The distant lands of Tian Xia contain the promise of an unlimited number of mysterious and captivating spectacles, but also within this mystical realm is the ever-lurking fear of the unknown and the untrustworthy. After all, not everything is as it seems in Golarion, and this holds doubly true in this part of the world, where the lands themselves seem to constantly change, simultaneously enchanted by the benevolent kami and plagued by the demonic oni. Wary adventurers know to carefully scrutinize even the most mundane creature, as it can just as easily change shape into either something equally harmless or a monster of devastating proportions. Regardless of the ever-shifting nature of Tian Xia, one crucial rule remains constant: keep your eyes open.

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The Brinewall Legacy; Part 2 - Caravan Travels
Day 1 of Travels;

"I can't believe it! I'm out on adventure again! Its been so long.

Day 2 of Travels;

"I'm happy my friends choose to accompany me on this journey. I'd be lost without them. Dai especially. He always seems to be interested in whatever I'm doing. Regardless, I'm happy he is here, I feel safer with him around."

Day 3 of Travels;

"Sandru has us going mostly on the traveled paths through the hills and forests. I good course to be sure, but fraught with boredom. I wish he would take us closer to a bandit encampment or something. Ah well. Maybe I'll play some music tonight. The caravan seems to be doing well, but one can always liven up the mood with a little music and dancing."

Day 6 of Travels;

"Shalelu beat me at Dragons Inn. I think she cheated."

Day 12 of Travels;

"Traded with a passing caravan. Interesting world traveled people. I was able to exchange songs with their musician. Interesting note choices these people use. They mingle their songs with both male and female at the same time in the same song. Maybe Sandru will sing with me?"

Day 13 of Travels;

"Feeling a bit ill. It has to be the travel, I'll be fine. Nobody seems to have noticed, so I wont say anything. Maybe Koya has a potion."

Day 15 of Travels;

"Sick. Dai noticed. Gave me a potion. Helped a bit. Going to lie down."

Day 16 of Travels;

"Need. Help. Something...inside me."
Session: The Brinewall Legacy: Part 2 - Clearing the Swamp/Leaving By Caravan - Sunday, Mar 06 2016 from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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The Brinewall Legacy; Part 1 - Goblins and Skeletons
Walthus and the Sinspawn

Walthus “Waffles” Proudtump hummed to himself merrily as he tended to the snakes in his garden. The lithe little creatures always seemed to know exactly when it was feeding time, and as he strolled amongst the overgrown swamp grass they descended upon him from the murky waters that made up most of his backyard.

“Here you go Frank.” Walthus cooed, tossing a small dead mouse towards of the snakes. "Frank" struck lightning quick, is jaws snapping open and devouring the little creature before it had a change to strike the ground.

“You too, Sussie.” Walthus smiled as he reached into his belt pouch to retrieve another of the dead mice. As he pulled his hand back out of his pocket, something caught his attention. Just past the back gate the surrounded his property and out a few yards into the marsh he could see something hanging from a branch on one of the eucalyptus trees. Was it a, lizard? A bird? What was it? He squinted as he let his hand drop back to his side, dead mouse and snakes forgotten as his mind tried to make sense of what he was looking it.

Then, it was too late. Something struck him from the side and he went down hard. He felt more then heard the crunch of his shoulder slamming into the dirt as the weight of something heavy forced him to the ground. Then it struck again, vampire like fangs sinking into his chest as the creature tore his jerkin open and started feasting on him.

Walthus had to think quickly. He rolled and squirmed with the creature eventually managing to free his left arm enough to draw the dagger he kept tucked into his belt there. Lashing out blindly he struck at the creature, hoping to at least wound it and give the snake venom that coated his weapons a chance to have some form of an effect on the thing.

Success. The creature howled in pain as it wrenched its head up and bent its back. It continued to thrash as it tried to contort its body in a manner that would allow it to pluck out the dagger protruding from its back.

Walthus took the opportunity to shove the creature off of him and get away. He crawled on his hands and knees until he was far enough away to stand, then he staggered to his feet and began to mumble the necessary words of a magical spell as he ran. Green mist flowed out from his mouth and nose as he spoke, its natural feel and soft glow indicating to any onlookers his strong connection to nature magic.

He spoke the last word and an audible "pop" resounded in the clearing. Suddenly all of the tiny snakes in the area immediately surged forward and towards the creature each of them biting and tearing at his assailant. The creature howled in rage as he began plucking dozens of tiny snakes from his flesh, ripping out their teeth and then squishing each of their heads before tossing them to the ground.

Meanwhile Walthus threw open the door to his little house and ran upstairs without looking back. He reached the end of the upstairs hallway and with a few quick motions against what appeared to be a solid wall, opened up the tiny secret door there which lead to his safe room, then just as quickly he closed it behind him.

He sat there in the darkness barely wanting to breathe for fear the creature would hear him and finish him off. Several hours passed like this, he could hear the creature downstairs rummaging through his things and cursing the Halfling in some unknown tongue, but he was in no condition to fight anymore. He was bleeding, poisoned and tired. So very tired. The last thought the halfling had before passing out from blood loss was of his snakes.

Licktoad Village

Rendwattle grinned evilly as his grubby little goblin hands dug through the treasures his warriors had brought back for him. He picked through the objects and coins carefully and taking his time with each one, occasionally something would catch his fancy and he would place about his person not caring if he was even wearing the correct item in the correct location. None of it fit of course, these treasures were all made by and for those vile humans. He spat unconsciously at the mere thought of them. Slorb, Rendwattles wizard, cleared his throat, obviously trying to get the chiefs attention.

“What you want Slorbs? Chief busy with shinies.”

Slorb opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off abruptly as the sound of shouting goblins caught their attention.

Rendwattle sneared. “Better be dying.” He tossed a handful of golden coins down and waddled out of his throne, the teeter chair as his subordinates so named it. The chair was large by goblin standards, standing five feet high and made from various bits of debris and marsh branches pulled from the surrounding area. Rendwattle had a makeshift ladder built into the side of the thing and used it to climb in and out of it as needed.

The ladder creaked and bowed under his somewhat considerable weight, as he was rather fat for a goblin. Still grumbling he stalked out onto the walkway bridges that connected the various huts of his village swearing he would beat every goblin black and blue for interrupting him.

He emerged into chaos. Several of his warriors lay either dead or dying, their bodies littered by multiple cuts and stab wounds. Still others fought with the intruders, tall pale boned creatures with orange lights that glowed inside their eye socks like distant marsh lights.

His warriors weren’t even annoying the things. All their best efforts and attacks were batted aside as if they were children. Rendwattle turned to Slorb, who stood just as transfixed at the scene as Rendwattle had just a few moments ago.

“You fix! You kill!” Rendwattle screamed, grabbing the wizards robe and gesturing towards the interlopers.

Slorbs mouth worked but nothing came out, he stood stunned as he tried to collect himself.

Rendwattle glowered at him. The promptly pushed the wizard over the railing and right into the thick of the battle. Slorb didn’t have a chance, multiple wakizahi’s flashed and then the wizard was no more.

Rendwattle spat. Then quickly retreated back to his throne room, several of his champions following him. “Bar the door! We not let them through!”

Session: The Brinewall Legacy; Part 1 - Licktoad Goblin Ears! - Sunday, Feb 28 2016 from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Goblin Bounty
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