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Session 11: The Fire Inside
The heroes were happy, albeit concerned, to see Locus return from beyond. His sudden appearance at the barracks startled everyone, though that would pass with a few drinks...supplied by Nygel and the House of a Thousand Faces. Off they were to the tavern for drink and song, though their merriment would not last.

Upon entering the tavern, Grendel was spotted by none other than Toram, leader of the Eastwatch Rangers. He drew down on Grendel, calling him by his real name, Helge, and challenging the party's honor; a challenge they all too eagerly accepted. In the rain-soaked streets, the heroes beat the eastwatch leader and his allies into submission. Even with a blue star adept, the eastwatch were sorely outmatched. Spitting blood and teeth onto the ground, Toram yeilded. Not before calling out Helge as the coward and turncoat they suspected.

Afterward, Helge explained how he ended up in Sanctuary, with the Eastwatch, and how he was expelled from their ranks and marked a traitor. He was present when the Sons of Tempus leader, Cymril, was ambushed by Theronall's hellhounds. During the fight, Cymril turned against her allies and cut them down, but not before suffering a mortal wound, herself. The rangers believed Helge to be involved, seeing as he was the only survior and wove a tale of betrayal. He stayed in Sanctuary hoping to clear his name when he fell in with the party. Alas, the trail had gone cold and there was likely no way to clear his name. No way, that is, save for calling in a favor.

Jubal was not displeased to be helping the party once again, as they seemed to get things done. He offered up some information on a very strange shipment leaving Theronall's private ship later that evening. Suspicious that a ship leaves port the very evening that the Eastwatch Ranger leader arrives. William hung around a little longer to discuss private matters with Jubal, while the rest of the group prepared for a little boat ride.

The party commandeered some rowboats and made their way to the anchored ship. On deck, they found far too many armored soldiers for such a late hour. Quickly, they set to dispatching the guards before reinforcements were called. Unfortunately for them, Helge fired one of the ship's ballistae directly into the deck, alerting those below.

From below deck came General Sabine and her lieutenants, along with a battle-ready Cymril! The realization of her being alive shocked the party, leaving them open for surprise attack--for Cymril she was not. Rather, a Yuan-ti skin-changer had assumed her appearance and used it to befuddle the party during the assault. It was mostly successful, as she used her powers of deception in convincing Pelias to attack Locus while William held off Sabine.

What seemed like an eternity was over in minutes. The skin-changer lay dying while Theronall's men abandoned ship. Sabine made her escape while the party was distracted, only leaving her sword behind. Below deck, Helge found the real Cymril alive and safe. Strange, considering she had been a captor for at least a year.

With the ship burning in the bay, the party made their way back to shore. Waiting for them was Toram and his rangers, both thankful and apologetic. The rangers took them to a safe-house to bandage their wounds. Once there, Cymril explained Theronall's plan. She was the last descendant of Emperor Kafen Theron. By faking her death, the insurgents were left leaderless and separated, giving him time to prepare her for a wedding in Ranke. With sufficient wealth and power backing him, Theronall could marry Cymril to legitimize himself as Emperor.

Despite their ruining of Theronall's plans, Cymril warned the party against resting. If he could locate the lost crown of Theron, he could use that as a tool for legitimacy, as well. Accepting inclusion into the Eastwatch, the party swore they would find the crown first...
Session: Session 11 - Saturday, Feb 25 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 10: The Symphony of Madness
"Do you hear that music?" Locus mused... Not to anyone in particular, rather speaking to the darkness. The others felt it, too. Well, all save for Ebaark. He may have been disturbed by this place, but it wasn't affecting him on a psychic level.

The heroes made their way toward the giant crystal spire while avoiding patrols of reavers. Upon closer inspection, the base of the crystal tower was made up of some organic fleshy lifeform. It smelled as bad as it looked and sounded, creating an atmosphere of unease amongst the party. As they silently stalked the corridors, they found numerous egg sacks hanging from the walls and floors. Before they could examin the sacks, however, William walked into a large moving mass of mucus, which then caused the sacks to burst with reaver spawn!

