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Session 13: Many Things...
With the blue star adept in tow, the party continued exploring the maze-like crypts of Sanctuary keep. Though the keep had not seen activity in the depths for many years, there were still dangers to avoid, such as crystalline spiders who find their way in the dark underground in search of light sources to snuff out. Their glass-like webs were particularly dangerous for the party, causing many bleeding wounds. Said encounter also drew forth a hulking zombie--some long-forgotten prisoner stretched out on a rack, left to die but animated during the cataclysm. The freakish beheamoth stalked the halls in search of it's former tormentors.

After surpassing those challenges, the party would stumble upon a host of aberrant worms William would later refer to as grick. They swarmed the party from all angles, hoping to snag one of the members as food. However, between William's quick thinking and Pelias' poison, the creatures were quickly turned away. In their burrowing escape, the grick caused a tunnel to collapse, blocking their exit from the crypts. The Tyro, Jimmel was physically exhausted and Ebaark lay unconscious on the ground. Pelias located a small store room they could secure themselves in for a few hours.

Once Ebaark had rested long enough, the party continued their search for the crown. Ebaark found a tomb that housed the Sons of Sanctuary, while Pelias located a secret passage that went deeper into the crypts. The party opted to look for the crown in the tomb, first.

Inside, they found five sarcophagi with ancient rankan inscribed upon them. Each were named. Uther-Sol, Titus-Sol, the Dawn Celebrant, Raylos, and Kal-Dawn-Sol. William explained that these were five of the seven "suns" of Pelor; his vessels in this world. In speaking their names, each of the spirits rose from their tombs. This was a holy place, and only the blessed may enter. Jimmel prepared a fireball but the others quickly moved to the altar and knelt in respect to the legendary heroes. William, in reciting the proper prayers from his childhood, was granted the blessing of Pelor. The spirits said he would need it when confronted by the sevenths Sun, Tempus.

The spirits also saw in the heroes the potential to save Sanctuary. As such, each were gifted a powerful item to assist them in their task; Raylos offered his valor, Kal-Dawn offered his arm wrappings, and Titus-Sol offered his cloak of Zu. The party accepted the gifts and made their way to the secret passage, and the confrontation with Tempus.

The lavish tomb was a sizeable temple of Pelor. As they entered, the statue burst into flames and the angelic visage of the greatest Lightbringer stood before them. Only William was allowed to cross the archway, as only William was blessed. Before he could, however, Jimmel opened a portal and allowed Valindra access to the tomb.

Oh snap, she's a lich!

When the blue star adepts emerged, Tempus became enraged. His holy light eroded the illusions surrounding the blue star, showing Valindra for what she really was, a lich. The party was ready to destroy her, despite her very honest warnings that they would all succumb to domination and crontrol for trying, when she made her offer.

"I simply ask that William take what the angel is really guarding down here. You see, Tempus keeps Baba Yaga's Tarot Cards within this tomb. Those very cards were used by Baba Yaga when she tricked the Raven Queen into releasing Yaga's soul. If you retrieve the cards for me, and take part in a small ritual, I will be on my way. If not, well, I do not wish to fight you, but I will to get what I want."

Valindra, like many blue star, feared death, and sought ways around it. She belived she could use the cards to cheat death as well. Despite William's misgivings, the party did agree, and took part in the ritual. William was allowed to leave with the cards, and Tempus could do nothing to stop it. Ebaark, Pelias, and William each drew three cards from the deck and accepted the reward and ruin as they came. Valindra then left with the cards and the party was free to go.

Ebaark was richly rewarded, gaining vast knowledge and wealth, while Pelias was able to resurrect Nygel before being assaulted by creatures from beyond... William, however, fared the worst. In his defiance of both Pelor and the Raven Queen he earned the emnity of both the Sun god and the goddess of death.

Tempus readied his weapons and summoned forth archangels, while someone else has a far more wicked plan for him...

Angels with Filthy Souls
Session: Session 13 - Sunday, Mar 18 2012 from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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A Personal Apology
Toram was not finished with apologies. Once wounds were healed, the leader of the eastwatch took Helge aside for a more personal request of forgiveness.

"Helge, I owe you more than words. Not only have you restored the Son's leader and began healing the rift between them and the Eastwatch, but you also returned Cymril to me. I have sinned against everything we believe in, for I doubted a brother's words. That will not happen again. There is no apology I can give that would be worth your time to listen, and even less that you should consider forgiving. But know this... I swear on my dead relatives - and even on the ones who are not feeling too good - I am your man forever!"

