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Session 6: Ancient Enemies
After a quick escape from the town, the party made haste to the old ruins, hoping to find the beysibian's ritual site. What they did find was surprising, to say the least.

Around the temple ruins were beysibians disguised as rankan bandits. They were obviously protecting something within the ruins, so the party quickly dispatched them and found the entrance to the ancient catacombs.

Inside, they encountered numerous beysibian and forsaken guards, all working on a ritual involving the summoning of some long-dead spirit. Unfortunately for the forsaken and the heroes, the ritual was completed, unleashing the vile spirit that had once contaminated the soul of a lightbringer, Reylos Farron. The dark Reylos slaughtered the forsaken before turning his attention on the four heroes who opposed his release. It took the combined might of Pelias, William, Grendel, and Ebaark to destroy the ancient spirit, and nearly cost them everything.

With the dark Reylos destroyed, the catacombs began to collapse. His dark energy had kept the dungeon from destruction for a millennia. Before they left, however, Ebaark knelt over the dying spirit and stole his valor, the legendary armor of Tempus!

Outside, the party saw Locus and the galeb duhr fighting a horde of black mamba warriors. With the destruction of the dark Reylos, the Nereid's power over the Ashwood was returned, ensuring the battle was easily won.

All eyes were now on Ebaark, as his newfound armor pulsed with strength and raw power; his now pupil-less eyes shone with a red-hot glow.
Session: Session 6 - Sunday, Jan 15 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 5: Into the Heart of the Ashwood
Grendel slowly crept over to the waking Pelias and helped him break free of his bonds. Afterward, the two helped free the others and a plan was hashed to escape. Although their weapons and armor were removed, the beysibians did not take William's gloves, and he made quick work climbing out of the pit.

Topside, he startled a beysibian who appeared to be mounting a rescue. Koru, as he named himself, spent some time learning from Pelias when he was much younger. He opposed the forsaken, but lacked the courage to act against them. Offering what information he could, the party decided to seek out the Black Mamba's main base of operations after making short work of a few twilight guards.

Before they sought out the main camp, the party decided to cover their tracks. Grendel kept their trail covered and ensured any trackers would meet a grisly end in a nearby owlbear nest. As they traveled further into the wood, they felt the temperature drop to below freezing and were assaulted by what appeared to be trees come to life!

I've got wood for sheep.

The woodland spirits were protecting their nereid mother, Primal of the Ashwood. She demanded of them a payment; something that once given, could never be reclaimed or replaced. William offered his time. He offered to teach the spirit of the human ways, so she could better understand those around her and broker a peace. The nereid agreed and sent her apprentice, a galeb duhr druid, to follow and learn from the party.

I'm not a stand-in for someone's character..I'm sitting.

The nereid also told the party where they could find the black mamba camp, as the beysibians were using some sort of ritual or item to block her powers in that part of the forest. Off the heroes went to discover what the beysibian power truly looked like, and to see if there was a way to discover and disrupt the powersource.

What they found was quite shocking. A small remote village in the northern Ashwood full of what appeared to be rankan people. On closer inspection, however, it was clear that this was a fake. The entire town was made up of beysibians under disguise. So fully was the disguise taken on, that children were at play and farmers worked the fields.

William, Pelias, and Ebaark opted to go in and investigate, hoping to get some information that would set them on the right path, while the druid, Locus, and Grendel scouted about. Inside the town, the three headed directly for the town hall, expecting it to be a base of operations. Instead, they found a constable speaking with his deputy and a farmer about stolen vegetables. It was apparent to all that this was a ruse and Ebaark quietly barred the doors. The three townsfolk shed their disguise and attacked; one of which shed his skin entirely, becoming a spawn of zehir!


