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Cymin the Hero
The high sun and wind blowing from behind made him squint his eyes. He surveyed the valley below from atop one of the many hills overlooking the small settlement. Drag'os began to descend towards one particular small cabin not knowing for sure it was the right place, but it matched the description he was given. Discomfort began to creep into his emotions. He hoped that he would only be here for a short time, long enough to share as much information with this family as they could stand to hear. He knew that they would be just as uncomfortable by the news he carried. He was here for his friend Cymin who died the week before. Although the two had only known each other for a short time, Drag'os felt tremendous loyalty to Cymin. Especially in light of the fact that he was so instrumental in the survival of Drag'os and the other members of their party. He sacrificed himself for the good of them all while they sought to recover a small box for a local citizen of Fallcrest who had hired them.

Drag'os stepped around the corner of this small ranch house on the outskirts of the small village known locally as Hu-hachet not sure what to expect. He was amazed with the care that had been taken in this particular dwelling up keep knowing that the owner, was after all, a hobgoblin by birth. Hobgoblins he knew had a reputation for being less than civilized. He was quite surprised to see clean laundry hanging from the tree in the front yard. He knew he was in the right place, though, because of the woman kneeling in front of the small porch tending to a large pot of some species of flowers he was not familiar with. She was very tall, even for a hobgoblin, and had the same color fur and bore a striking resemblance to her eldest son Cymin - something Drag'os did not expect.

She turned to look at Drag'os with a suspicious eye. "Can I help you?" she spoke in good common, which also impressed Drag'os. He removed his helmet and paused for just a moment and said, "I come bearing news of your kin, Cymin." She rolled her eyes immediately. "Is he dead?" she asked in an even tone. "Aigh, Moradin has taken him home." He nodded. Drag'os quickly lowered his eyes to the ground knowing that Cymin turned his back on faith in the Goblin god Maglubiyet that would add further disgrace on him in her eyes, "He died a hero though, and I wanted to present you with his sword and tell you of his good deeds." Surprisingly, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and she too looked at the ground. "I always loved Al'Cyminkon, and hoped that he would find his place in the world." She said softly. "But, I always feared that this was out of his reach." This confession also surprised Drag'os. The tenderness with which she used his birth name and the kindness behind her words, he had not expected to hear.

Drag'os spent the next hour telling her the story of Cymin the Brave. He had always managed to find new ways to disappoint his parents, until now. Since the passing of his father several years ago it seemed that his mother had softened a bit and was finally able to open up about her true feelings for Cymin. It was just unfortunate that he never got to hear this from her. This was yet another example of the tragedy that befell the life of a truly good creature. Cymin was often misunderstood and Drag'os knew how important it was that his mother had an opportunity to know about some of the good things he had done at the end of his life. Drag'os knew the pride she would carry with her for Cymin from then on, that he had done the right thing by coming here, and that his friend could rest in peace.
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Awesomeâ„¢ Depths
Exiting the small stairway back to the surface, Drag’os looked to the darkening sky and remembered that today was his birthday – he had almost completely forgotten about it and was grateful that he would be able to see the sunset on this day.

For what seemed like weeks he and the rest of his friends had been down in the depths of what had once been the repository of the mysterious Custodians, the arcane researches who once collected and catalogued all magical knowledge, and dealing with the horrors of Shar-Thom. They had witnessed both tragedy and redemption on three levels.

Shar-Thom, the corrupted custodian of the arcane researchers was both tragic and at once redeemed in the end by severing the bond held over him by the ivory book known as the Codex.

The scribe, Calanu, whose soul had been trapped on the material plane was redeemed after hundreds of years and finally able to pass on to the afterlife.

And then there was the tragedy that befell Brandis - oh, poor Brandis. His time had come too soon. Brandis Nole, the noble cleric of Pelor, left his home in the Witchlight Fens and had eagerly agreed to accompany the group and to help in the endeavor to recover the Codex. Brandis died a short time ago at the hand of Shar-Thom, while completing the ritual that lead to the destruction of the Codex. He would be sorely missed, even though his spirit would forevermore stand guard in the depths of the dungeon where distance between the material plane and the Abyss is razor thin to prevent any further incursions from the devils that inhabit beyond.

Drag’os calmly watched as his two companions, Zevron and Tryn, came up out of the darkness. The ruins they now stand in had once been the ground floor of the Custodians’ great keep. He looked to his friends for acknowledgement of the great sacrifice Brandis made for them. The moment their three sets of eyes met he knew that they each shared his thoughts. Brandis’ sacrifice would not be in vain.

Taking a deep breath, Drag’os allowed himself a moment to reflect. Looking over to Zevron, he quietly said, “I’m t’inking, it’s time for a celebration.” The air around them was just cool enough that his breath was visible. Zevron looked back at Drag’os with confusion, for just a moment, knowing this was out of character for him. Drag’os was not usually one to celebrate - especially in light of the tragedy they had been witness to. “A celebration of the life of our fallen friend.” Drag’os said. Zevron, smiled and agreed.

Tonight he only wanted to share the evening with his two closest companions, and a celebration of Brandis was honorable. Drag’os could not bring himself to share that today was also his birthday. Doing so would appear self-serving. So he decided that he would keep this to himself.
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