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The Heart of the Garden of Graves.....all over again
Her eyes squinted, though there was barely enough light to see it. Her head tilted to the side, the way it did when she considered smiling, or instead unleashing an annihilating wave of necrotic obliteration. The two reactions were so close inside her, like opposite sides of the same coin.

She had watched this group for some time, an eternity and an instant, simultaneously possible in her demesne. So to have held them in her hand was to feel the closest thing to joy that one could experience in this dark, damp, joyless, emotional desert known as The Shadowfell.

But wait, the planes were shifting. She had felt it before. Prior to the great cataclysm, and in the early days of the awakening. The shifting was almost imperceptible, but it was there. On the edges of reason. One never knew what it meant, but only that it meant something. Something was happening in the fabric of reality that had only happened a few times before. It was significant enough that, like ripples on a waters surface, there was an effect that would be felt far removed from the source, to those who were....aware. And she could feel it.

Then she saw it. Before her eyes, reality began to melt. The stuff of existence was bleeding. A wound in the essence of the universe. From the wound belched life. A life unlike any she had known. It was an affront to all things. It was them. From the 5th dimension. She had seen them in a dream. And she knew them instantly. By the smell. The smell of overly simplified rules.

A wave of shock hit her like the breath of a dragon. A feeling she had known when she was much younger. And more rash. But this time, she would not react. She would watch and wait. Seething, but still. She watched them come and help the heroes who had survived. She watched them assist the survivors pluck those souls from her demesne. She couldn't simply ignore this incursion. So she snapped her fingers and triggered her servants. They gave chase, but not before the survivors leaped in some strange portal. She caught a glimpse of him. The Traveler. She should have known.


She would deal with him and his cohorts later.

Now, she looked through the eyes of her servants. They had opened the well gate, dropping the 5th dimensioners into one of her favorite endpoints. Hell itself. And immediately adjacent to a hellmouth. Oh the joy at the thought of what would come through. And then she saw it. The Marilith. There was no point in watching further. She ported her servants back to her side and waited for the souls to come. They always came eventually. She looked back to the souls waiting patiently before her and finished the smile she started barely 5 minutes ago. And then she obliterated them all.
Session: Game Session 801: In the Heart of the Beast PART II - Friday, May 06 2016 from 9:15 PM to 12:45 AM
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Session 503: Recap
The group had just fled the tunnel prior to its collapse. However, Drunkinoff and the other guy were stuck inside. Tryn located a massive tree whose underground structure penetrated close to the interior of the the cave structure. Zevron disenchanted a couple of sun rods and buried them in the ground under the giant root ball, with just the tips exposed. Amin summoned hundreds of burrowing mammals to weaken the dirt around the root structure and Redgrim unleashed a furious smash on the sun rods with his maul, acting like a blasting cap and completely uprooting the tree. As it fell, the root ball ripped away an enormous mound of earth, exposing a small hole giving entrance to the cave system. Now that they were not antagonizing the mudmen by invading the space of their magical pool, the group was able to convince them to help. They congealed into a watery liquid, poured through the hole that had been exposed and then hardened, ripping a portion of the wall out. As they retreated to their pool, they ejected all the items that had been lost by other adventurers at the feet of the party, a peace offering.

So the party explored further into the cave and examined the broken planar rift that had been exposed. Through communion with The Raven Queen, they were able to steer its forces towards her domain. They lept into it. However, even The Raven Queen is not all-powerful and the rift swept them into The Astral Sea.

As they completed the transition, they regained consciousness only to realize they were floating in the Astral, an Astral Dragon bearing down on them, being chased by a Githyanki raiding skiff. To the side was an elf floating on a makeshift parachute. The battle commenced. Finally, they damaged the dragon enough that it grabbed it's egg and fled. The party quickly took over the skiff and took the Gith hostage.
Session: Game Session 503: Where to? - Friday, Dec 02 2011 from 9:15 PM to 12:15 AM
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