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Session 601: Recap
The party learns of a group of dwarven miners that have gone missing. It is feared that a band of giants may have taken them prisoner. This sounds to be the same band of Giants that is massing north and east of Hammerfast. Looking to kill two birds with one stone, the party much recon the Giants and save the Dwarves. Find the giant stronghold and rescue the miners. Or bring back word of their location.

Investigating the missing miners reveals clear signs of Giant activity. They follow the trail easily and locate what appears to be a newly built steading. They spend several days reconnoitering the comings and goings of the steading. In doing so, they meet a mysterious cleric who tells them she is seeking out an ancient temple dedicated to her religion. She doesn't discuss much, but reveals she has traveled a great distance in her search and entreats the heroes to help her. Her red and silver armor carries a symbol of a large floating eye on its chestpiece. She offers her assistance in return for the group helping her find the temple. It is her belief that the new steading is built atop it, taking advantage of the below ground construction to hide whatever it is the steading is preparing for.

Ultimately, they decide to hijack an inbound shipment of goods and materials from the east. They kill the Giant and Ogre guards, drag the wagon into view of the steading walls, climb into some barrels of building supplies, and wait. We'll find out next week if their plot worked, and gained them entrance into the steading.
Session: Game Session 601: Dragons and Giants Oh My! - Saturday, Jan 07 2012 from 3:15 AM to 6:15 AM
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