They're coming outta the walls. They're coming outta the goddamn walls. Let's book!

The gelatinous mass attempted to consume the party, while the reavers infected the party with madness. Being so affected, Locus nearly killed William. He snapped out of it in time, however, and the party was able to focus on the mass while Pelias took care of the remaining egg sacks.

There's always room for Jell-O!

It became apparent to all that Ebaark's immunity to the effects of the crystal also granted him some measure of power over the place. In here, he could open portals, close passageways, and hide their passage from patrols. He was even able to locate his former master, Grimalkkyn, though seeing his master being slowly consumed by the tower was painful for the powerful cleric. After dealing with some crystal golems, Ebaark ended his master's suffering and the party found their way to the top of the tower.

In the uppermost chamber was a pool of what appeared to be brain fluid. Floating in the pool was some sort of fish-like demon. The creature seemed to know Ebarrk--a fact that sent the barbarian into a rage--and sent its minions to capture and consume his friends. While the party dealt with the monsters, Pelias found Garrett's son, being prepped for addition into the walls of the tower.

There's something fishy about this guy

Once the beast was felled, the tower began to crack and crumble. The party made a quick dash to the portal with the child in tow. As each went through, they found it was no longer easily controllable, and they were teleported to the top of the tower, while it was falling!

Pelias used his kusari-gama's endless chain to swing to the floor while William went from stalactite to stalactite until he could climb down the walls. Ebaark attempted to stabilize the building using his willpower, allowing him to run down the floatind debris.

As they reached the bottom safely, William asked where Locus was. Pelias saw him teleport into the portal, but he never came through the other side. They had little time to mourn, however, as the cavern was collapsing without the power of the Aboleth to keep it intact.

Once they were safely out of the chasm, the party could see the destruction they caused. The chasm was nearly twice the size as before, encompasing much of the quarrantine zone. The hell hounds and guardians of the wall were all around them, standing at the ready. When they saw the party through the dust, cheers erupted across the battlefield. Apparently, the reavers were trying to escape during the battle, so Sabine had lead a charge to keep them contained. They witnessed the fall of the chasm first hand.

Garrett was overjoyed at the return of his son, and the party were treated as champions. All was well in Sanctuary, for now.

But what became of Locus?...
Session: Session 10 - Sunday, Feb 12 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 7: Bridge over The River Fey
...The heroes' reprieve was only temporary, however, as Hesskin's warriors emerged from the woods, bringing powerful reinforcements to the beysibians. The druid informed the party that the Nereid's strength was only yet returning; she acted too quickly. Hesskin was aware of this, as well, and was breaking from the conflict with a large group of warriors. Ending the Nereid would save them many lives, along with granting them mastery of the forest.

To protect the Nereid, the heroes set up a choke point on an ancient bridge. Exhausted as they were, they would stand in unity. The druid suggested they take a drink, only one drink, from the river. In doing so, the heroes felt rejuvenated and energized. Locus, Grendel and the druid took to the woods, striking and slowing the advancing army, while Pelias, Ebaark, and William held the bridge.

It was a long, hard battle. Before the day was through many beysibians drew their last breath, though the heroes still stood vigilant. In the end, Hesskin stood before them, having dropped Koru with a well placed bolt. Pelias challenged him and his forsaken masters while the black mamba clan watched. Hesskin accepted, having easily defeated them once, already. This time, however, was different. In a matter of moments, the black mamba master was on his knees with the kusari-gama chain around his neck. Pelias accepted Hesskin's request to an honorable death and the battle was won.

"In retrospect, I should have challenged only one of them."

Koru survived, thanks to Ebaark's power. Though the great cleric felt something when he retrieved the soul from the underworld... Perhaps there was something to Locus' claims, after all.

I hope I'm not being too subtle about this

The black mamba survivors bowed to Pelias. Though not all of the clans had been liberated, the quiet assassin let a smile escape his usual dour demeanor. A good victory was won here. The Nereid agreed, and was greatful for their aid in returning the Ashwood to her rule.

