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Hammerfast at long last
I arrived in Hammerfast after several days on the road with news for the Heros of Fallcrest from the the leader of the Copper Piece Gang.

"The ruse to get the Iron Circle out of Fallcrest is working. As soon as the gypsies showed up with stories of fame and renown for those brave enough to fight in "The Pit", members of the Iron Circle started abandoning their posts. I knew this must be of your concoction because I know of no one else who knows as much about mysteries of The Pit. Beautifully, they've not been returning. I've heard rumors of The Pit since I was a child but never knew exactly what it was. Whatever it is, it's very unforgiving. Basically, the Iron Circles ranks have been thinned enough that Baron Marklehay will most likely have enough city guard loyal to him that he'll be able to throw them out on their ear. But, that's not all. I've been seeing some Iron Circle leaving to the East, toward Hammerfast. Word on the street is that they're abandoning their plans in Fallcrest (thanks to you all!) and have something brewing in the North country. Something particularly deadly. I'm not sure about details but I know the Iron Circle grows desperate so it's probably worse than anything they've tried thus far. Keep you eyes open and trust in Amin's blade, it strikes ALMOST as true as mine once did. - Knack"
Session: Game Session: 501 - Saturday, Nov 12 2011 from 3:15 AM to 6:15 AM
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