the ritual was completed, unleashing the vile spirit that had once contaminated the soul of a lightbringer, Reylos Farron. The dark Reylos slaughtered the forsaken before turning his attention on the four heroes who opposed his release. It took the combined might of Pelias, William, Grendel, and Ebaark to destroy the ancient spirit, and nearly cost them everything.

With the dark Reylos destroyed, the catacombs began to collapse. His dark energy had kept the dungeon from destruction for a millennia. Before they left, however, Ebaark knelt over the dying spirit and stole his valor, the legendary armor of Tempus!

Outside, the party saw Locus and the galeb duhr fighting a horde of black mamba warriors. With the destruction of the dark Reylos, the Nereid's power over the Ashwood was returned, ensuring the battle was easily won.

All eyes were now on Ebaark, as his newfound armor pulsed with strength and raw power; his now pupil-less eyes shone with a red-hot glow.
Session: Session 6 - Sunday, Jan 15 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 5: Into the Heart of the Ashwood
Grendel slowly crept over to the waking Pelias and helped him break free of his bonds. Afterward, the two helped free the others and a plan was hashed to escape. Although their weapons and armor were removed, the beysibians did not take William's gloves, and he made quick work climbing out of the pit.

Topside, he startled a beysibian who appeared to be mounting a rescue. Koru, as he named himself, spent some time learning from Pelias when he was much younger. He opposed the forsaken, but lacked the courage to act against them. Offering what information he could, the party decided to seek out the Black Mamba's main base of operations after making short work of a few twilight guards.

Before they sought out the main camp, the party decided to cover their tracks. Grendel kept their trail covered and ensured any trackers would meet a grisly end in a nearby owlbear nest. As they traveled further into the wood, they felt the temperature drop to below freezing and were assaulted by what appeared to be trees come to life!

I've got wood for sheep.

The woodland spirits were protecting their nereid mother, Primal of the Ashwood. She demanded of them a payment; something that once given, could never be reclaimed or replaced. William offered his time. He offered to teach the spirit of the human ways, so she could better understand those around her and broker a peace. The nereid agreed and sent her apprentice, a galeb duhr druid, to follow and learn from the party.

I'm not a stand-in for someone's character..I'm sitting.

The nereid also told the party where they could find the black mamba camp, as the beysibians were using some sort of ritual or item to block her powers in that part of the forest. Off the heroes went to discover what the beysibian power truly looked like, and to see if there was a way to discover and disrupt the powersource.

What they found was quite shocking. A small remote village in the northern Ashwood full of what appeared to be rankan people. On closer inspection, however, it was clear that this was a fake. The entire town was made up of beysibians under disguise. So fully was the disguise taken on, that children were at play and farmers worked the fields.

William, Pelias, and Ebaark opted to go in and investigate, hoping to get some information that would set them on the right path, while the druid, Locus, and Grendel scouted about. Inside the town, the three headed directly for the town hall, expecting it to be a base of operations. Instead, they found a constable speaking with his deputy and a farmer about stolen vegetables. It was apparent to all that this was a ruse and Ebaark quietly barred the doors. The three townsfolk shed their disguise and attacked; one of which shed his skin entirely, becoming a spawn of zehir!


It was over as quickly as it had begun. As Pelias yanked his kusari-gama back into his hands, blood spilled from the throat of the spawn of zehir. They had alerted some townsfolk, however, and needed to make a quick escape...
Session: Session 5 - Sunday, Jan 08 2012 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 4: Ninja'd
While the party examined the Faulkoner youth's body, the Captain of Farrons Guard arrived on scene with soldiers. They set about arresting and citing the mob members, while disposing of the cultist bodies. Captain Dunfield addressed the party personally.

They were slow to respond due to the stresses of the refugees on the city, along with a group of beysibians known as the black mamba clan engaging in repeated attacks throughout the city. Dunfield believed it was part of a plan to find weak points. While he explained the situation, Pelais and Locus spotted a guard eavesdropping on their conversation. His disguise was good, but Pelias recognized him as beysibian. With his charade over, the spy made a hasty escape with the heroes in tow.

Yup, this should be easy.

Cornering him in a back alleyway, the party ordered his surrender, but found he was more than a match for the over-confident heroes. After nearly bringning the entire party low, Grendel, Ebaark and Pelias managed to wrangle the spy to the ground. Locus performed a rite of the raven on the spy, sealing his fate forever.