After a rest in her grove, the heroes made their exit. It was there they encountered General Sabine and a company of her soldiers. She was stunned to find them, and even more surprised to find them alive. While bringing them into her custody, Sabine explained it had been a year since the party left Sanctuary....
Session: Session 7 - Sunday, Jan 22 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 6: Ancient Enemies
After a quick escape from the town, the party made haste to the old ruins, hoping to find the beysibian's ritual site. What they did find was surprising, to say the least.

Around the temple ruins were beysibians disguised as rankan bandits. They were obviously protecting something within the ruins, so the party quickly dispatched them and found the entrance to the ancient catacombs.

Inside, they encountered numerous beysibian and forsaken guards, all working on a ritual involving the summoning of some long-dead spirit. Unfortunately for the forsaken and the heroes, the ritual was completed, unleashing the vile spirit that had once contaminated the soul of a lightbringer, Reylos Farron. The dark Reylos slaughtered the forsaken before turning his attention on the four heroes who opposed his release. It took the combined might of Pelias, William, Grendel, and Ebaark to destroy the ancient spirit, and nearly cost them everything.

With the dark Reylos destroyed, the catacombs began to collapse. His dark energy had kept the dungeon from destruction for a millennia. Before they left, however, Ebaark knelt over the dying spirit and stole his valor, the legendary armor of Tempus!

Outside, the party saw Locus and the galeb duhr fighting a horde of black mamba warriors. With the destruction of the dark Reylos, the Nereid's power over the Ashwood was returned, ensuring the battle was easily won.

All eyes were now on Ebaark, as his newfound armor pulsed with strength and raw power; his now pupil-less eyes shone with a red-hot glow.
Session: Session 6 - Sunday, Jan 15 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 4: Ninja'd
While the party examined the Faulkoner youth's body, the Captain of Farrons Guard arrived on scene with soldiers. They set about arresting and citing the mob members, while disposing of the cultist bodies. Captain Dunfield addressed the party personally.

They were slow to respond due to the stresses of the refugees on the city, along with a group of beysibians known as the black mamba clan engaging in repeated attacks throughout the city. Dunfield believed it was part of a plan to find weak points. While he explained the situation, Pelais and Locus spotted a guard eavesdropping on their conversation. His disguise was good, but Pelias recognized him as beysibian. With his charade over, the spy made a hasty escape with the heroes in tow.

Yup, this should be easy.

Cornering him in a back alleyway, the party ordered his surrender, but found he was more than a match for the over-confident heroes. After nearly bringning the entire party low, Grendel, Ebaark and Pelias managed to wrangle the spy to the ground. Locus performed a rite of the raven on the spy, sealing his fate forever.

The spy explained that he was part of an avant garde assault on the city; to infiltrate and discover weak points for the eventual takeover of Farrons Guard. He needed to return to the camp or the black mamba leaders would know he was captured. Pelias figured he could easily impersonate the spy, so they opted to keep him prisoner.

Locus, however, was conflicted. He wanted to finish the rite of the raven, but doing so was playing to the forsaken people's way, not his. Instead, he let the spy go, something the others disagreed with. A quick nod from Ebarrk to Grendel and the spy was brought low by a perfectly aimed arrow.

And so, the heroes made their way through the Ashwood, noting the strange passage of time and wisely avoiding a nest of foul-tempered owlbears. When they finally encountered the black mamba, Pelias set his plan into motion. Dunfield had sent riders to Sanctuary for aid, and Pelias would delay the black mamba. It was working quite well. The commander, Hesskin, was visibly worried at the interference by a forsaken [Locus] and cowed to Pelias' words. Unfortunately, Locus' rage took over and he blew their cover with ill-timed words.

Had they more time, they could have sprung a surprise assault on the camp, ensuring an easy victory. However, given the confusion and anger, Hesskin was successful in regrouping his clan to victory. The heroes lay unconscious around the camp while Grendel stood at the tree line, firing away. He was forced to surrender when Hesskin's great naginata was placed at Ebaark's thraot.

This one, not so much.

The young ranger awoke some time later to find himself lowered into a pit, his arms and feet were bound. Around him, the ground wriggled uncomfortably, "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
Session: Session 4 - Sunday, Dec 18 2011 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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