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Session 404: Recap
As the party returned from caravan duty, they were looking much the worse for wear. Drag'Os was blind. Zevron was experiencing advanced stages of The Crick and RedGrim was conspicuously attempting to avoid anyone noticing him in Hammerfast. What was his deal anyway? What had he done exactly that would anger so many of the citizens there?

As they approached the town, something seemed different. Something SMELLED different. A could be heard and a fine but thickening mist was rising from the ground around Hammerfast. In the middles of the afternoon, the sky began to darken, as if the sun were dimming to nothingness. The mist grew heavy and rolled through the gate ward. Not a soul could be seen. The group entered the streets of Hammerfast and it was as if the city had aged 100 years and been abandoned overnight. Just as they started to investigate a strange arcane surge swept over them. As they looked around, mystified, they saw a single man walking towards them. They hailed him and he raised a hand, as if pointing. Pointing to something behind them. They looked over their shoulders and saw nothing. Then, people started crawling out windows stumbling out doors, from every direction, bodies lumbered towards the heroes. Something had happened to Hammerfast and it was looking to consume them as well.
Session: Game Session 404: Betrayal in Hammerfast? - Friday, Oct 28 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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