It was over as quickly as it had begun. As Pelias yanked his kusari-gama back into his hands, blood spilled from the throat of the spawn of zehir. They had alerted some townsfolk, however, and needed to make a quick escape...
Session: Session 5 - Sunday, Jan 08 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Helge: Out of the fire...
Helge laid in the pit looking towards the sky, snakes wriggling their way all around him. The sun beat through the tops of the trees. The sun, he looked into its bright light and thought of his fate, his father and grandfather and the stories he had grown up hearing. How his family long, long ago had been blessed by Pelor. Surely Pelor would not let one of his followers die like this. In a pit surrounded by others that had fought so hard to live. No Helge would not die this day, he had made up his mind. This is only the beginning of his story, not the end.

He could hear his father’s voice in his head.
'Ok boy, now think. What do you have that could help?' Helge thought a moment... "Nothing, I have nothing but my wits." 'Well then, maybe it is your time…' "NO" 'Then stop being a child, you're a man now, so prove it!'

Helge tested the rope, the knots, they were sloppy but tight. He would need assistance. But maybe he could loosen someone else’s while they slept. Slept, they had been beaten near death and there was nothing Helge could’ve done. "I could've run" he thought, and dismissed it just as quickly. “I ran once, hell I'm still running... and with the help from these men maybe I can stop running. I've saved their lives, at least twice. Maybe they will help me when I need it? Maybe.”

Closing his eyes he said a simple prayer to Pelor. "Pelor, life giver i am but a servant to you. Probably not worth saving, but if given the opportunity to live I promise to do all in my power to bring back your former glory. This I swear." With this Helge went back to work on his binds, with any luck he could have the others freed before anyone above noticed.
Session: Session 4 - Sunday, Dec 18 2011 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Session 4: Ninja'd
While the party examined the Faulkoner youth's body, the Captain of Farrons Guard arrived on scene with soldiers. They set about arresting and citing the mob members, while disposing of the cultist bodies. Captain Dunfield addressed the party personally.

They were slow to respond due to the stresses of the refugees on the city, along with a group of beysibians known as the black mamba clan engaging in repeated attacks throughout the city. Dunfield believed it was part of a plan to find weak points. While he explained the situation, Pelais and Locus spotted a guard eavesdropping on their conversation. His disguise was good, but Pelias recognized him as beysibian. With his charade over, the spy made a hasty escape with the heroes in tow.

Yup, this should be easy.

Cornering him in a back alleyway, the party ordered his surrender, but found he was more than a match for the over-confident heroes. After nearly bringning the entire party low, Grendel, Ebaark and Pelias managed to wrangle the spy to the ground. Locus performed a rite of the raven on the spy, sealing his fate forever.

The spy explained that he was part of an avant garde assault on the city; to infiltrate and discover weak points for the eventual takeover of Farrons Guard. He needed to return to the camp or the black mamba leaders would know he was captured. Pelias figured he could easily impersonate the spy, so they opted to keep him prisoner.

Locus, however, was conflicted. He wanted to finish the rite of the raven, but doing so was playing to the forsaken people's way, not his. Instead, he let the spy go, something the others disagreed with. A quick nod from Ebarrk to Grendel and the spy was brought low by a perfectly aimed arrow.

And so, the heroes made their way through the Ashwood, noting the strange passage of time and wisely avoiding a nest of foul-tempered owlbears. When they finally encountered the black mamba, Pelias set his plan into motion. Dunfield had sent riders to Sanctuary for aid, and Pelias would delay the black mamba. It was working quite well. The commander, Hesskin, was visibly worried at the interference by a forsaken [Locus] and cowed to Pelias' words. Unfortunately, Locus' rage took over and he blew their cover with ill-timed words.

Had they more time, they could have sprung a surprise assault on the camp, ensuring an easy victory. However, given the confusion and anger, Hesskin was successful in regrouping his clan to victory. The heroes lay unconscious around the camp while Grendel stood at the tree line, firing away. He was forced to surrender when Hesskin's great naginata was placed at Ebaark's thraot.

This one, not so much.

The young ranger awoke some time later to find himself lowered into a pit, his arms and feet were bound. Around him, the ground wriggled uncomfortably, "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
Session: Session 4 - Sunday, Dec 18 2011 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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