• Dragos_thumb
    Drag'os Dwarf/M/Def/Battlemind/25
    "Bring it!", "Rise", "If I'm posing, soon you'll be poo'n" "Always to the left"
    Description:As an adult, Drag'os is taller (5 foot 6 inches) than most dwarves and a bit slimmer (only 142 lbs) - so he could pass for a small human if required. He has dark brown hair with dark orange streaks, which he keeps braided and reaches halfway down his back. He keeps his beard short and trimmed. ...
    Background:Drag'os Burlyfingers comes from a modest mining clan who are fiercely loyal to each other. His older brother, Thelerium, dissolved a lucrative ore sale to a human blacksmith who insisted on mispronouncing his sisters name and then became belligerent when he was corrected for a second time. His ...
    Details:Third son of clan Burlyfingers. Granted title "Defender of Harkenwold" "The Crimson Marauder"
  • Iplay4e_thumb
    Zevron Eladrin/M/Def/Fighter/22nd
    "The more I learn the faster you fall"
  • Gerroll_thumb
    Gerrol Half-Elf/M/Ldr/Warlord/5
    "Drink and be Merry"
    Description:Gerrol is a young half-elf with a medium build. His piercing blue eyes seem almost at odds with his slightly angled face. Gerrol moves with a fluid grace that only someone with three or four shots of vodka can simulate. Gerrol always wears a glove on his right hand.
    Background:Gerrol - Lvl 4 Half-elf Warlord Gerrol squinted his eyes against the smoke in common room as he drank his spiced wine. He looked around and saw the typical joviality one would expect from a place of this type. Slightly plump serving women bounded about handing out mugs of ale and grog and...
  • Amin-suril-_severus_snape_fan_art_by_syrkell__thumb
    Amin Gnome/M/Stkr/Rogue (Scoundrel)/9
    "I am awesome incarnate"
  • Redgrim_thumb
    Redgrim Dwarf/M/Ldr/Cleric/9
    "Die like a mountain"
  • No_img_thumb
    Vladyn Human/M/Stkr/Warlock/16
    "Tensions were high."
  • No_img_thumb
    Enna Half-Elf/F/Druid/16

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