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Adventures in Caraway, part 1
Well as we settle in at the castle I am not as excited about Caraway as I was at first. We meet the King and Queen. The queen was nice enough and many have said she is very beautiful (by human and elf standards I guess - of course if you get a human drunk enough they would probably find me attractive). The king was impressive to see but supposedly his keen mind is what they really went for when he was put into the golem.....well golem doesn't quite get the right feel. He is something in between a golem and warforged. Maybe a go-forged....nope, no one will like that! Oh I know, I think warpforge is fitting....of course I will have to keep that to myself. I am sure someone will take offense.

No surprise but not long after we all settled in we split up to do our own thing. We did go in groups just to be on the safe side. Myself and a couple of others went to a mage tower that had been trashed to see if we could find Caraway's communication stones. No luck since the tower had been blown up (apparently from the inside). Something we may have to investigate further...

** As a side note....Salazar, one of my power trainers, was right. Being able to travel through a cityscape unhindered is important since that came in very handy in the crumbling tower!**

Dinner was uneventful. Supposedly the food was delightful. I haven't the stomach for such things. (my apologies to those who are reading of our adventures but that is my sad attempt at a joke). But, I have always thought the process of eating, digesting and then secreting the waste was very inefficient and disgusting. But alas I digress....

I sought out their library to see if they had any books on dragons. After seeing the dragon in flight I had to find out more! They are mysterious beasts. Especially when many thought they had been destroyed by the conflagration. I was assisted by a wonderful halfling by the name of Zandara. She led me to a wonderful book about the dragon pantheon. It was such a good read that I may ask to see if I can get a copy, or maybe I can purchase this one, we shall see!

But as I come to the end of writing this entry I will say that our adventures in Caraway are far from over. After the conflagration, the Temple to St. Cuthbert was destroyed in a similar fashion to the mage's tower. Someone also said that the Temple to Heironeous just disappeared. So with that being said, we have come across a fountain to St. Cuthbert. What appears to be stones of some power have landed on the fountain and trapped something within. We don't know what is in there........yet.
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Out in the open.
Wow Mom, If our first day is any indication it’s likely I may not have as much time to write as I had hoped but it has been exciting! When the time came I was so nervous I only vaguely remember what the outside of the south gate looked like. We made our way through the huge gates and down the tunnel until we reached where the ward was placed. The earth there was pure white I thought initially that it was from the magic but I overheard Lucas talking with our escorts about it being the powered bones from those sacrificed in the ritual. You know it should seem creepy but when I was there I was overcome by the thought of just how noble the act of creating the ward truly was. We were unsure as to how to pass the ward so it was decided that we would just step through and hop for the best. I know it sounds crazy but the most educated of the mages on hand could give us no solid advice on a way to disengage it. At the very moment I expected death or at very least pain the most amazing thing happened! I was flooded with the thoughts and emotions of another! He was a fighter and when he left some of his memories stayed with me. Mostly that of training, much like I had trained but his experiences enriched me. It makes me realize just how not alone we are; no matter how different we are, there are some hardships and difficulties that many of us have suffered through. I’ll try to remember that. I wish I knew his name so I could give him thanks properly for his wisdom.

When we reached the outside, it was a lot later in the day than we thought. It seems the time is about 3 hours off from Irongate time and that was by far not the strangest thing we found. The mountains seem odd and the river we were going to follow is completely gone. When we investigated more it seems that where the river was is permafrost. It doesn’t appear that the conflagration happened at all. Something happened but it’s hard to say what exactly. It kind of reminds me of the weird mystery novels I would read. After some debate it was decided that we would try to make our way to Caraway, an unprotected town about 14 days walk from Irongate. I hope we find more than desolation there but it’s hard to say what we will find at this point. Well off to bed, got to get a little sleep before it’s my shift on watch.
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The First Leg
The day finally arrived. The great doors of Irongate would open for us. We were selected to go out first. I guess it's: Kill the elves THEN send the Dwarves huh? Well, what ever there logic, I... get... OUT!!

Just feeling a bit of cabin-fever, cave-fever? Whichever. Not that most (some) of the dwarves haven't been nice, or that I didn't take a liking to any of them. I have. It's hard to put into words, even for myself. I think, partly, it's because I'm still young and I want to go places, see thing. Also partly, I'm sick of being underground. It just doesn't feel right to an elf. However, I feel more and more that the overriding reason is... I want to help. I want to fix our world. I don't even know what the world outside Irongate is like anymore. Is it all burned? Are there even plants alive? What happened to The Plague? Did the other towns make it?

So many questions to answer, and all of this just while we walk out to the barrier. Kinda funny, I always pictured the barrier right on the other side of the gates. Never thought for a second that the barrier was outside the outer gates. Oh well.

