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Session 403: Recap
So the party has arrived in Hammerfast and is getting their bearings. They experience the wild unruly Gate Ward and all it's hustle and bustle. Zevron is experiencing worsening symptoms of The Crick, a nasty infection due to a poison he was recently exposed to. In exploring the Gate Ward, Drag'Os notices they are being watch and he proceeds to follow a halfling deeper into the ward. The halfling ultimate enters The Foundation Stone, an incredibly rough and tumble eatery, pub and flop house. Drag'Os meets Rosalea "Red" Vhel and their story "begins". In the mean time, the rest of the group finally catch up only to get sucked into a Giant's Feet tournament. All 4 players qualify but after some particularly hairy matchups, (including with Hector IronPalm and Barrelbuns, only Tryn and Redgrim advance to the finals. They also met a talented Eladrin knife thrower name "x". She was utilizing an illusion to appear as a halfling and she narrowly beat out tryn in a dagger throwing contest of the highest order. No one yet knows her reasons for being in Hammerfast.

After the tournament a nasty brawl breaks out and levels the entirety of the establishement. Much to the parties surprise, most of the brawlers are smiling the entire time as fist meets face over and over again. One fight escalated as Krogorov the half-orc attempted to blindside Zevron with the 2x12 plank that was situated over the The Pit. Zevron was too quick and reacted with a palm to the face, sending Krogorov sailing into The Pit. The fell edge first on his neck, snapping it like a twig.

Redgrim instantly lept into action, diving into the pit full of filth, slime and rank mead. He splashed to the bottom unleashing a powerful healing spell to save the life of Krogorov who would go on to owe him a life-debt.

After the scuffle at The Stone, the group followed the halfling to a late night meeting with Marsinda Goldspinner the leader of the local Trade Guild. She explained that they've been having trouble with caravan raids and they believe that Frelda Blackshield, the leader of the Craft Guild is behind it. In order to earn her trust she asks the party to escort a wagon "ore" from Highpeak to Hammerfast. In doing so, the party is ambushed by a group of very skillful assassins and thugs. They have even hired a burly dwarf named Barrellbuns to be their enforcer. The assassins are lead by a man named Serlek. He's a crafty individual, quick with a dagger. They offer to take the wagon off the hands of the party. But things get hairy quickly. Despite being vastly outnumbers, the fellowship makes short work of the bandits, protecting the caravan. Just as Serlek was attempting to make his escape, Zevron lept to stop him by grabbing the back of his shirt. Serlek whipped around, evil black blade in hand only to find Drag'Os had intervened with his Lightning Rush. The black caught Drag'Os just below the chin and severed an artery in his jaw. The blood flowed freely. Drag'Os began to feel woozy and somewhat incoherent. The necrotic blade left some mark on him and it soon stole his eyesight.

Investigating the caravan further, wondering what anyone would kill for, the party found it to be filled with lead. Lead painted to look like gold. What was happening? Marsinda sent them on this mission to protect a caravan of lead? That made no sense. Could it be possible they had been set up? Sent into the wilderness to protect worthless cargo against bandits she KNEW were coming?
Session: Game Session 403: Oddities in Hammerfast - Saturday, Oct 22 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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