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The morning after
Wearily Corwin rose from his bed. The nightmare from earlier still lingering in is mind. Wiping away the sleep from the corners of his eyes, he moved to the center of his room and began his morning exercises. The lack of restful sleep proved to be an extra challenge this morning. It took him nearly three fold the time it normally would take for his routine.

The monk made his way to the bureau and poured water from his pitcher into a basin. Taking the wash cloth, he soaked it and then rung it out. After giving himself a quick cleaning, Corwin dunked his head into the basin and soaked his hair. He may not be fully rested, but there was no reason he had to appear bedraggled. Drying his hair with a towel, he then pulled it into a tight pony tail. He decided he would braid it later.

"Well, I had better see if the others are awake yet" he said to no one in particular. Donning his robes, he then made his way down to the main room of the inn.
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The overcast sky threatened rain at a moments notice. Two men dressed in gray clothing assisted the black hooded figure to enter the dungeon entrance, her belly bulging to the point that she had difficulty walking. Corwin followed at a distance as the three figures entered the building. The gray grass and black clouds ominously framed the doorway as a cold draft blew out of the opening. Even the flowers were shades of black and white. No color could be seen anywhere. Corwin could sense the evil that lay within, yet he was drawn forward almost against his will.

As he passed the frame, the passage quickly descended into darkness. Only the flicker of a distant fire showed him where to go. The walls ran with cold water as the ceiling dripped on him, chilling him to the bone. He could hear labor moans from the woman in the distance, softly at first then growing louder as he drew closer.

Entering into the torch lit chamber, Corwin recognized Trina laid out on a slab of stone, belly bulging nearly to the point of bursting. One of the men stood with his head between her legs, obviously assisting with the birth. Trina looked over at her father and smiled. "Father, I see you have come to witness the birth of your grandchild. I am so happy you could make it. Now we can be the family we were always meant to be." Joy filled Corwin as she spoke these words. He stepped closer, but the second man held him back with an iron grip.

Trina screamed in pain as the child tore out of her. She slumped down in exhaustion as the assistant wrapped the baby in a blanket and held it forward toward her. With incredible effort, Corwin's daughter sat up and took the tender package in her arms, then looked over toward him with a smile. Suddenly the smile turned wicked and Trina's eyes darkened as she held the child towards him. "You thought we could be a family? You are more foolish then I had taken you for." Corwin struggled against the mans grip to no avail. He stood in mute horror as, suddenly with a quick twist, Trina snapped the babies neck like a twig. Corwin screamed out in anguish as she began laughing evilly.

Bolting upright in bed, rivulets of sweat pouring down his body, Corwin struggled for breath. Tears began to well up in his eyes as uncontrollable sobs of misery escaped him. He had not had not felt like this since the day he found his wife murdered. He didn't know what to make of this nightmare. Was it prophetic like so many others he had, or was this just the horror his mind had created about the evil of his own flesh and blood?
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Turn of events
Corwin lay in bed thinking about the days discoveries. It would seem Tyr was on his side and had sent one of his servants, Arnell, to aid in his trial against the murder accusation. With the help of the Tyrian paladin, Corwin was able get Harlan to admit his deception and the involvement of the Zhenterim. Now it was just a matter of time before the trial so that his innocents could be proven.

Still, there was more about this situation that bothered him. Was the Zhenterim using him as a convenient scapegoat to eliminate one of their own, or was Skall a sacrifice to target Corwin specifically. And if the answer were the latter case, why? What had he done to threaten the Zhents so much that they felt he needed to be eliminated.

Beyond these questions, there was the matter of his dream. This was not the first time one of his dreams had come to pass. Was his daughter somehow involved in his framing? Did she even know he was in town looking for her? For that matter, was she still in Hill's Edge?

Corwin's thoughts continued to drift through the possible options of how to proceed from here. Obviously he could not leave town until this legal matter had been resolved. Was there a way to try and expedite the trial? What would be his best option for gaining information from the Zhents regarding any involvement by Trina, and how could he go about getting it without alerting her to his search for her? Even if Trina had no involvement in his framing, what would be the best way to continue his search for her? The monk was no tracker, he did not possess the skills needed to try and find her without tipping his hat. Perhaps it would be best if she did know he was looking for her.

His frustration began to build with the more he thought about it all. Corwin sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Running his fingers through his hair, and massaging his scalp at the same time to try and ease the tension, he could hear the couple in the next room. Their growing passion did nothing to ease his thoughts. Quickly jumping to his feet, Corwin began to pace back and forth. The fibers of the rug between his toes began to comfort him. It reminded him of the rug that graced his living room floor in the house he had shared with his wife.

After several minutes of pacing, the monk took a deep breath and calmed his mind. He sat on the rug, crossing his legs, and began to meditate. Blocking out the sounds and closing his eyes, Corwin focused on slowing his heart rate. He then began to silently pray to Oghma for guidance. Surely his God would show him the true path to take. The knowledge was there if he took the time to seek it out properly.
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