Our story begins within the Forgotten Realms; within the Western Heartlands. Here, on a tiny dirt road we find two caravans heading to the distant city of Hill’s Edge.

Six intrepid hero's will discover the city of Hill's Edge; filled with mystery, intrigue, and a dark secret that casts a shadow over all.

The Western Heartlands is often overlooked and forgotten. A wild, wide-open space of endless plains, haunted moors, the Western Heartlands is an untamed frontier, waiting for the birth of new kingdoms and leaders.

The "Westies" see themselves as the last independent people, with little need or love of government, kings, and nations beyond the local level.

Here within these lands, is where our adventurers story begins. They will discover the city of Hill's Edge a bustling trading city on the frontier edge. Here they will discover that not everything is as it seems; and there are dark forces that move against them all.

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Another Missive from Poppy
Dear Mother,

My friend, Kiba, seems much troubled of late. I can barely make him smile. Once I could do a few cartwheels and he would be amused but now he frowns all the time and is sullen. I imagine it is not too strange for a half orc, but I like my other Kiba better.

Perhaps it was just simpler when we were out gadding about on our own. I think in the past day or so he has tried to become friends with our new companions but it is hard for him. That strange code, booshidoo, that he lives by ties him all up in knots. He just needs to let his hair down and have a pot of stew and a mug of good ale.

Tell my brother's to watch out for Zhents. I don't trust them. Please let me know if you see gatherings of Shar's followers any place you go. I should be in Hill's End for a bit longer if you want to send me anything here. I can be found at the Worried Wyvern.

Much love,
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The ghost of the past
Yun walked back with the group in his usual silence, but he lagged farther behind than usual. His hands wrung over his staff, holding it tightly to his chest as they traversed the dirt path back to Hills Edge.

It had been a long time since he had felt the kind of anger he felt while in that cave. The creatures were abominations, undead, tainted, twisted flesh. Killing them was a mercy, freeing them from the rule of the sick bastard that saw fit to raise them. The destruction of the statue also a necessity, the darkness lifting when it was completely broken, but the boiling anger inside had scared him.

How many times had his father thought violence justified? How many times had Yun seen that tyrant boil over into rage? That was Yun's blood, no mater how distant he made himself from that man, his own blood came from that violence. Living with the order had lulled him, made him believe he was immune to his father's rage, fooled him into thinking it had been rooted out like a chunk of festering wound. Tonight, he proved to himself that he was still capable of the same violence. It was still there, a cancer on his beliefs.

His hands stretched tighter on the wood of his staff and his head hung, looking at the dirt under his feet. Petty anger was the only justification he had for breaking that statue. When he pushed aside the reasons and good ideas, a childish pettiness was all that was left.
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Much to contemplate
For a long time now I have felt pity and shame over what transpired in Kosakura. My dishonor has driven me leagues away from home, and caused me to hide amongst the Gaijin in hopes that I would not be recognized. My paths have finally lead me to Tasker, while I wish to have him taste the edge of my blade I know it is not yet time. I have others to worry about, and I will not bring down the evils of Tasker upon my new found travelling companions. A few hours ago I met a fellow citizen of Odaku Seaport, he was taken by Tasker as an indentured servant and now forced into labor. They took his family and his life away from him. He asked the honorable thing and wanted me to end his life. While this is an honor that is given to one of my station, this is a different land, and while I still hold the title of Samurai, I am truly Ronin and masterless. All I could do is give him gold and ask him to spy for me. Perhaps this will give the man honor to work for a Samurai, give him faith that he will be exalted from this life of woe. Now as I head back to my bed, I find myself feeling fortunate for what I have. Poppy and I have a long road ahead of us, and while I think she is Kureijī for her visions of the future, at least it keeps her going. I still do not know what to make of the others, I am trying to form a friendship with Corwin and while I am fond of the boy, Yun still has much to learn. Well as they say Ashita wa nani o motarasudeshou
Session: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Friday, Aug 30 2013 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Pondering on Ballad Future
I'm sure the ballad is there. If I begin with goblin slaying and the discovery that merchants are getting their stamps wiped off their merchandise by the Zentil Keep I'm sure the next logical step would be to infiltrate the Zentil's themselves. Imagine the influence I would wield if I managed to drive the Zents out of Hill's Edge.

Merchants across the land would hear of it...especially when I complete my song. I would be welcome in any tavern in the land and they would want to hear me sing of the amazing tale.

So next step...infiltrate Zent warehouses, then capture and interrogate some one. Yes, this is starting to come together.
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To Evereska With Love (Inquiring of Eldrin)
(In Elvish)
Dearest father,

I am glad to be writing to you, though circumstances dictate that I am doing so in order to ask a favor. In our journey to Hill's Edge, we have come across an artifact said to have been created by Mystra's devout: Eldrin Ahys. His last known whereabouts are at home in Evereska.

I suppose this bears a bit more explanation. We arrived in Hill's Edge nearly seven days ago, but we have not yet found Corwin's daughter. He has, instead, been charged with murdering a human in an untoward gambling hall and bar in town. He has only a few days to gather evidence to clear his name before he is found guilty and hung. I thought you and mother might want to know this.

It seems as though his daughter was here and in the company of a man with dark hair and a goatee, buying up shovels and building material. It could be unrelated, but graves nearby have been disturbed, and we found a ritual pit filled with corpses in the woods. We believe that the pit was the origin of a dark magical storm that permeated the area upon our arrival. I suspect Mystra's artifact's twin, the Eye of Shar, may be in the possession of those who would use it for nefarious purposes.

I have tried to locate information on this ritual as well as the artifact of Mystra, but the local library was burned to ash by a magical fire. I'm afraid my last resort is asking you to find Eldrin and put him in contact with us. I am uncertain as to what role this artifact plays in all of this, but I know that it is a powerful magic item dedicated to our goddess, and so it is of import.

Father, I miss you dearly. You, mother, my friends, everyone. My traveling companions are numerous, strange, and oddly forthright. I don't know who to trust, and I am surrounded by humans. They do not understand me, and I do not understand them. I feel closed in by this city of crude stone and dirt. Each day it becomes harder to breathe. I do not belong here. I hope that we may finish this business swiftly so that I may return home.

I pray that the stars shine bright upon you, father.

Until we meet again,
Session: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Friday, Aug 30 2013 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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