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Awesome Tables Turned!
“Not…!” he said under his breath.

It was gone from sight! Drag’os watched the creature vanish in to the brambles of the overgrown vines all around his feet and then a moment later felt the thing's tentacles reach out and grab him. It wrapped around him tight from 30 feet – but he was ready. Looking over to his Eladrin companion a few feet away he smiled.

“So…!” He continued.

With just a thought he slipped the bounds of reality and appeared beside the devil plant. Now free of the strangling tentacles of vine he grunted and unloaded a tremendous cleave with his sword. Connecting with the creature’s flesh his thoughts went back to his longtime companion, Zevron, knowing he was still standing in the same place he had been when the tentacles made their initial attack – and he curled a wicked grin.

“Fast!” he finished.

Now both he and the devil plant? were standing next to Zevron. The creature was shocked and could do nothing to prevent what it knew was coming. Gone was the safety of the brambles. It had no choice but to simply take it and hope it could outlast the barrage of blows it knew were coming until it could regroup.

That opportunity didn’t happen, and a moment later the weedy villain tasted permanent oblivion.
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