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Session 10: The Symphony of Madness
"Do you hear that music?" Locus mused... Not to anyone in particular, rather speaking to the darkness. The others felt it, too. Well, all save for Ebaark. He may have been disturbed by this place, but it wasn't affecting him on a psychic level.

The heroes made their way toward the giant crystal spire while avoiding patrols of reavers. Upon closer inspection, the base of the crystal tower was made up of some organic fleshy lifeform. It smelled as bad as it looked and sounded, creating an atmosphere of unease amongst the party. As they silently stalked the corridors, they found numerous egg sacks hanging from the walls and floors. Before they could examin the sacks, however, William walked into a large moving mass of mucus, which then caused the sacks to burst with reaver spawn!

They're coming outta the walls. They're coming outta the goddamn walls. Let's book!

The gelatinous mass attempted to consume the party, while the reavers infected the party with madness. Being so affected, Locus nearly killed William. He snapped out of it in time, however, and the party was able to focus on the mass while Pelias took care of the remaining egg sacks.

There's always room for Jell-O!

It became apparent to all that Ebaark's immunity to the effects of the crystal also granted him some measure of power over the place. In here, he could open portals, close passageways, and hide their passage from patrols. He was even able to locate his former master, Grimalkkyn, though seeing his master being slowly consumed by the tower was painful for the powerful cleric. After dealing with some crystal golems, Ebaark ended his master's suffering and the party found their way to the top of the tower.

In the uppermost chamber was a pool of what appeared to be brain fluid. Floating in the pool was some sort of fish-like demon. The creature seemed to know Ebarrk--a fact that sent the barbarian into a rage--and sent its minions to capture and consume his friends. While the party dealt with the monsters, Pelias found Garrett's son, being prepped for addition into the walls of the tower.

There's something fishy about this guy

Once the beast was felled, the tower began to crack and crumble. The party made a quick dash to the portal with the child in tow. As each went through, they found it was no longer easily controllable, and they were teleported to the top of the tower, while it was falling!

Pelias used his kusari-gama's endless chain to swing to the floor while William went from stalactite to stalactite until he could climb down the walls. Ebaark attempted to stabilize the building using his willpower, allowing him to run down the floatind debris.

As they reached the bottom safely, William asked where Locus was. Pelias saw him teleport into the portal, but he never came through the other side. They had little time to mourn, however, as the cavern was collapsing without the power of the Aboleth to keep it intact.

Once they were safely out of the chasm, the party could see the destruction they caused. The chasm was nearly twice the size as before, encompasing much of the quarrantine zone. The hell hounds and guardians of the wall were all around them, standing at the ready. When they saw the party through the dust, cheers erupted across the battlefield. Apparently, the reavers were trying to escape during the battle, so Sabine had lead a charge to keep them contained. They witnessed the fall of the chasm first hand.

Garrett was overjoyed at the return of his son, and the party were treated as champions. All was well in Sanctuary, for now.

But what became of Locus?...
Session: Session 10 - Sunday, Feb 12 2012 from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Session 2: Choosing Sides
The heroes had no sooner settled into their positions as guards on the wall that they met Captain Shaw. One of the hell hounds who came from Ranke with Lord Theronall, Durham Shaw has been in charge for years, despite quickly succumbing to the creeping madness.

During an inspection, one of the guards began screaming and appearing to claw himself before Captain Shaw put an axe through his skull. All believed the madness had taken him, but Pelias and Locus saw differently. Something had attacked him, though no one could see it directly. The heroes raced after the shadowy creature, with Shaw catching on and following suit.

Eventually, the creature escaped into Sanctuary's sewers, forcing the party to descend after it. Shaw led the party through and they ultimately cornered the creature. One of the hell hounds called it a nothic.


Before they could attack, however, a small s'danzo child came out of the darkness, cackling madly and slinging stones in all directions; one of which hit a portcullis above William, causing it to fall and pin him to the ground. Amidst the insanity, the sewage began to bubble and churn, bringing forth a hungry chuul seeking prey.