The Shield on the other hand did not disappoint. It radiated power even to our non-magical members. It was like staring into a wall of death. Wee Jas help me; I have to walk through this. The sensation of it, so many mixed feelings. The weirdest part... the part that I have not told the others about, was the thoughts that raced through my head. It's not so much the thoughts I had, but the fact I'm sure those thoughts did not originate in my own head. I feel as though I have been permanently changed by the barrier. I can't put my finger on it exactly yet, but I can feel the difference. As if that all wasn't bad enough, we literately had to walk across countless graves to get to the outside world. Brrrr!

I was surprised to find that the world at large still seemed ... normal. The next couple of days went uneventful as we headed in the general direction of Caraway and Darda Elerylin. However, I should note that as we journeyed we ran across several, well, impossibilities. It actually became common in a weird sort of trippy, "I'm no longer in Irongate" way. Plants and rocks found out of place. Parts of rivers vanished; deserts and oceans were they ought not to be. I still think the most curious thing was the tree that had two different types of trees growing out of the same trunk. Oh and apparently in the night a dragon flew over head. I didn't think even a dragon could survive the conflagration. Of course I sent regular reports to the council every night detailing these oddities.

We did find an interesting place; a gash into the shadow realm, which has to be by far the oddest thing yet and if I'm not believing 5 impossible things before lunch then this has become too common place. Is that even possible? I'd chalk up another one ,but it's after lunch. If down becomes up will I really notice? It will be fixed. Galandor must be healed.

Sitting next to the gash, a building. The strange build (which was lodged in a giant rock or a rock landed on it... I don't know!)
did contained a few things which needed... cleansed from Galandor. Undead... yuck! I was hoping not to see any of those for a few more decades. I saw more than I needed to before entering Irongate.

On the bright side, several interesting tomes were located in it's library. Many are written in a language that none of us recognize. Those will be collected by others from Irongate. I however took 2 that I could read or at least decipher eventually. A tome of true names and info there of and a book about a continent none of us have really heard of, Serrin. Well I know what I'll be reading for a while. I wonder what kinds of applications can I use True Names for...

We forged ahead determined to reach Caraway before turning back to Irongate. Thank the gods we ran into someone on the way. Partly because we were not heading directly to Caraway and partly because she could tell us things that we had no idea about. We learned of Caraway's definite survival, more curiosities. We also learned of the the evil that still taints the land. How people carry fetishes to protect themselves. I look forward to finding out how and why Caraway, an unshielded city-state, survived plague, evil armies, and the conflagration.
Session: The Breaking of the Seal (i.e. Leaving Irongate) - Saturday, Oct 15 2011 from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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A short walk to Caraway....
Here is a brief account of our first several days out of Irongate. I think we all learned something during our travels to Caraway.

We have finally left the protection of Irongate. As we approach the gates of Caraway, I think back on our journey. My curiosity is still racing but the reality is starting to sink in. The world, this strange new world, is dangerous.

After breaking the seal, which happens to be a very...."unique" event. I am still not sure if I understand what happened. None of us have talked about it to each other and I am sure it weighs on us all. I thought about bringing it up once but I couldn't, not because I was scared but....I...I just...

Anyway, the world has changed. At least that is what my companions have told me. I was glad to be outdoors. During one watch, Miri and I saw the most amazing thing in the world. It was the silhouette of a dragon. I really wanted to see it up close and personal but Miri was right. "It's best to leave well enough alone and let old dragons fly". Which happens to be good advice!

No long after that we found the rift. It was connected to a hill side that happened to smashed on top of a building. We started investigating and got into our first encounter. The spiders were not bad. It was the undead that was the problem. But the group handled themselves well. Even though we had trained together for a time we still have some...'things' to work out. I am sure we will do better next time!

Not long after that is when we encountered the farmer. I think she was as surprised as we were. But in the end she let us go with her to Caraway. I am SO EXCITED!! We will get a chance to explore a new town. I just need to make sure of the rules before I do something silly!!

If you are reading this we have made it to Caraway I will come back to this soon. I am sure I will have plenty of adventures to write about!!
Session: The Breaking of the Seal (i.e. Leaving Irongate) - Saturday, Oct 15 2011 from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Yes, let's follow....ooohhh look shiny
Here in lies my account of our travels. Before I begin, know one thing: This tale is told by a very curious Warforged. You should understand who I am so that you can understand my perspective on this journey.

I had troubles during our classroom lessons for two simple reasons. The first was due to asking questions. I have been told that I ask more questions than a child (though no one would explain to me why that was a problem when I asked about it). The second was due to where my attention was drawn. Let's just say that I became very apt at learning in a classroom setting while facing a corner (away from the windows).

After learning of my true history I was one of a select few that volunteered to become a Psion. A path less traveled, in a manner of speaking.

I volunteered to spar with our Fighter which promptly lead me to "volunteer" to be healed by our Paladin and Cleric.

I was first to volunteer as target practice.....Ok I guess I should explain that. Our group has a Warmage. He has the ability to shoot arrows of healing. And to become better proficient at hitting a moving target I volunteered. The experience was....enlightening!

While I am curious at heart and have made my fair share of mistakes. I now understand the first rule I was taught. "Trust your companions and never rush into a situation you know nothing about".
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