Here lies the tale of those brave souls whose lives were worth less, but whose actions were worth more than a dozen lifetimes. The stories that will be told long after their passing.......all started here. These are the tales of the Fallcrest Fellowship!

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Unfinished business
Tryn.... Dragos..... escape with your lives! Come on demon! I have a date with the Raven Queen!

I guess I never will face that human warrior so many years ago the best of me. . . .
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The Pits
Sweat ran down Thump Thump's face. He looked out across the fighting pit and saw a pompous human decked out in armor that could pay for a missionary trip by itself. He looked down to his old and dented armor. It fit poorly, but he had taken it off of a dead body while he was working as a mercenary earlier that year. He grunted as he put on his new gorget. That was the way of the fighting pits. People wagered their lives and possessions for the entertainment of the crowds. Most fights were not to the death, just until the judges ruled the battle was over and the crowds were appeased.

It still rankled him that he had to wager his entire suit of armor for just a piece of his opponents, his greaves. Slowly but surely he'd take enough pieces off of young fools and he'd have a complete set.

Thump Thump put his visor down and said a silent prayer to Kord to not let him down this time. He sprinted to the middle of the ring and the battle was joined......
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La Cotorra
"I trust jour chackels aren't too tight?" I ask the old Dwarf.

"Ah, yes, although they do hinder my ability to move my arms freely..." crowed Aldrick from behind rusted iron bars.

"Jour chackles?"

"Yes..." nodded the Dwarf matter of factly.

"... hinder jour ability to move your arms freejy?"


"... but that is the point of the chackles, my friend."

"Oh?! Ah!! I see!!" a wicked grin of understanding spreads across the wrinkles of the weathered Dwarf's face. "Then they are preforming their duty most splendidly!"

The Crippled Main rocks gently, soothing my soul as I watch Alrick examine his chackles with a renewed interest, as if he was seeing them only now for the first time.

"There are times that I envy jou, Mr. Spayce."

The elder Dwarf raised one bushy eyebrow.

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Jes, my friend. Jou remind me of a magestic, magnificent bird where I am from. Beautiful plumage."

"A 'bird' you say? Go on..."

"Ci. La Cotorra. Like other birds, La Cotorra goes away for the harsh, cold, bitch mistress of winter and we welcome her back into our warm, supple bosom of summer. However - and here is the interesting part - when La Cotorra comes back, she does not behave as she did before she left. She is still La Corotta on the outside, but no longer La Corotta on the inside. She is known as Pájaro Malvado. I see in your eyes the Pájaro Malvado, but when I look closer I believe I see La Corotta."

"There are BIRDS in my EYES?" Aldrick's hands fly to his face, feeling around for something that isn't there.

"No, no, no, Mr. Spayce - be at peace, my friend. There are not real birds here... well, maybe a seagull or two depending how far away we are from the land..." I feel myself getting lost chasing a silk thread of the tapestry of madness. With a quick breath, I refocus on the point at hand.

"Jou are not a bird, Mr. Spayce. No... jou are a Dwarf - a Dwarf I feel who has lost sense of who he is and where he has came from. This spayce business where jou are from, this is who jou were, yes? Jou are now who jou choose to be today. For when the Pájaro Malvado comes home to roost, we work as la familia to protect this national treasure and nurture La Corotta back to the beautiful bird she is."

"For every bird? An insurmountable task, surely."

"I did not say every bird, Mr. Spayce."

"What happens to those birds?"

"Let us just say that there are no Pájaro Malvado - or, how you say, "Bad Birds" - in my homeland for long, Mr. Spayce. Where I am from, there are people who stay and do what must be done to rid themselves of the bad birds..." suddenly the weight of memory hits me, pulling my gaze to the floor "...and there are people who can't... do what it takes... and must leave the paradise of home..."

Attempting to gather my composure, I meet Aldrick's eyes.

"Tomorrow brings another day, my friend. Let us make the best of it for the sake of us all..."
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Epic × 2!
Not So Private Journal 7
Dear Unknowable Master,

I find my body in a cage again. What is this, the second time? The creatures I travel with seem a little perturbed by what happened. I suppose pushing a flesh thing off a boat is different than walking into your own home. Just wanted a sandwich after being away for so long. Seems wrong to lock away a living thing for that.

It pains me to remember that I was once one of these meat things.

You taught me to do what is required. Now I sit alone in a cell. No company will keep me.

These creatures are confusing. One life has value while another does not. They cheer me on as we rip the soul from one fleshy thing and seem enraged when we do so with another. Murdering a creature defending its home? Acceptable. Murdering a creature to further the goals of the team… unacceptable? For a place made of such simple dimensions this is surely a confusing boundary they have erected in their inferior minds

I know you sent me here for a reason. That reason continues to elude me. Right now it seems you are having a laugh. Have I been sent here for your entertainment?

In the silence of this cell I do have a frightening thought.

Perhaps they have a point. Somewhere in my mind is the memory of a simple morality. I can feel it. You said I would never be like them again. You made me better. The more time I spend in this existence the more I wonder how true that is.
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They won't let me keep them alive.
I felt no satisfaction in leaving this group. Before, abandoning those with a lack of respect for Vor Rukoth, it had felt like a relief, and at times, justice. But leaving a group, any group, to fend for themselves in such a place is the last thing I'd want to do. The last thing any self respecting guide would want to do. But they ignored every warning, refused every opportunity to save themselves. Perhaps, this is how heroes live. But in my experience, this is how fools die.
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