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Awesome Reunion
As she confidently approached the stone building, her excitement grew. Pulling her cloak tight around her shoulders and neck, she reflected on her purpose with a dark glee. She was here looking for someone, someone big, someone who would pay for what they had done to her and her family. She knew he was here and that he would not be too difficult to identify. She spent the night before in the mountains overlooking Hammerfast plotting this moment and sensed her journey was finally near an end. Who she was looking for and more importantly what she was looking for, was just inside the structure in front of her.

She fell in behind a halfling as he stepped inside the building. Stopping just inside, she scanned the room and watched the halfling step over to a table on the left where another man sat waiting. Rosalea paid the halfling no further attention once she recognized HIM. As her eyes finished adjusting to the darkness of the large rectangular room she noticed a large circular depression in the middle of the room with a wooden plank across it.

He sat in chair with his back to the door in one corner and gave no indication that he saw her enter. He wore his hair in a double braid that hung down nearly to the floor when he sat. His pale flesh and well toned physique were covered in leather hide armor with studs throughout. She reflexively reached for her sword when at once she remembered - it was not there. Flexing the fingers of both hands, she moved them over the magical daggers hidden on the bracers on each of her wrists. Roselea pulled back the cowl on her black cloak - it fell to rest on her shoulders allowing her fiery red hair to show. She started to slowly walk the distance from the door to stand right behind him and paused for a moment clenching her fists. She found it difficult to contain the excitement she was feeling. At long last, her moment had come.

"You have something of mine." She stated as coldly as she could over the noise of the establishment, giving away no sense of the bit of fear she felt. The hulking creature stopped eating, gave a last swallow and gently put the flagon of mead down. Without turning around he placed his hands on the table in front of him. Quickly he stood and started to spin around flinging the chair he was sitting in out behind him and across the room in her direction. Rosalea sidestepped it without much effort all the while keeping her cold eyes on him. He turned to look at her, dropped his hands and smiled, tilted his head to one side and raised an eyebrow as he looked down at her. She looked up at him and didn't flinch.

Marel, the Goliath, stood nearly twice her size. He pursed his lips then pressed his tongue into the space between his lower front teeth and lip then lifted his head and said, "I ain't got it. Everything you see on the table behind me is what I got fur that piece o' junk." Her upper lip started to tremble with fury and her eyes became wet at the insult. "Liar! That SWORD was the last thing I had left from my father!" She barked through clenched teeth. "You stole his sword and then his life and I am supposed to believe that this is all you got for it? I hope it was good. Cause it'll be your last. I'm gonna have to kill you now."

The daggers were in her hands before she had taken a full step in her charge. He held a hand out and caught Roselea with it. She lost her balance and he allowed her to fly by and at the last moment flung her over the table, now behind him, allowing her momentum to carry her into the wall. She hit with a sicking thud. As the blackness closed in around her vision she heard a familiar voice say "Red!" and just as quickly as it had come, her confusion was replaced with darkness.
Session: Game Session 403: Oddities in Hammerfast - Sunday, Oct 23 2011 from 2:15 AM to 5:15 AM
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