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The Barony of the Emerald Blade
The party gathers itself and leaves Fallcrest. They travel south and east to Therund, visiting Gerrol on the way to The City Of Silver. After checking in on the newly expanded Copper Piece Gang in Therund, they locate and board the infamous Crimson Marauder, reuniting with her Captain Joccande. Joccande explains there are 2 options. the northern route skirting the Shatterkeel reef and eventually around the Amilian Sea. Or the southern route through Sahuagin Passage. The north is clean sailing, with good wind, but rumors speak of an awakened Kraken recently hunting the area. To the south lies a massive colony of Sahuagin and Iron Circle shipping lanes. The party chooses to go south and encounters a Sahuagin raiding party, but narrowly evades the Iron Circle privateers. A close call with a scavenging Dragon Turtle and two Marindaelion pirate ships punctuates the trip. The party eventually lands on a small island to prepare for the eventual landing in Marindaelion. There they find a marooned pirate of ill repute. From him they learn about The Baron of Marindaelion, as well as the pirates who left him there. What will be their next move?
Session: Game Session 1602: Sailing the Ocean Blue - Friday, Oct 06 2017 from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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