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Great addictions to the Great Race
The party has chosen to retain Eravor the Sly in order to guide them through The Outer Ward, skirt the Blood Grounds and eventually enter the sea caves of Vor Rukoth. Not everyone wanted to go that way. In particular, Vladyn seemed intent on visiting the bloodworm caves. And Vick seemed to want to go to the nightmare forges. Eravor has explained that things might get weird in the caves. But he says little more about it.

On the way through the outer ward, Eravor makes a pit stop in a shambling building. He takes a break, has a smoke and Vick bakes some tasty biscuits. Everyone partakes. During this time, the group ask Eravor what he knows about the Ruby Court. He shares several tales of woe. The first is that there is an armory and it is still well stocked. But that one would have to be very brave or stupid to risk the defense mechanisms designed to protect it. Second, he tells of Taru Maaj, an ancient library and repository of knowledge of the ancient Tiefling empire. That it is tucked in a pocket dimension, outside of space and left in time. It is rumored that Arkosia's last would like to bring it back into the world in order to see it destroyed.

Drag-ass attempts to change the subject to the Crimson Marauder, but Eravor continues talking about the mission at hand, the Ruby Court. He explains that he has heard a strange keening wail emanating from the grounds, though he has never gone near to investigate. Just the meerest sound was enough to push him to irrational fear. And lastly he tell of a rumor of a great guardian that watches over the court, and that under no circumstances should it be engaged.

After the short break, smoke, and snack, the party moves along the edges of the blood grounds and avoids any entanglements. They eventually make it to a large cave entrance. They take cover behing a stone outcropping while Vick investigates the cave. But after a time, they hear a gut wrenching crack. Drag'Os thinks it's a broken branch, but Enna is quite sure it is the sound of gone cleaving against bone. Then there is a squeak and a roar. Within moments, a bloody Vick races from the cave, feet barely touching the ground and he collapses near Enna. Drag'Os and Zevron take immediate action and charge the cave mouth, just in time to see a massive Cave Giant preparing to exit. He sees them and charges but the transition from darkness to daylight confuses him and Drag'os is able to avoid his attacks. Vladyn attempts to open a maw near it but the giant senses it and grabs Drag'Os and shoves him in just in time.

While this is going on, Enna heals Vicks worst wounds and Vick is back on his feet. Drag'Os opens a vortex beneath the creature and it disappears. This gives the group a chance to catch their breath and get into position. In a moment the giant is back and prone andDrag'Os walks up to him. But before he can even draw his weapon, Vick goes to work on its face. He cuts and stabs and slices until he is literally out of breath, collapsing near the giant. Drag'Os waits patiently and then says a few words and everyone disappears, leaving him standing alone in front of the giants head, staring it in the face as he takes the life from it.

Before they have time regroup, Eravor is on the move. He leads them to the back of the cave where they slide down a shaft (lol) to a lower section of caves. Vick notices some animal claw marks on the walls as they slide but its dark and he's moving to fast to tell more than that. When they reach the bottom, Eravor quickly takes cover and bids the party to do the same. They are in a massive set of caves and they can hear water rushing nearby, an underground river that travels under the Ruby Court to the Mightnight Sea.

While sizing up the situation, Vladyn has some tremors from a lack of fiendsblood and makes a noise. Nearby they hear something sizzle and then a blinding flash and explosion. Eravor has a look of panic and tell them to split up around a natural stone wall. THey do so and find themselves looking upon a creature of floating tentacles and slime. The smell is pungent and putrid, like the rotting cavity of some alien carcass. They engage and finally defeat it but not before it has a chance to sample the taste of Eladrin. But in doing so they draw another creature through the vortex. A member of the great race, seeking knowledge and understanding of this realm. The party smartly avoids this, but the stench and flash have left Vladyn blind and weak. He attempts to float to the ceiling but the creature is massive and approaches him immediately grabbing and crushing him with large pincers, and emitting a substance to initiate a mental transfer before seeking to probe his mind. In a last ditch effort, Vladyn instinctively teleports away just moments before complete transfer. The creature is left blue tentacled and furious. Vladyn may have escaped, but the creature was able to consume enough genetic and mental material that he will always have a connection to Vladyn no matter where he goes.

