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Session 4: Ninja'd
While the party examined the Faulkoner youth's body, the Captain of Farrons Guard arrived on scene with soldiers. They set about arresting and citing the mob members, while disposing of the cultist bodies. Captain Dunfield addressed the party personally.

They were slow to respond due to the stresses of the refugees on the city, along with a group of beysibians known as the black mamba clan engaging in repeated attacks throughout the city. Dunfield believed it was part of a plan to find weak points. While he explained the situation, Pelais and Locus spotted a guard eavesdropping on their conversation. His disguise was good, but Pelias recognized him as beysibian. With his charade over, the spy made a hasty escape with the heroes in tow.

Yup, this should be easy.

Cornering him in a back alleyway, the party ordered his surrender, but found he was more than a match for the over-confident heroes. After nearly bringning the entire party low, Grendel, Ebaark and Pelias managed to wrangle the spy to the ground. Locus performed a rite of the raven on the spy, sealing his fate forever.

The spy explained that he was part of an avant garde assault on the city; to infiltrate and discover weak points for the eventual takeover of Farrons Guard. He needed to return to the camp or the black mamba leaders would know he was captured. Pelias figured he could easily impersonate the spy, so they opted to keep him prisoner.

Locus, however, was conflicted. He wanted to finish the rite of the raven, but doing so was playing to the forsaken people's way, not his. Instead, he let the spy go, something the others disagreed with. A quick nod from Ebarrk to Grendel and the spy was brought low by a perfectly aimed arrow.

And so, the heroes made their way through the Ashwood, noting the strange passage of time and wisely avoiding a nest of foul-tempered owlbears. When they finally encountered the black mamba, Pelias set his plan into motion. Dunfield had sent riders to Sanctuary for aid, and Pelias would delay the black mamba. It was working quite well. The commander, Hesskin, was visibly worried at the interference by a forsaken [Locus] and cowed to Pelias' words. Unfortunately, Locus' rage took over and he blew their cover with ill-timed words.

Had they more time, they could have sprung a surprise assault on the camp, ensuring an easy victory. However, given the confusion and anger, Hesskin was successful in regrouping his clan to victory. The heroes lay unconscious around the camp while Grendel stood at the tree line, firing away. He was forced to surrender when Hesskin's great naginata was placed at Ebaark's thraot.

This one, not so much.

The young ranger awoke some time later to find himself lowered into a pit, his arms and feet were bound. Around him, the ground wriggled uncomfortably, "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
Session: Session 4 - Sunday, Dec 18 2011 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 3: Farrons Guard
The hell hound leader, Pontus, ordered his men to attack the party, unaware that they were being watched. As the struggle began, arrows were loosed from a hunter high up on a rooftop. The young ranger who called himself Grendel came to the party's aid. Between his arrows and the quick striking of William, the hell hounds were nearly put down when the real soldiers arrived.

Lord Theronall, accompanied by his general, Sabine, led his bannermen to the docks. Sabine was furious at the actions of the hell hounds and the newly hired mercenaries. However, once the story was cleared up, the hell hounds were sentenced to time in the brig while Ebaark was promoted to Captain; that is, after he returned from guiding the refugees to Farron's guard.

The travel to Farron's guard, while short, has become more dangerous in recent years. Bandit attacks are frequent, and a few beysibian raiders have made the roads even worse. Such was the case for the heroes on this day. During the trip, Locus was thanked by the s'danzo for saving the young boy rather than killing him. The boy's sister gave him a tiger's eye pendant their father had made. Before he could respond to such a nice gift, the wagongs were attacked by diamondback beysibians!

The party leapt into action, with their new hunter-guide taking many of the beysibians down quickly. When they saw Locus and Pelias, however, they went mad with anger, focusing mostly on those two. It wasn't until Locus had one pinned that he was able to convince the assassins of the party's intentions. The assassin known as Jyrgn explained that this was all that remained of the diamondback clan. The others were under the forsaken's rule. They were raiding any and all who may be aiding the forsaken people. Apologetic, they offered some healing elixers to those they hurt and quickly dispersed into the woods.

Late that evening the party would arrive in Farron's guard. The small city was visibly struggling from the abundance of refugees sent out of Sanctuary. The prophet, however, was more than willing to accept all who needed her help and healing. Not all in the city were so accepting. Led by a young Sanctuary nobleman, an angry mob sought to lay siege to the temple, hoping to root out and kill the afflicted.

vulnerability 10: Pepper Spray

The heroes were far too skilled to be troubled by such a pathetic mob. They put a quick end to the mob by killing the mouthy nobleman. Ebaark questioned how the nobleman knew a prayer of Asmodeus, and his concerns were given weight when the vengeance brand was found on the youth's chest...

Session: Session 3 - Saturday, Dec 03 2011 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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