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Session 504: Recap
The party finds themselves in control of an Astral Skiff, its Githyanki crew bound and in their control.

They meet the gnome who is powering the ship. They learn more about the way the compass works in the Astral Sea as well as the way things they need to happen just seem to happen. They are faced with a difficult choice, the ship is near 3 lattice lines. One to Baator, one to Pandemonium and one to Celestia. Something tells them to choose Celestia and it works out because they find Redgrim stranded on one of the barrier islands within the Celestias color veil.

After a reunion where each explains what was happening to the other (Redgrim was making penance on Celestia for a year while the party was engaged in the Astral for less than a day) they get right back down to business. The Githyanki captain explains that with the compass, they can find their way to a heart of Astral, something they thought could only be found in an Astral Dragon. The compass points them to Baator and they go there.

They venture into a wrecked ruin of damned souls. The immortal incarnation of soul devouring was present and their approach woke it from its slumber. Being near it caused them to have an unquenchable hunger, a hunger for souls. Only one party member fed their hunger that day.

Within they found four Astral diamonds but ended up destroying them as the incarnation of foul soul devouring was using them to feed it with ever more power. After temporarily disrupting it, Redgrim was able to pound its parts deep into the ruined stone, giving them time to perform one ritual. The githyanki captain stepped into the energy pulse, the heart of Astral and drank of the Githmani fruit, the fruit native to the Githyanki home world of eons past, the fruit used to increase their psionic connection to the universe. They were able to temporarily channel the energy from the heart of Astral to open a gateway to The Shadowfell. The party stepped through and found themselves in Gloomwrought, and right in the middle of an ambush.
Session: Game Session 504: Lost at Sea - Friday, Dec 09 2011 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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