Once again, Eravor was on the move, leading the party away through a set of tunnels that would eventually place them very near to the Ruby Court, the subject of their travels. But would the rumors be true?
Session: Game Session 1902: Into the Ruby Court - Friday, Dec 14 2018 from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire
After negotiating a truce with Golgon Steamshanks, the party must traverse the Elemental Plane of Fire, in order to get back from the fortress. They pass through two sequential wormholes before being deposited somewhere southwest of Coyote's Refuge. It doesn't take them long to realize they aren't where they hoped to be.

After a quick assessment of where they are, they move in the direction of the trade road and see a caravan moving past. They double time it towards the road and approach the caravan. The guards take them for marauders or madmen and take defensive positions. After a few words are exchanged, the caravan guards decide it's best to attack and ask questions later. Uncharacteristically, the heroes do not return fire and are able to gain the caravan guards trust. So they meet Reniss, a cranky old Ranger, Vaegould a valiant warrior and Durud, a combat healer. But all is not as it seems. Zevron gets the impression that these guards may be overstepping the trust placed in them by Gerroll.

After the caravan arrived in the Refuge, the party went to the Dancing Lizard and reestablished themselves in town. They got to see the eponymous Lizard and Terris Halfjaw. Zevron met with Taleen Quirrelle. Vladyn and Enna noticed the people of the town didn't look well and after some investigation realized that the entirety of Coyote's Refuge seems to be suffering from a drug exposure and addiction problem. In trying to "understand" the symptoms, Vladyn made the poor choice of trying the drug and became hooked.

While this was going on, Drag'Os went out to locate a guide to take them back into Vor Rukoth. He attempted to visit Nocmas Ashwalker but then decided to find Eravor the Sly. When he found him, Drag'Os was perturbed and set Eravor's tent on fire. But it turned out Eravor was in Dunlor's tent waiting for him. As the fire grew, Dunlor returned and was not pleased. But after a heated discussions with Drag'Os, they came to terms. It looked like they might even be willing to help each other.

Dunlor explained that he and Shileena had made several excursions into Vor Rukoth and there were 3 main routes. Zevron heard from Taleen that the White Lantern Consortium had uncovered evidence of a powerful suit of armor located in the Ruby Court. Eravor verified the rumor. Now the party must decide, whether to go straight to the forges and confront Snurre as agreed with Golgon, or whether to take a side trek to acquire the armor. And if so, which of the 3 routes will they take?
Session: Game Session 1901: Return to Vor Rukoth - Friday, Nov 16 2018 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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Session 606: Recap
The party finds themselves alone at 10,000 feet in the mountains. The sun is dipping low in the western sky and the howls if Girallons tell of a nearby hunt. It seems the two massive beasts survived the avalanche after all. The party set to work in an effort to both lure and ambush the foul creatures. Drag'os dug a very provocative tunnel while Tryn helped quickly bury Torinn and Zevron. She then hid behind two mounts of rock while Redgrim faked an injury and dropped his hammer. The Girallons were still suspicious and worked slowly into position until they were cautiously approaching from either side. Then they charged.

It was close. Redgrim was on the verge of blacking out. He was so groggy from the violent drubbing he received at the hands of the Girallons, he could hardly strike a blow the entire combat. He lept about in the fray but was ineffective. Fortunately, Zevron, Drag'os, Tryn and Torinn were getting the job done. They made short work of the first beast and dropped the second as it attempted to flee.

Tryn quickly field dressed the kills removing only the edible portions of the well muscled buy quite stringy Girallon meat. They now had food and a basic shelter in a carved out snow cave, but with dire weather coming and the potential for further hunting Girallons, they knew they had to keep moving. They decided to retrace their steps back to the cauldron that brought them here. The found footprints of the missing witch and they lead back to the cauldron as well. Zevron was able to determine she had cast a ritual to activate the teleportation magic of the cauldron. However, in her rush to complete the ritual before the return of the heroes, she used quite a bit more reagents than was strictly necessary. Zevron was able to gather them up and reactivate the cauldron. Tryn jumped in and collected more herbs and Zevron was able to complete the ritual for the entire party.

Once back in Nenlast, they went looking for their number one fan. Unable to find him, they heard rumors of something bad in Hammerfast. They found a secret message in his lair. It read: "No more Hammerfast". Redgrim was the one who deciphered the message. They decided to acquire horses and travel quickly to Hammerfast.

