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No time to bleed, just tickle
It smelled awful in here, he thought to himself. That’s saying something considering Drag’os would go weeks without a proper bath. He was inside of something, something moist and disgusting. He could barely move and his sword arm was useless as it was pinned against his body. Feeling doubt creep into his soul he stopped thinking and just reacted.

Using the pommel of his sword and the fingers of his free hand he started rubbing the soft fleshy meat that surrounded him completely. To his amazement, it seemed to be working. He felt the crushing flesh loosen and before he knew what had happened he was in a heap on the cave floor.

Then came a sound he had heard before but never as loudly. BRRRRRT!! And then the smell came. Oh, that smell. Worse than before by several magnitudes. Drag’os though to himself, “hmm, I thought they smelled worse on the inside.”
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