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Chapter Two – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Part One
Chapter Two – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished:
Part One – Retrieving Corwin from the Gaol:
Date: 1371 DR, evening on the 4rd day of Flamerule, with a waning gibbous moon(Selûne is waning).

The game begins with the incarceration of Corwin in the city jail. Krase Delkin explains what Corwin is being jailed and what options he is entitled to. After some discussion, it’s decided that the party will sell the magical ring they found on Mugurk; so the group will have the surety needed to free Corwin from jail. There is discussion on which magic shop they will go to, as there are limited options in Hill’s Edge. Rowan tells the party that she has been to both; one that is operated by the Red Wizards of Thay, and the other one which had a poor selection.

The party agreed to avoid the Red Wizards Enclave, and instead when to Dragoneye’s Emporium in the warehouse district. Poppy then entered negotiations with the small gnome merchant, and after some haggling; they agreed on a 1,850 gold pieces and a potion of her choice from his stock. They quickly concluded the sale and then continued on their way.

The next stop was Kendall Rlemer’s Arms and Armor, as they were looking for some chainmail armor for Yun. They found a very agreeable merchant named Kendall, with a young boy sweeping the floor. Poppy was able to locate an excellent suit of chain, and was surprised to discover that Kendall was selling it slightly below cost. Poppy had asked him why, and after some discussion, it was revealed that the Zhentil Coster was underselling all of the competition, which was making it impossible for any of the merchants to compete. Poppy then told Kendall that she would pay full price for the armor, provided that they could get the armor repaired for free whenever they needed it. The merchant gladly agreed and the chainmail was paid for and given to Yun.

After helping Yun equip the chainmail, the group then proceeds back to the City jail; and provided the 500 Gp surety needed to release him from jail. Krase Delkin explained that Corwin was being released on the condition that he would not attempt to leave the city, and that he would not end up breaking the law again before his trial. Corwin has asked when the trial date would be announced, and Krase Delkin told him the Trader’s Council was to meet tomorrow morning; and they would discuss his case at that point. Krase had cautioned Corwin to be careful not to break the law, and when Corwin asked if there was a list of City Laws; he was referred to the Trade Council Building.

The Adventurers then left the City Gaol, and Corwin thanked them heartily for his rapid release. There was some discussion, and then Poppy decided to go look for an Inn or Tavern that the group could stay at. Corwin had learned that there was a temple of Tyr within the city, and he and Asakura headed that direction looking for help. Finally, Ognyan, Rowan, and Yun decided to locate the burned temple of Oghma to see if there was any information that could be found within the ruins.

Poppy had found an establishment called the Worried Wyvern, and began to parlay with the innkeeper on a discount for a group of people wishing to stay there. Poppy was in luck, the innkeeper had enough rooms available and had agreed to her terms. Poppy then retired to her room after a long day of travel and adventures; she relaxed in a much needed hot bath.

While the halfling was relaxing, Corwin and Asakura had arrived at the temple of Tyr. Much to their surprise, there was a priest waiting for them at the entrance to the temple. The priest introduced himself as Arnell Bernost, and explained that he had received a vision from Tyr that two unique individuals would arrive at his temple; and that he has been charged to assist them in seeking justice. Arnell and Corwin discussed the murder of Burlak Skall and some possible motives on why Corwin was implicated. Corwin had said that he his alibi was Harland, and Arnell had doubted that the merchant would give reliable testimony. It was decided that they would go to Harland’s immediately and discuss the matter with him.

Arnell, Corwin and Asakura then headed back to Harland’s and discovered two suspicious looking humans milling about the entrance to the warehouse. Asakura decided to remain on the entrance to the warehouse to keep an eye on the two humans. Corwin and Arnell then asked Drave where Harland was; and was met with evasive answers. The two then determined that he was somewhere inside the warehouse and began looking for him. Asakura remained at the entrance and firmly rebuked Drave for his dishonesty. Corwin and Arnell had found Harland at the back of the warehouse and learned that he was being extorted by the men that work at the Zhentil Coster. The Zhents had come by earlier and had given him a beating; and told him that if he was asked, he was not sure where he was. Harland said that they knew where his family lived, and “bad things” would happen if Harland didn’t do what they said. Arnell said that he had heard enough, and told Corwin that he would return to the temple and assign one of his paladins to watch over Harland and his warehouse. Corwin and Arnell returned to the front of the warehouse to discover a very frightened Drave, visibly soiled, and hiding behind a chair; while Asakura scowled at him from the entrance. Corwin did his best to calm and reassure Drave that nothing bad would happen to him, and while this was happening; Asakura noticed the two humans that were watching the warehouse, slink off into the darkness. Then Corwin and Asakura decided to meet with the rest of the group at the Worried Wyvern.