What they found was devastation its most raw form. Hammerfast was simply gone. Only the stoutest of foundations and tombs even existed and even those were sucken, ruined and cast at odd angles to the landscape. Investigation revealed that it was the battle between Bitterstrike and Calastryx that wiped the city off the map. The wrecked and barely alive form of Bitterstrike was found, crawled off and slumped in a nearby copse of trees just outside the former town wall. She was broken and dying. In exchange for information, the party healed her enough that should could talk once more. Unbidden, Drag'os gave her one of his magical gems of sight. This healed her long burning slashed eye socket. No one had ever shown her a genuine act of kindness of this magnitude. Something in her may have started to change. But even so, she was still an old creature with long worn habits and ways. And it was in this spirit that she burned with a vengeance to repay this hurt upon Calastryx. Something she knows she can't achieve alone. And, as anyone knows, the only way to get an evil dragon on your side is to make sure your objectives line up as closely as possible and to make yourself indispensable. Whether or not those have been a success will be found out next week.

In the meantime, the dwarves are now below ground, under the once thrumming city of Hammerfast. Above ground still stands the ruins, the necropolis of the Dwarves. And below is slowly being build, the new fortress city of New Hammerfast.
Session: Game Session 606: Alive - Friday, Feb 15 2013 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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Session 502: Recap
Tryn and Redgrim roar through the forest, giving chase to the runaway Mooncalf. They finally catch it preparing to devour its prey in the midst of an ancient forest ruin. In an epic combat where Zevron and Amin spent most of their time INSIDE the beast and where Redgrims ability with dungeoncraft and Tryns brilliant use of a Lighting Arrow, 1.21 Jiggawatts of energy is released sending the horrible monstrosity back to the far realm. Late in the battle, a massive White Dragon arrived, as if hunting the Mooncalf. Shortly after the battle, nearby Harpy Witch "handlers" sang to the Dragon, healing it, before it flew off into the night.
Session: Game Session: 502 After It! - Friday, Nov 18 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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Session 403: Recap
So the party has arrived in Hammerfast and is getting their bearings. They experience the wild unruly Gate Ward and all it's hustle and bustle. Zevron is experiencing worsening symptoms of The Crick, a nasty infection due to a poison he was recently exposed to. In exploring the Gate Ward, Drag'Os notices they are being watch and he proceeds to follow a halfling deeper into the ward. The halfling ultimate enters The Foundation Stone, an incredibly rough and tumble eatery, pub and flop house. Drag'Os meets Rosalea "Red" Vhel and their story "begins". In the mean time, the rest of the group finally catch up only to get sucked into a Giant's Feet tournament. All 4 players qualify but after some particularly hairy matchups, (including with Hector IronPalm and Barrelbuns, only Tryn and Redgrim advance to the finals. They also met a talented Eladrin knife thrower name "x". She was utilizing an illusion to appear as a halfling and she narrowly beat out tryn in a dagger throwing contest of the highest order. No one yet knows her reasons for being in Hammerfast.

After the tournament a nasty brawl breaks out and levels the entirety of the establishement. Much to the parties surprise, most of the brawlers are smiling the entire time as fist meets face over and over again. One fight escalated as Krogorov the half-orc attempted to blindside Zevron with the 2x12 plank that was situated over the The Pit. Zevron was too quick and reacted with a palm to the face, sending Krogorov sailing into The Pit. The fell edge first on his neck, snapping it like a twig.

Redgrim instantly lept into action, diving into the pit full of filth, slime and rank mead. He splashed to the bottom unleashing a powerful healing spell to save the life of Krogorov who would go on to owe him a life-debt.

After the scuffle at The Stone, the group followed the halfling to a late night meeting with Marsinda Goldspinner the leader of the local Trade Guild. She explained that they've been having trouble with caravan raids and they believe that Frelda Blackshield, the leader of the Craft Guild is behind it. In order to earn her trust she asks the party to escort a wagon "ore" from Highpeak to Hammerfast. In doing so, the party is ambushed by a group of very skillful assassins and thugs. They have even hired a burly dwarf named Barrellbuns to be their enforcer. The assassins are lead by a man named Serlek. He's a crafty individual, quick with a dagger. They offer to take the wagon off the hands of the party. But things get hairy quickly. Despite being vastly outnumbers, the fellowship makes short work of the bandits, protecting the caravan. Just as Serlek was attempting to make his escape, Zevron lept to stop him by grabbing the back of his shirt. Serlek whipped around, evil black blade in hand only to find Drag'Os had intervened with his Lightning Rush. The black caught Drag'Os just below the chin and severed an artery in his jaw. The blood flowed freely. Drag'Os began to feel woozy and somewhat incoherent. The necrotic blade left some mark on him and it soon stole his eyesight.

