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Tag: awesome_jump_attack

The end is near, it is tangible. Breathing hard, Drag’os Burlyfingers gathers all of his remaining strength. He leaps high into the air, moving with grace rare to Dwarven-kind, forcefully landing on the shoulders of the dreaded Winter King. At the very moment his boots meet the pauldrons on either side of the frozen king’s head, Drag’os drops his sword on the crown-shaped helm with such force that the left horn of the crown spirals high into the air before the Winter King registers the staggering hit. Drag’os has just enough time to reach out with his shield hand and snatch the spinning horn from mid-air as he backflips off the hulking shoulders of the lord of winter. Gloating, he poses, showing off his newly acquired trophy to his victim as the Winter King turns his head, looking for his assailant – wondering what just happened.
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