Meanwhile, Ognyan Rowan and Yun had arrived at the burnt ruins of the Library and immediately searched the area. Rowan had used her skills and determined that the fire was not natural and was definitely magical in nature. Ognyan had noticed that there was a book that was taken from the Magic section; and it was taken after the fire had been put out. As the three were prepared to leave, Yun noticed a card wedged into the doorjamb. The card was a Talis card that depicted a copper dragon and a black dragon fighting; and the black dragon was facing up. Yun asked the other two about the meaning of the card, and Ognyan told her that the black dragon symbolized greed or avarice. The discovery of the card and the symbolism troubled Yun and Ognyan, and the trio then departed for the Worried Wyvern.

The adventurers convened at the Worried Wyvern and shared stories from the evening. There was some discussion, and it was agreed that while the hour was late; they wanted to check on the young girl named Tera who survived the burning of the Oghma Temple. The group had learned from the city guard that Tera was staying with extended family on a small farm outside of the city. The group decided to go make sure that she was alright; however, Yun said that he was not feeling well, and decided to remain at the inn.

The rest of the group journeyed to the Vale Gate, when Corwin realized that he was unable to leave the City, and with reluctance; he returned to the Worried Wyvern. The rest of the party then traveled a few miles to the small farm and upon their arrival they discovered that Tera had left in the early evening to go collect wild mushrooms for dinner; and had not returned. The entire family was searching the area for her, and leaving the Aunt at home and desperate for her return.

The party wasted little time, and were quick to begin searching for the girl. The group began to head towards the Reaching Woods hoping to locate tracks from the missing girl. After some searching, Ognyan discovered Tera’s basket lying in the tall grass, and some footprints leading away from it. The group followed the tracks thru the field, and could see someone running along the border of the forest. Rowan telepathically told the person to run towards their position. When the girl was halfway to their position, a dark archer poked its head out from behind a tree. It shot the girl in the back and disappeared into the forest.

The group sprang into action with Ognyan, Rowan, and Poppy running at full speed to help the girl; while Asakura headed off to try and capture the archer. Ognyan and Rowan managed to heal the girl's wounds and they asked Poppy to take the girl back to her house, while they went to search for the attacker. Ognyan and Rowan best efforts to locate the archer were thwarted; and eventually became lost in the forest. Finally after some searching, they had run into the Tera’s uncle who they told them that the girl was safe; and they returned to the farm. Asakura was able to follow the tracks of the archer and an accomplice to a small field where they appeared to get on horses and headed out towards Hill’s Edge. Asakura continued to follow the tracks back to town.

Ognyan, Rowan, and Poppy arrived at the farm and much praise was given to them for returning Tera to them safely. Rowan had asked Tera a few questions about the fire; but it was revealed that she didn't get a good look at anyone. The three then headed back to town, and met Asakura at the Vale Gate. Asakura was able to follow the tracks all the way back to town; but lost them on the busy cobbled streets of Hill’s Edge. The party then asked the City Guards about the two riders had just entered the town; but the guards replied that they didn’t take much notice of them. The group had then returned to the Worried Wyvern, to get some much needed sleep.

Game had ended for the night.
Session: Part Seven - Corwin is Framed - Friday, Aug 16 2013 from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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Turn of events
Corwin lay in bed thinking about the days discoveries. It would seem Tyr was on his side and had sent one of his servants, Arnell, to aid in his trial against the murder accusation. With the help of the Tyrian paladin, Corwin was able get Harlan to admit his deception and the involvement of the Zhenterim. Now it was just a matter of time before the trial so that his innocents could be proven.

Still, there was more about this situation that bothered him. Was the Zhenterim using him as a convenient scapegoat to eliminate one of their own, or was Skall a sacrifice to target Corwin specifically. And if the answer were the latter case, why? What had he done to threaten the Zhents so much that they felt he needed to be eliminated.

Beyond these questions, there was the matter of his dream. This was not the first time one of his dreams had come to pass. Was his daughter somehow involved in his framing? Did she even know he was in town looking for her? For that matter, was she still in Hill's Edge?

Corwin's thoughts continued to drift through the possible options of how to proceed from here. Obviously he could not leave town until this legal matter had been resolved. Was there a way to try and expedite the trial? What would be his best option for gaining information from the Zhents regarding any involvement by Trina, and how could he go about getting it without alerting her to his search for her? Even if Trina had no involvement in his framing, what would be the best way to continue his search for her? The monk was no tracker, he did not possess the skills needed to try and find her without tipping his hat. Perhaps it would be best if she did know he was looking for her.

His frustration began to build with the more he thought about it all. Corwin sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Running his fingers through his hair, and massaging his scalp at the same time to try and ease the tension, he could hear the couple in the next room. Their growing passion did nothing to ease his thoughts. Quickly jumping to his feet, Corwin began to pace back and forth. The fibers of the rug between his toes began to comfort him. It reminded him of the rug that graced his living room floor in the house he had shared with his wife.

After several minutes of pacing, the monk took a deep breath and calmed his mind. He sat on the rug, crossing his legs, and began to meditate. Blocking out the sounds and closing his eyes, Corwin focused on slowing his heart rate. He then began to silently pray to Oghma for guidance. Surely his God would show him the true path to take. The knowledge was there if he took the time to seek it out properly.
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