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Session 501: Recap
Placeholder recap.

After capturing the boggle, defeating the Cadaver Collectors, the party heads back to town.

On the way, they run across a mooncalf on the hunt. It mistakes them for a meal. Much to its eventual regret.

Shortly after, they come across a rather large band of traveling minstrels.

In the midst of negotiating with the minstrels who say they are looking for small fey humanoids for their traveling freakshow, the group uncovers them at Iron Circle headhunters.

In defeating them, 2 Iron Circle thugs escape only to be snatched up by another Mooncalf that was drawn by Amins ghost sound. Tryn and Redgrim give chase while Zevron and Amin take refuge in the bushes.
Session: Game Session: 501 - Friday, Nov 11 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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