Yup, we're boned

Despite the odds (and a couple more reavers looking for an easy kill), the heroes managed to slay the creatures without losing a man, and even subdued the mad-striken child. Shaw was confused as to why they'd want to let the child live, but continued on. He stated there was another mission that needed undertaking in the sewer, but wouldn't say more than that. He wouldn't have to, either. They located one of the saftey shafts--sealed off rooms for the workers when the tide came in--full of s'danzo refugees. Many looked as if they were taken by the creeping madness.

Locus acted quickly and decisively, slamming one of the hell hounds up against the wall, "You mean to kill them? Your fate shall be theirs." Despite Shaw's orders, the rest of the heroes turned on the hell hounds. Nygel stood his ground and drew blade against Captain Shaw, as well. With sides chosen, there was no looking back.

After Shaw was brought low by Pelias' blade, the rest of the hell hounds made their retreat. Unsure of what to do with the refugees, the heroes turned to Nygel. He knew of someone that might help, and took them to speak with the Sons of Tempus. The leader of the greycloaks was happy to hear of Shaw's death and paid a hefty sum to the heroes for their troubles. He also agreed to ferry out the s'danzo, provided the heroes could get them to the docks by midnight.

No sooner did the last s'danzo woman climb into the wagon that a shout was heard from behind them. The hell hounds were back, and this time they brought friends...
Session: Session 2 - Sunday, Nov 20 2011 from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Session 1: A Rude Awakening

Ebaark was the first to snap out of it, whatever "it" was. While his heart still raced, he was certain the horrors he had faced were just very real nightmares. He shouted to rouse the others surrounding him; a cloaked forsaken (Locus), a bald beysibian traveler (Pelias), and a shady warrior (William Harcyen), along with a few other citizens of Sanctuary. Before anyone could gather their bearings, however, they were attacked by foulspawn fell taints and a group of madness infected reavers.

The heroes--if one would call them heroes--made short work of the foulspawn, ensuring the lives of the citizens around them. As they were mopping up the last fell taint, a company of hell hounds arrived on scene, lead by General Sabine. Though badly wounded, they broke through the ranks of foulspawn. The attacks were happening all across the wall, and something had succeeded in capturing some of Sabine's soldiers. She tasked the heroes with recovering her soldiers and destroying whatever fell creature was behind the attacks.

Though reluctant to work together, the heroes agreed to find the lost soldiers. Being a champion of Kord, Ebaark was a natural leader and the party quickly followed his lead. William soon located the last known location of the soldiers, but it was Locus who spotted the tracks. Locus was convinced the culprit was a giant lizard of some sort, though the rest were convinced he had succumbed to the creeping madness.

The party followed the tracks to an old library. Seemingly abandoned, they could hear screams coming from within. As they approached, however, each were subject to their worst fears and nightmares made real. It was nearly too much for Locus and Pelias, who very nearly attacked eachother in rage. Upon entering the library, they found the true villain.

id fiend

A horrific beast from the chasm; this aberrant fed upon the fears of those around it. Terror and mental anguish made it stronger, and it put that strength to good use. It took the combined strength of the heroes to counter and ultimately fell the beast. Upstairs they found its meal; four of the six missing soldiers were still alive, though quickly being taken by creeping madness. Ebaark had to act fast if they were to be worth saving. After some field triage, the party made a break toward the wall.

They were almost home free when a mass of reavers leapt in ambush from all sides. The heroes acted quickly, however, and opened a path for the soldiers to make their escape while Pelias and William brought down the majority of reavers.


With the soldiers safe and everyone on the quiet side of the wall, Sabine approached with her congratulations. In her gruff, no smiling way, she thanked the heroes and offered them a job on the wall. With the attacks becoming more frequent, she needs men like them protecting Sanctuary. With no other prospects, the heroes agreed.
Session: Session 1 - Sunday, Nov 06 2011 from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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