With that said, Toram turns to a ranger and nods. The ranger produces a carpet with something rolled inside. Toram unwrapped the carpet and produced what appeared to be a bow, though it had been severely burned at one point. "Legend tells of one of our greatest rangers and the story of this bow. It felled a mighty Wyvern in one shot. The blood of the vile Rathamon was spilled with arrows fired from this bow. Dragonsbane is who we aspire to be. When word of his death reached the rangers, many were dispatched to find and recover his bow. It was found on an isle just west of Azuria, blackened and burned." Toram handed the bow to Helge before continuing, "It still carries the fire of Dragonsbane's resolve. I give this bow to you and so name you Fyre, for you have within you the fiery resolve of Dragonsbane."

The heat of the bow scars and burns the arms of Helge-now called Fyre. Yet no pain is felt, as he is master of this mighty weapon.
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Session 11: The Fire Inside
The heroes were happy, albeit concerned, to see Locus return from beyond. His sudden appearance at the barracks startled everyone, though that would pass with a few drinks...supplied by Nygel and the House of a Thousand Faces. Off they were to the tavern for drink and song, though their merriment would not last.

Upon entering the tavern, Grendel was spotted by none other than Toram, leader of the Eastwatch Rangers. He drew down on Grendel, calling him by his real name, Helge, and challenging the party's honor; a challenge they all too eagerly accepted. In the rain-soaked streets, the heroes beat the eastwatch leader and his allies into submission. Even with a blue star adept, the eastwatch were sorely outmatched. Spitting blood and teeth onto the ground, Toram yeilded. Not before calling out Helge as the coward and turncoat they suspected.

Afterward, Helge explained how he ended up in Sanctuary, with the Eastwatch, and how he was expelled from their ranks and marked a traitor. He was present when the Sons of Tempus leader, Cymril, was ambushed by Theronall's hellhounds. During the fight, Cymril turned against her allies and cut them down, but not before suffering a mortal wound, herself. The rangers believed Helge to be involved, seeing as he was the only survior and wove a tale of betrayal. He stayed in Sanctuary hoping to clear his name when he fell in with the party. Alas, the trail had gone cold and there was likely no way to clear his name. No way, that is, save for calling in a favor.

Jubal was not displeased to be helping the party once again, as they seemed to get things done. He offered up some information on a very strange shipment leaving Theronall's private ship later that evening. Suspicious that a ship leaves port the very evening that the Eastwatch Ranger leader arrives. William hung around a little longer to discuss private matters with Jubal, while the rest of the group prepared for a little boat ride.

The party commandeered some rowboats and made their way to the anchored ship. On deck, they found far too many armored soldiers for such a late hour. Quickly, they set to dispatching the guards before reinforcements were called. Unfortunately for them, Helge fired one of the ship's ballistae directly into the deck, alerting those below.

From below deck came General Sabine and her lieutenants, along with a battle-ready Cymril! The realization of her being alive shocked the party, leaving them open for surprise attack--for Cymril she was not. Rather, a Yuan-ti skin-changer had assumed her appearance and used it to befuddle the party during the assault. It was mostly successful, as she used her powers of deception in convincing Pelias to attack Locus while William held off Sabine.

What seemed like an eternity was over in minutes. The skin-changer lay dying while Theronall's men abandoned ship. Sabine made her escape while the party was distracted, only leaving her sword behind. Below deck, Helge found the real Cymril alive and safe. Strange, considering she had been a captor for at least a year.

With the ship burning in the bay, the party made their way back to shore. Waiting for them was Toram and his rangers, both thankful and apologetic. The rangers took them to a safe-house to bandage their wounds. Once there, Cymril explained Theronall's plan. She was the last descendant of Emperor Kafen Theron. By faking her death, the insurgents were left leaderless and separated, giving him time to prepare her for a wedding in Ranke. With sufficient wealth and power backing him, Theronall could marry Cymril to legitimize himself as Emperor.

Despite their ruining of Theronall's plans, Cymril warned the party against resting. If he could locate the lost crown of Theron, he could use that as a tool for legitimacy, as well. Accepting inclusion into the Eastwatch, the party swore they would find the crown first...
Session: Session 11 - Saturday, Feb 25 2012 from 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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