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Session 401: Recap
The Fellowship finally stepped forth from the dark reaches of the ancient custodian hold. The city would be safe.....for now. Circling back with Lord Warden Markelhay, the group learns that the trade routes have been opened to the northeast but still, no goods arrive from the northwest. Something is still keeping merchants from Hammerfast from reaching the western vale. He requests that they look into things.

But first the group must rest, recuperate and process what has happened. They once again find themselves at The Silver Unicorn. While staying there, they are approached by an older woman, obviously wracked with pain and guilt and more than a little bit nervoud. She begs a favor of the now famous heroes. Would they be willing to retrieve a lost object of sentimental value? A box buried in her former home, now overrun by wilderness loving beasts?

The group does some research into this woman and learns that she once held stature in Fallcrest amongst the nobles but for some unknown reason she chose to step out of the circle of Upper Fallcrest and become somewhat of a recluse. Could this box have something to do with it?

The Copper Piece Gang goes to work seeking out information about the woman and her box. The Knack reveals that The Iron Circle is also interested in this box. The heroes must get there first! They race their horses to the breaking point and we see that Cymin has a bit of skill when properly mounted. The group makes good time but Zevron nearly kills his horse in the process, pushing it past the breaking point. Tryn then tracks the some strange mechanical hyena beasts to the cabin. They ended up arriving after the first group of Iron Circle thugs but before the support troops. As they approach the cabin, they meet an incredibly large, incredibly stinking ogre named Kraybeck. It turns out that Kraybeck is the ogre who one mistreated Cymin who was one of his troups at the battle of Albridge.

The heroes tried to trick Kraybeck into allowing them to search the ruins of the cabin and almost had him tricked as he is as dim-witted as he is ugly. Then Zevron teleported and one of the Hybrid Iron Hyenas smelled him near her. Then the battle was on.

Tryn lept up onto the damaged wall to gain a vantage point over the entire battle, loosing arrows in all directions. Zevron rushed in to engage the great ogre. He was more than his match however and Zevron learned a valuable lesson about Ogres. They can throw things. Zevron smashed Kraybecks knee and imobilized him as went to help Tryn. But then Kraybeck hefted and immense piece of rubble and hurled it at the unsuspecting Zevron who fell beneath its weight.

Drag'Os was caught outside but did his part as he teamed up with Cymin for the first time in battle. The two worked well together and cleared the area of all the smaller foes. However, eventually the support troops arrived and things started to look dire. Zevron was down, groggy from the massive stone hurled into his back, Drag'Os and Cymin were heavily outnumbered and Tryn was caught in the middle. It looked like this might be the end.

But then a wave of determination washed washed over the heroes and things started to change. Tryn pretended to be unable to heal Zevron however she was quite successful. This assured that no one would be paying attention to him. Drag'Os and Cymin risked it all to get into position on the huge Hyena outside. The combined surprise of Tryn and Zevrons brilliant deception and Cymins self sacrifice was able to turn the tide. Zevron lept up, Cymin screamed and ran to flank the enemy and Drag'Os was able to approach unnoticed. Tryn continued to let the arrows fly, pinning the enemy down.

The heroes went from being outnumbered and out of position to a situation of tactical advantage and surprise. The enemies could not resist. As the last great hyena reared it's head, Cymin lept to attack. Unfortunately, he had been emboldened by the confidence of his allies and took on a bit more than he could handle. The hyena devoured his upper torso and Cymin screamed his last feverish warbling scream.

But this gave Drag'Os an opening and he was able to move in and finish off the beast. Only the rancid smelling Kraybeck was left. He offered to let the heroes surrender but they weren't listening. They wanted justice for Cymin both here and from the battle of Albridge. Drag'Os did the honors. As Kraybeck released the last grunt of his life, thanks to the tip of Drag'Os' sword, the following silence was deafening.

Cymin. Dead. But his life was given in service of his friends. Something he though he might never have the courage to do. Even though, for him it was over, his inspiration of his comrades was only just beginning.
Session: Game Session 401: The Next Step - Saturday, Oct 08 2011 from 2:15 AM to 5:15 AM
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