The spy explained that he was part of an avant garde assault on the city; to infiltrate and discover weak points for the eventual takeover of Farrons Guard. He needed to return to the camp or the black mamba leaders would know he was captured. Pelias figured he could easily impersonate the spy, so they opted to keep him prisoner.

Locus, however, was conflicted. He wanted to finish the rite of the raven, but doing so was playing to the forsaken people's way, not his. Instead, he let the spy go, something the others disagreed with. A quick nod from Ebarrk to Grendel and the spy was brought low by a perfectly aimed arrow.

And so, the heroes made their way through the Ashwood, noting the strange passage of time and wisely avoiding a nest of foul-tempered owlbears. When they finally encountered the black mamba, Pelias set his plan into motion. Dunfield had sent riders to Sanctuary for aid, and Pelias would delay the black mamba. It was working quite well. The commander, Hesskin, was visibly worried at the interference by a forsaken [Locus] and cowed to Pelias' words. Unfortunately, Locus' rage took over and he blew their cover with ill-timed words.

Had they more time, they could have sprung a surprise assault on the camp, ensuring an easy victory. However, given the confusion and anger, Hesskin was successful in regrouping his clan to victory. The heroes lay unconscious around the camp while Grendel stood at the tree line, firing away. He was forced to surrender when Hesskin's great naginata was placed at Ebaark's thraot.

This one, not so much.

The young ranger awoke some time later to find himself lowered into a pit, his arms and feet were bound. Around him, the ground wriggled uncomfortably, "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
Session: Session 4 - Sunday, Dec 18 2011 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 3: Farrons Guard
The hell hound leader, Pontus, ordered his men to attack the party, unaware that they were being watched. As the struggle began, arrows were loosed from a hunter high up on a rooftop. The young ranger who called himself Grendel came to the party's aid. Between his arrows and the quick striking of William, the hell hounds were nearly put down when the real soldiers arrived.

Lord Theronall, accompanied by his general, Sabine, led his bannermen to the docks. Sabine was furious at the actions of the hell hounds and the newly hired mercenaries. However, once the story was cleared up, the hell hounds were sentenced to time in the brig while Ebaark was promoted to Captain; that is, after he returned from guiding the refugees to Farron's guard.

The travel to Farron's guard, while short, has become more dangerous in recent years. Bandit attacks are frequent, and a few beysibian raiders have made the roads even worse. Such was the case for the heroes on this day. During the trip, Locus was thanked by the s'danzo for saving the young boy rather than killing him. The boy's sister gave him a tiger's eye pendant their father had made. Before he could respond to such a nice gift, the wagongs were attacked by diamondback beysibians!

The party leapt into action, with their new hunter-guide taking many of the beysibians down quickly. When they saw Locus and Pelias, however, they went mad with anger, focusing mostly on those two. It wasn't until Locus had one pinned that he was able to convince the assassins of the party's intentions. The assassin known as Jyrgn explained that this was all that remained of the diamondback clan. The others were under the forsaken's rule. They were raiding any and all who may be aiding the forsaken people. Apologetic, they offered some healing elixers to those they hurt and quickly dispersed into the woods.

Late that evening the party would arrive in Farron's guard. The small city was visibly struggling from the abundance of refugees sent out of Sanctuary. The prophet, however, was more than willing to accept all who needed her help and healing. Not all in the city were so accepting. Led by a young Sanctuary nobleman, an angry mob sought to lay siege to the temple, hoping to root out and kill the afflicted.

vulnerability 10: Pepper Spray

The heroes were far too skilled to be troubled by such a pathetic mob. They put a quick end to the mob by killing the mouthy nobleman. Ebaark questioned how the nobleman knew a prayer of Asmodeus, and his concerns were given weight when the vengeance brand was found on the youth's chest...

Session: Session 3 - Saturday, Dec 03 2011 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 2: Choosing Sides
The heroes had no sooner settled into their positions as guards on the wall that they met Captain Shaw. One of the hell hounds who came from Ranke with Lord Theronall, Durham Shaw has been in charge for years, despite quickly succumbing to the creeping madness.

During an inspection, one of the guards began screaming and appearing to claw himself before Captain Shaw put an axe through his skull. All believed the madness had taken him, but Pelias and Locus saw differently. Something had attacked him, though no one could see it directly. The heroes raced after the shadowy creature, with Shaw catching on and following suit.