Investigating the caravan further, wondering what anyone would kill for, the party found it to be filled with lead. Lead painted to look like gold. What was happening? Marsinda sent them on this mission to protect a caravan of lead? That made no sense. Could it be possible they had been set up? Sent into the wilderness to protect worthless cargo against bandits she KNEW were coming?
Session: Game Session 403: Oddities in Hammerfast - Saturday, Oct 22 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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Session 401: Recap
The Fellowship finally stepped forth from the dark reaches of the ancient custodian hold. The city would be safe.....for now. Circling back with Lord Warden Markelhay, the group learns that the trade routes have been opened to the northeast but still, no goods arrive from the northwest. Something is still keeping merchants from Hammerfast from reaching the western vale. He requests that they look into things.

But first the group must rest, recuperate and process what has happened. They once again find themselves at The Silver Unicorn. While staying there, they are approached by an older woman, obviously wracked with pain and guilt and more than a little bit nervoud. She begs a favor of the now famous heroes. Would they be willing to retrieve a lost object of sentimental value? A box buried in her former home, now overrun by wilderness loving beasts?

The group does some research into this woman and learns that she once held stature in Fallcrest amongst the nobles but for some unknown reason she chose to step out of the circle of Upper Fallcrest and become somewhat of a recluse. Could this box have something to do with it?

The Copper Piece Gang goes to work seeking out information about the woman and her box. The Knack reveals that The Iron Circle is also interested in this box. The heroes must get there first! They race their horses to the breaking point and we see that Cymin has a bit of skill when properly mounted. The group makes good time but Zevron nearly kills his horse in the process, pushing it past the breaking point. Tryn then tracks the some strange mechanical hyena beasts to the cabin. They ended up arriving after the first group of Iron Circle thugs but before the support troops. As they approach the cabin, they meet an incredibly large, incredibly stinking ogre named Kraybeck. It turns out that Kraybeck is the ogre who one mistreated Cymin who was one of his troups at the battle of Albridge.

The heroes tried to trick Kraybeck into allowing them to search the ruins of the cabin and almost had him tricked as he is as dim-witted as he is ugly. Then Zevron teleported and one of the Hybrid Iron Hyenas smelled him near her. Then the battle was on.

Tryn lept up onto the damaged wall to gain a vantage point over the entire battle, loosing arrows in all directions. Zevron rushed in to engage the great ogre. He was more than his match however and Zevron learned a valuable lesson about Ogres. They can throw things. Zevron smashed Kraybecks knee and imobilized him as went to help Tryn. But then Kraybeck hefted and immense piece of rubble and hurled it at the unsuspecting Zevron who fell beneath its weight.

Drag'Os was caught outside but did his part as he teamed up with Cymin for the first time in battle. The two worked well together and cleared the area of all the smaller foes. However, eventually the support troops arrived and things started to look dire. Zevron was down, groggy from the massive stone hurled into his back, Drag'Os and Cymin were heavily outnumbered and Tryn was caught in the middle. It looked like this might be the end.

But then a wave of determination washed washed over the heroes and things started to change. Tryn pretended to be unable to heal Zevron however she was quite successful. This assured that no one would be paying attention to him. Drag'Os and Cymin risked it all to get into position on the huge Hyena outside. The combined surprise of Tryn and Zevrons brilliant deception and Cymins self sacrifice was able to turn the tide. Zevron lept up, Cymin screamed and ran to flank the enemy and Drag'Os was able to approach unnoticed. Tryn continued to let the arrows fly, pinning the enemy down.

The heroes went from being outnumbered and out of position to a situation of tactical advantage and surprise. The enemies could not resist. As the last great hyena reared it's head, Cymin lept to attack. Unfortunately, he had been emboldened by the confidence of his allies and took on a bit more than he could handle. The hyena devoured his upper torso and Cymin screamed his last feverish warbling scream.

But this gave Drag'Os an opening and he was able to move in and finish off the beast. Only the rancid smelling Kraybeck was left. He offered to let the heroes surrender but they weren't listening. They wanted justice for Cymin both here and from the battle of Albridge. Drag'Os did the honors. As Kraybeck released the last grunt of his life, thanks to the tip of Drag'Os' sword, the following silence was deafening.

Cymin. Dead. But his life was given in service of his friends. Something he though he might never have the courage to do. Even though, for him it was over, his inspiration of his comrades was only just beginning.
Session: Game Session 401: The Next Step - Friday, Oct 07 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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