Eventually, the creature escaped into Sanctuary's sewers, forcing the party to descend after it. Shaw led the party through and they ultimately cornered the creature. One of the hell hounds called it a nothic.


Before they could attack, however, a small s'danzo child came out of the darkness, cackling madly and slinging stones in all directions; one of which hit a portcullis above William, causing it to fall and pin him to the ground. Amidst the insanity, the sewage began to bubble and churn, bringing forth a hungry chuul seeking prey.

Yup, we're boned

Despite the odds (and a couple more reavers looking for an easy kill), the heroes managed to slay the creatures without losing a man, and even subdued the mad-striken child. Shaw was confused as to why they'd want to let the child live, but continued on. He stated there was another mission that needed undertaking in the sewer, but wouldn't say more than that. He wouldn't have to, either. They located one of the saftey shafts--sealed off rooms for the workers when the tide came in--full of s'danzo refugees. Many looked as if they were taken by the creeping madness.

Locus acted quickly and decisively, slamming one of the hell hounds up against the wall, "You mean to kill them? Your fate shall be theirs." Despite Shaw's orders, the rest of the heroes turned on the hell hounds. Nygel stood his ground and drew blade against Captain Shaw, as well. With sides chosen, there was no looking back.

After Shaw was brought low by Pelias' blade, the rest of the hell hounds made their retreat. Unsure of what to do with the refugees, the heroes turned to Nygel. He knew of someone that might help, and took them to speak with the Sons of Tempus. The leader of the greycloaks was happy to hear of Shaw's death and paid a hefty sum to the heroes for their troubles. He also agreed to ferry out the s'danzo, provided the heroes could get them to the docks by midnight.

No sooner did the last s'danzo woman climb into the wagon that a shout was heard from behind them. The hell hounds were back, and this time they brought friends...
Session: Session 2 - Sunday, Nov 20 2011 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Session 1: A Rude Awakening

Ebaark was the first to snap out of it, whatever "it" was. While his heart still raced, he was certain the horrors he had faced were just very real nightmares. He shouted to rouse the others surrounding him; a cloaked forsaken (Locus), a bald beysibian traveler (Pelias), and a shady warrior (William Harcyen), along with a few other citizens of Sanctuary. Before anyone could gather their bearings, however, they were attacked by foulspawn fell taints and a group of madness infected reavers.

The heroes--if one would call them heroes--made short work of the foulspawn, ensuring the lives of the citizens around them. As they were mopping up the last fell taint, a company of hell hounds arrived on scene, lead by General Sabine. Though badly wounded, they broke through the ranks of foulspawn. The attacks were happening all across the wall, and something had succeeded in capturing some of Sabine's soldiers. She tasked the heroes with recovering her soldiers and destroying whatever fell creature was behind the attacks.

Though reluctant to work together, the heroes agreed to find the lost soldiers. Being a champion of Kord, Ebaark was a natural leader and the party quickly followed his lead. William soon located the last known location of the soldiers, but it was Locus who spotted the tracks. Locus was convinced the culprit was a giant lizard of some sort, though the rest were convinced he had succumbed to the creeping madness.

The party followed the tracks to an old library. Seemingly abandoned, they could hear screams coming from within. As they approached, however, each were subject to their worst fears and nightmares made real. It was nearly too much for Locus and Pelias, who very nearly attacked eachother in rage. Upon entering the library, they found the true villain.

id fiend

A horrific beast from the chasm; this aberrant fed upon the fears of those around it. Terror and mental anguish made it stronger, and it put that strength to good use. It took the combined strength of the heroes to counter and ultimately fell the beast. Upstairs they found its meal; four of the six missing soldiers were still alive, though quickly being taken by creeping madness. Ebaark had to act fast if they were to be worth saving. After some field triage, the party made a break toward the wall.

They were almost home free when a mass of reavers leapt in ambush from all sides. The heroes acted quickly, however, and opened a path for the soldiers to make their escape while Pelias and William brought down the majority of reavers.


With the soldiers safe and everyone on the quiet side of the wall, Sabine approached with her congratulations. In her gruff, no smiling way, she thanked the heroes and offered them a job on the wall. With the attacks becoming more frequent, she needs men like them protecting Sanctuary. With no other prospects, the heroes agreed.
Session: Session 1 - Sunday, Nov 06 2011 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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